Profiteer Lite
With no money, no space truck and no prospects you were in need of some good luck and it seems that...
Invaders Strike
Prepare to defend humanity from an attack by aliens in the fantastic futuristic Invaders Strike...
Neonize - A rhythm and memory based shooter game for those seeking a fun challenge! The goal is...
School Day
Discover "Cricket Kids", Slim Cricket’s line of educational products for children under 7. In "...
Clash Of Mages Free
Join the battle! Try to become an Archmage! Clash of Mages is tactical turn based game which is...
Crazy Insects
Peaceful times are gone. The army of bugs is gonna to break in. Save your sweets from those vicious...
Lasso Kid Pocket
The Number 1-Smash Hit with the Lasso! First place in the category "Kids 5 and Under" in 10...
Monster Truck
From the makers of popular Dark Runner series, Doodle Car and BasketBall 3D, comes yet another...
Mana Crusher
Puzzle game & wizard cards collection. Gather your team of wizards to complete over 100 puzzles...


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Free Fall Free Fall v1.1

Free Fall is a fun, retro, arcade style game that is simple yet entertaining.


Jungle Jungle v2.1

Jungle game is so fun to play kids don’t even know they are learning.


The Robolution Day The Robolution Day v1.1

Fast action game. Destroy the robots and keep the scientist away.


PianoFlow PianoFlow v1.0.4

Official client for the radio station


Rescue Animals Rescue Animals v1.0

Zoo animals (elephant, zebra, lion,giraffe) need your help. While trying to explore the world, they were endangered and escaped to high wooden towers. Now they need your help to get them down from their high hidings.


Egg Splash Egg Splash v1.0

This is a very simple and extremely playable puzzle game.

The objective of the game is to tap as fast as you can on the empty nest. Each row of nests will have only one empty nest, so if you miss it and tap on an egg instead, it’s game over


PS PS v3.1.4

PositiveSingles is the Original and No.1 STD dating site for people who are living with Herpes, HPV, HIV / AIDS and are looking for love, friendship or companionship.


Meteor Escape Meteor Escape v1.0

After falling into a cave on an obscure planet, will our Captain survive?


Album Art Changer Album Art Changer v1.0

Downloads and sets album art to your mp3 collection.


Hidden Object Adventures Storage Smackdown (Full) Hidden Object Adventures Storage Smackdown (Full) v1.0

Uncover secret treasures within the lockers of this Hidden Object game! Compete against a diverse cast of characters with a new twist - all the objects are affected by gravity and reshuffle as you find them. Every level is a new experience each time, randomized for maximum replay value. Pull up your sleeves and get ready to dig into some fun!


Block Runner Block Runner v1.0

Run Block Runner, Run!!! All your favorite running, jumping, turning and sliding, with hostile exploding blocks, enemies, pits and other hazards. How far can you run? How many cubes can you collect?


Fancy Voice Recorder Fancy Voice Recorder v1.4

This small application can record some second of your voice and playback it. More - playback it reversed. Moreover - playback it fast or slow ;)


Sumline Sumline v1.0

Sumline is a new simple and smart way to enjoy reading interests and news.


Halloween Lantern Halloween Lantern v1.0

Make a Halloween Pumpkin Lantern and send it to your friends!


Catch Craze Catch Craze v1.0

Catch as many fruits as you can! Catch Craze is a fun and enjoyable!


Fruit Pop Fruit Pop v1.0

Tap and draw a line to collect fruits. The more fruits you clear the better score and bonus features you will receive. Some levels require you to clear special blocks.
You only have a certain amount of moves for each level. Clear the level quick and receive bonus items.


Island Racing Lite Island Racing Lite v1.0.1

You can crash and smash everything on your way! Fly high and far, win the stunt race! Survive, win the challenge and buy new car, engine, brakes. Personalise your vehicle and select favorite color. Play in different locations.


Missing Numbers Missing Numbers v1.0

Missing Numbers is an easy and engaging number counting game for preschoolers and kindergartners.


Froggy's Color Tap Froggy's Color Tap vv4

Can you tap the right color in time before the next one appears.


Flobeey Flobeey v1.0.9

Flobeey dobeey doo!

Flobeey is a nice and addictive game for all ages, with the following features:
- Easy to play ... tapping on the screen will be enough.
- It's totally free ... you don't have to buy anything.
- With cool ranks to compare yourself with your friends.