PhoneBillCheck PhoneBillCheck v1.1

Postpaid Mobile phone users can track their bills by using this app for free.


Money Check Money Check v1.0.1

A really fast app to keep track of all your expenditures and review them later


Display Check Display Check v1.0.0

Have you ever wanted to see how small a pixel actually is? Or just perform a series of color tests to see the contrast and brightness values in different lighting conditions? This little user friendly app helps you assess the -quality of your display.


Hotel Review 2 Hotel Review 2 v1.15

Hotel review
More than 30000 hotels. En, Ru, De, It, and more lang is support
More than 100 Countries of the world
Check the review for multiple destinations, make your choice and have a good relax!


Time Tracker Time Tracker v3.0

A easy to use app help people to improve producitvity. With this app, you can log your time fragment and check how you spent your time.


Soap Stone Soap Stone v1.0

Place messages anywhere you are standing! When somebody is near that location they can view the message you left behind.

Share spooky stories, leave reviews of restaurants, commemorate landmarks, give insight into a building's history, leave philosophical musings, or just simply have a conversation with a stranger!

This app will check the surrounding area for messages every 15 minutes. If a message is found, the app will notify you.

Have fun, be safe, and please use common sense.


Live Night Out Live Night Out v1.0.0

Express Yourself Anonymously. Used in Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Social Events in your city.

Girls night out? Guys night out? Share your opinion live about the music, bouncer, food or even about the guy next to you who thinks he can dance! Just your nickname and your thoughts are all that is needed, completely anonymous….no need to register or worry about repercussions.


Spoty Lite Spoty Lite v2.5.4

Spoty is a location based reminder,location alert,call blocker, profile changer all based on geofencing and proximity.
Your phone will never again ring at the cinema or at meetings. No spam calls during office hours or at night. Block calls, remind yourself to buy something when you're near the store or send SMS to friends/family near a location.
Change ringtone and vibration,wifi and bluetooth based on your current Spot.


BlackBerry Empire BlackBerry Empire v0.63.13372.78777

BlackBerry Empire - Your #1 source for anything and everything BlackBerry!
Access the latest BlackBerry news, reviews, and features (24/7) on your Android smartphone or tablet!!


Plumbers Nightmare Plumbers Nightmare v1.01



Street Drift Simulator Street Drift Simulator v19

Drift the streets like never before seen on mobile!


Scary Zombie HD Scary Zombie HD v1.0.4

Try a new scary experience - HD pictures, vibration feedback and loud screams ;)
- Lockscreen activation
- Delay timer
- Good quality sounds (includes male scream, female screaming, multiple voices screams, monster growl)
- Gallery with good quality HD scary pictures to use.
- Auto hide of app when activated
- Vibration feedback.
- Loudest screaming and growling sounds achieved by auto leveling phone volume to maximum even on silent..


USBCurrent USBCurrent v1.1

Very simple and small application:
Shows the amount of electrical current available to the phone via a USB connection.


Brain Teasers Brain Teasers v1.1

Best Brain Teasers at your fingertips! ★★★★★

Enjoy hours of intriguing, fun, cool, weird, strange, entertaining and awesome brain teasers in this app. You will find challenging riddles to solve, fun math tricks to ponder, and tricky word plays to quiz your friends!

This app is entirely FREE! So be sure to check it out!

You can easily email these awesome brain teasers! You can also SMS these cool brain teasers!

Save your favorite brain teasers!

Enjoy! ❤❤


Moon Phases Moon Phases v1.2

Shows the current phase of the moon. You can also check the moon phase on other dates. Providing two widgets.
Small widget 1x1 displays moon image for current phase, rise and set time. Large widget 2x1 displays current phase,
next phase and time remaining until it.
Supports calendar with phases for month and zodiac signs.


secqMeAndriod secqMeAndriod v1 is a new way of protecting individual (especially for woman and children) by ofter them a "virtual" guardian angel that watch over them, should they being force in any unwanted situation, or in emergency, our service will automatically notify user's friend and family via email and SMS, without any intervention from user.

User's friend and family will able to track user's location, his/her status from our portal.


NavDroyd NavDroyd v1.4.7sme

Onboard/Offline GPS Navigation App
»worldwide 2D/3D OSM maps
»turn-by-turn routing/navigation
»voice/audio guidance (>1.6)
»car/pedestrian routing (bike to come)
»local search (places/POI)
»visual/audio speed warning
»map themes (day/night/outdoor)
»frequent map updates
»no cellular network required
»no hidden roaming costs


TicTankToe TicTankToe v1.27

Play the brand new Tic Tank Toe on your Android phone for free!
Tired about silly games? Tic Tank Toe will challenge you!
Tic Tank Toe is the best Tic Tac Toe game of all-time.


DroidTV DroidTV v5.0.50

Watch TV on your Android phone or tablet in full HD-480p resolution with DroidTV. Choose from thousands of episodes of the most popular shows from the major TV networks. Watch whenever you want, wherever you want. It’s TV the way you want it. It’s DroidTV.

Almost every current show from ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, and USA, plus several of the most popular shows from HBO and Showtime; almost 250 shows in all.


Home Buddy Home Buddy v0.27

Your home automation companion. Control Z-Wave devices right from your Android device.

IMPORTANT: Requires Vera Z-Wave Controller from MiCasaVerde.