Have an application that you wish to distribute to more than 50% of Android devices without Google Play or Google prevents you from stocking in Google Play, leaving you and your app stranded? Are there users desperate to buy your application but they don't have access to Google Checkout or Google Play? Do you want to show off your app but feel limited by not having what you need in the Google Play Marketplace?

If so, then you've found the right place at SlideME, the original App Market for Android (we launched our portal and mobile client in April 2008). What we do for the developer is simple. We provide a way to market, deliver and distribute content to users that you wouldn't have access to in your traditional channels.

Why choose alternatives to Google Play?
Android has become a successful platform with a large market share. Thus more and more device vendors leverage the Android OS or the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for their devices. Google-proprietary applications that are not Open Source can not be included in this 'AOSP' Open Source project. The more device vendors that choose the 'AOSP', the more devices that subsequently enter the market without Google-proprietary apps such as Google Play. For this reason, SlideME should be considered your choice to distribute applications to such devices lacking Google Play, many of which have SlideME preloaded.

SlideME till date has enabled over 140 OEM's - including all the majors with an 'on-device' Market alternative solution, that have preloaded the SlideME Market(SAM) onto their devices. SlideME provides a "Managed Application Store Service" to such OEM's, powering most devices that have no Android Market and for many where SlideME complements the Android Market.

If you are looking for great global distribution, via our numerous custom distribution channels for our many partners, with no country restrictions across different Android device types (tablets, handsets, Android TV's, etc), then you should definitely give SlideME a try.

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Great distribution and great customer service for our end users is what makes SlideME stand out. Our #1 independent App Store choice outside the US and #2 within the US.
~ MobiSystems // Mobisystems
SlideME is our definite choice after Android Market. Since the first day, thousands of users are enjoying our apps!
~ Rabi Boundi // movin'App
We recently launched our first Android app (Grades2Go Mobile) on about five of the main marketplaces simultaneously. SlideMe was one of them. Since we had never done this before, we quickly developed favorites based on the clarity, ease of use, and sensibility of the various user interfaces. Without question, SlideMe has come out at the top of the list. And more importantly, SlideMe has generated far more downloads and interest than any of the others, including the top names!
~ Andris Vizulis // Mindspark Inc
Since we launched our apps on SlideME, the store has become our leading source of App downloads, across all platforms! We have found the interface to be easy to use, and the management team has been accessible and responsive. We are getting hands-on service with terrific results.
~ Brian Downing // Library Ideas, LLC
SlideME is running very good volume of traffic (in sense of number of users), which they constantly supply us with. Application search is sufficient, which is approachable for users to find that application. Appreciation to SlideME for placing us on the first page of their store (site & SAM app) on the very first week of our partnership, which made us gain a good number of downloads and positive feedback from our users.
~ Artur Grigorjan // Drag Racing Bike Edition
We are very thankful to SlideME team for their support in the distribution of our games. Today SlideME is one of the most promising platforms for mobile games developers. Easy to use service, responsive staff and a great SAM app are the main components of SlideME team's success.
~ Eugene Samoilov // Herocraft Ltd

From the moment you stock an application, you have options to add descriptions, screenshots, promotional images, target a country, set parental rating (if targeting the Youth channels), add translations, and videos showing off your application. SlideME will then approve your applications for distribution via our partners channels. You can also have a discussion with your users or they can review your application right on your page.

Your application also shows up in the SlideME Market(SAM), our mobile client for discovery and download of Android applications. You can include screenshots and a YouTube video within the mobile catalog, giving potential users a good idea of what your app does.

Your paid applications can be protected using SlideLock, the most robust mechanism for application protection right now.

And all of that, for no fee. There is no setup fee, so you can start uploading your applications as soon as you create your developer account. You can find an example of how much you will get as a payout from the sale of your paid applications here.

If you think you have the right application for SlideME to feature on our channels? Then stock some promotional images along with your app and tell us about it.

SlideME does not prohibit developers from including their own 'in-app' billing within their applications. We are developer savvy and here to help you create awareness of your apps and monetize however you wish to do so.

So give SlideME a try to go global and reach your untapped audience.

Update: For most developers SlideME is either second behind the official Android Market for global distribution or third for US distribution behind Amazon AppStore.

Have some suggestions? Make contact and let us know about it.

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