Space Truck Orbit
Ever wanted to be a truck driver? Ever dream of traveling into space? Now you have a chance to make...
X-Drops Secret Lab
X-Drops Secret Lab is a fun and easy to play game. When the level starts the playing field already...
Jumpy Ape Joe
Jump your way around with Jumpy Ape Joe and his friends in the jungle of Monkey Kong. Collect all...
Solar system is an educational app that gives you interesting facts about each of the planets in...
Pix Craft
Welcome to Pix Craft! This is a sandbox building game. You have an infinite world to explore,...
Mayan Pyramid Mahjong
This mahjong solitaire will take you into the depths of the South American jungle. While searching...
During evenings with friends, you are the champion on music films and TV shows blind test? When you...
The Line
The Line is a simple game with simple goal. Move, jump, avoid - those are actions in almost every...
Take control of the Occulus and hold the line! The Occulus, a hyper advanced race with a focus on...


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Aquarium Plants Aquarium Plants v1.0.0

Aquarium Plants is a great database with plants photos and detailed info about freshwater aquarium plants.


World Recipes Offline World Recipes Offline v1.0.0

World recipes offline app provides you the collection of variety of yummy,delicious and healthy foods from different regions of the world.


Figures Figures v0.0.5

The game "Learn shapes" will acquaint children with geometrical figures.


English Dictionary Offline English Dictionary Offline v1.0.0

This is a free offline English dictionary app which Contains 176 thousands of words.


Chemical Formulas Offline Chemical Formulas Offline v1.1.0

This app comes with chemical compounds with chemical formulas and CAS numbers.


Kids Train Sim Kids Train Sim v1.4.5

Kids Train Sim is a fun Train Game for kids. Choose from 15 fun Trains and drive them in many fun kid friendly scenarios.

From the creators of Train Sim; comes Kids Train Sim; a train simulator designed for kids. Kids Train Sim features many of the same features of our Train Simulator however it is a bit simpler to use and features cartoon & kid friendly graphics.


Aquarium Sim Aquarium Sim v1.1.8

Aquarium Sim is an interactive virtual Aquarium for your phone & tablet. Sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of marine & freshwater fish swimming about in a colorful coral reef habitat. Setup your aquarium by choosing from 82 fish and 9 environments or design your own custom Aquarium. Interact with your pets by taping on the glass and feeding them.


Colorante Colorante v1.0

Universal colouring for all. Add paints to pictures. Paint pictures.


Code Adventures Code Adventures v1.0

Take your exciting first steps in the world of programming!


FeedYourFear FeedYourFear v1.0

Feed your fear


GoldenBrick GoldenBrick v1.0.0

It is a vary changed bricknoid style arcade game with a new idea and game play that you will LOVE.


PeriodCal PeriodCal v0.9.1

Keeps track of your period and ovulation cycles


Randomarium FREE Randomarium FREE v1.0.2

A funny logical game, where you need a lot of luck!


Treasure Miner 2 Treasure Miner 2 v1.0

Treasure Miner 2 - Discover the sequel to the successful Treasure Miner. Build your own mine infastructure and be the first miner, who discover rare artefacts, ores and gems. Invest your money in new technologies and expand your mine with new buildings, more lifts or better equipment.


Uncle Finney's Poker Uncle Finney's Poker vSM-2.03

Head-to-head, two player poker Contest. Bet and win Ether!


PreWar PreWar v5.57

Epic multiplayer strategy role playing game. Invade others to level up and climb the ladder.


Score Creator Score Creator v1.5.6

Notation, composition & songwriting app for composing sheet music.


Adam world adventure Adam world adventure v1.4

Take Adam through various adventures; jump high and manage to end every well designed levels; collect golden coins, and mushrooms, kill and dodge enemies with your skill. Adam world adventure is a game that will bring a lots of memories from the old school games.


Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers v1.0

Chinese Checkers (US and Canadian spelling) or Chinese chequers (UK spelling) is a strategy board game with enhanced A.I.


Crazy Things Crazy Things v1.02

Action platformer side-scrolling game with nonhuman fantastic creatures