Clash Of Mages Free
Join the battle! Try to become an Archmage! Clash of Mages is tactical turn based game which is...
Crazy Insects
Peaceful times are gone. The army of bugs is gonna to break in. Save your sweets from those vicious...
Lasso Kid Pocket
The Number 1-Smash Hit with the Lasso! First place in the category "Kids 5 and Under" in 10...
Monster Truck
From the makers of popular Dark Runner series, Doodle Car and BasketBall 3D, comes yet another...
Mana Crusher
Puzzle game & wizard cards collection. Gather your team of wizards to complete over 100 puzzles...
Aero monkey jumping
Aero Monkey Jumping is highly addictive arcade game that you'll want to play again and again! Chip...
King of Dragon Pass
Create your own epic saga of conflict, mythology and community! Rule your own clan, take important...
Pet Vet Star
You've always wanted to work as a doctor of pets, and now is your chance. In this game of...
Breaking News
Find out first with Breaking News, the fastest and most reliable way to know what's happening right...


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Jumbo Jellies Jumbo Jellies v1.00

Jumbo Jellies is a fast paced strategy game designed for quick play sessions.


Smirkers Smirkers v1.1.0.8

The smirkers are moody creatures. Your objective: Keep them happy!


Picross Pushers Picross Pushers v1

Picross and Sokoban combine for a brand new puzzle experience!


Call and Sms Blocker Call and Sms Blocker v1.1

Call & SMS Blocker app helps you to block unwanted calls and sms, just need to add contact from which you don’t want to get calls and sms. Make a black list for undesired phone calls and SMSs by adding phone number manually or add individual contact or groups.


StarFighter 2 StarFighter 2 v1.5

Star Fighter 2 is an arcade-style space-shooter game. Sequel to Star Fighter.


My Radio Star My Radio Star v1.1.0

Turns your android phone in a full featured FM Radio


DragonDipper DragonDipper v1.3

Dragon Dipper is a challenging and charming one-button survival game. Find a path through the villages by calmly (frantically!) tapping to help Didrik fly. Easy to learn but difficult to master!


Jiggle Jaggle Jiggle Jaggle v1.0

Jiggle Jaggle is the fun match 3 puzzle with an explosive twist!


Picksign Picksign v1.0

Pick the right sign and stay in the game longer than anyone else.

Picksign is simple, intuitive yet still challenging game for gamers of all ages. Pick the right sign, stay in game as long as you possibly can and compete with your friends. Show you are fast and accurate and beat everyone else.
The game’s modern Material Design looks brilliant on all devices.


Eggs Jump! Eggs Jump! v1.1

"Eggs jump" is a very interesting casual puzzle game.
Find the correct opportunity, anywhere on the screen with a finger click, the egg will jump.
If it falls on the basket above, the score will increase.
If the egg does not fall into the basket, it'll be broken.
Until all eggs break, the game is over.


Kids Preschool Game Box Kids Preschool Game Box v1.0

9-In-1: Kids Preschool Game Box is a great combination of apps for children in a single series.


Froggy Math Froggy Math vv7

A collection of simple math and counting games for both children and adults.


Sand Fisher Sand Fisher v1.1

Use your sharp eye, reflexes and tactics to catch them all! Create the sand barriers by swiping your finger over the water, but watch out! If you hit the fish you will lose life! Convert at least 80% of water to sand and you will win. Piece of cake with two fish, but pretty hard with ten.


Windows Cleaner Windows Cleaner v1.01

Windows Cleaner is about arcadish windows cleaning


Which Will Be Which Will Be v1.0.0

Slot machine with roulette risk game.


Kids Words Kids Words v1.1.1

"Kids Words" is an interactive educational game.


Aqualert Aqualert v1.0

Aqualert is a water drink reminder app. Helps you to have a good water balance on your body using notification drink reminders, track of how much water you should drink.
Drinking water benefits are huge: weight control , skin condition, hair condition, organs function, energy level and many others.


Hanoi Towers Premium Hanoi Towers Premium v1.0.0

Popular puzzle game that came from the nineteenth century. We will collect the pyramid of the figures of the same color and at the same time to use the least amount of moves. An interesting modification of the classical Towers of Hanoi task.


BeeBee Deluxe BeeBee Deluxe v1.0.0

Game on attention and speed. Tap as much and as fast as you can.
Don’t tap the wrong flower, be careful.


Nitro Truck 3D Nitro Truck 3D v1.0

If you are a fan of monster truck games, this game will be on your favorite games list. You must race your monster truck over various environments and destroy drums along the way. Don't hesitate to make a mess, as long as you get your truck to the other side without getting stuck.