my car my car v1.3

car maintenance service pro
for everyone who has a car


Rooster alarm clock Rooster alarm clock v2.0.1

Now you don't need think about sunrise time, we wake you up when you need


Myography Myography v3

Write your autobiography with this amazing app!


EquationPro EquationPro v1.0

EquationPro is an android application for creating/running different scientific and business formulas. With EquationPro all aspect of an equation can be customized. Creating a new equation by EquationPro is easy and for the most purposes only involves two screen clicks and a few edits. Running an equation is almost immediately possible after equation creation. On the other hand complex equations can be created and run by EquationPro and customized intensively.


Project Time Tracker Project Time Tracker v1.2.0

• track working times, live
• analyze spent times as charts
• export your data
• manage earnings and breaks
• no cloud services used, your data remains on your device


System Info System Info v1.4

CPU Hardware and System Info gives you all the information about hardware and system of your device (smartphone or tablet) inside an elegant Material Design interface.


Snapcopy Snapcopy v0.02

Have you ever wanted to copy some text from your computer and paste it on your mobile or vice versa? Now it will just happen with Snapcopy. A simple app let you connect your devices to a single clipboard.


One Lock screen One Lock screen v1.0

With this app, you can screen off and lock your phone.
Safe your real power button life time.


Jalpah Jalpah v1.0.0

Jalpah is an One-on-One Chat & Play App, with absolute privacy.
Chat with friends and/or invite them for a game (3 Games and 2 Math).
Play Tic-Tac-Toe, Snakes & Ladders or Draughts (Checkers).
Send a photo, voice, file or a doodle as an attachment to friends.


ES App Locker ES App Locker v1.1.1

ES App Lock can 
 ✔help lock apps on your device 
✔protect your private settings
✔prevent other people from seeing your messages,emails,photos,videos and all files 
With the help of ES App Lock, you may never worry about your parents, your friends , your workmates , your children or anyone borrowing your phone


My Desktop Control My Desktop Control v1.1-free

Control your Desktop remotely in any android device.


My Desktop Control My Desktop Control v1.1-plus

Control your Desktop remotely in any android device.


WiFi Forgetter WiFi Forgetter v1.1.1

Keep your device safer by avoiding open unencrypted Wifi networks.


Proximity Sensor Proximity Sensor v3.0

This application allows to really or virtually disable the proximity sensor while in calls, made and received and to re enable at will. This application does not require any third party software in general. However, only one menu selection, which really disallows the proximity sensor when in calls, made or received, requires XDA Framework and Xposed Installer and Xposed Jar. The application will work without these too.


Automatic Caller Name, SMS & App Talker Automatic Caller Name, SMS & App Talker v1.0

Speaks caller names, messages, apps such as whatsapp, facebook, gmail etc so you don’t have to look at your phone


HangUp free HangUp free v1.3

The call has ended.
So much to do right away!

Free v1.2

A beautiful and intuitive flashcards app to help you learn and memorize.


Cool It Cool It v1.0

An application that permanently watches your device temperature.


Phoenix Phoenix v4.0

Requires root!
Reboot your phone in a given interval and start an application


UClean UClean v2.7.0.30

Small but powerful cleaner and booster!