Demon Blade
The 1st RPG game Tower of the Sorcerer Description: The world is once again under the shadow of the...
Craft King Free
You - Craft King! Explore dungeons, extract resources and craft many items! Build home and arrange...
Aero Monkey
The great success comes to mobile platform! An exciting adventure! Help Chip to collect bananas,...
After 400 million years of not evolving, sharks have found themselves literally out gunned by the...
Xeno Quest
Xeno Quest takes place in a grand fantasy world where magic and technology dominate. In this unique...
Super DragonStone
Super Dragon Stone is an extremely difficult and challenging game for users. Super Dragon Stone is...
HAYRIDE is a farming game with smooth controls. You will grow crops and fruits, raise livestock...
SB-World - Shine Brite Kids
Shine Brite World - Home of the Shine Brite Kids! Your child will go on Adventures with each of the...
Welcome to Dream Fish, you are only taps away from owning multiple aquariums, where you can decide...


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Guitar Guitar v1.0.2

Guitar Simulator - Acoustic and Electric
Learn the notes of a 22 fret guitar with audio.
6 string in standard guitar tuning.
Touch to play - virtual acoustic guitar.
Interactive guitar reference.
Easy to use great for beginners.
Scrollable neck with lock .
2 sets of guitare sounds - Acoustic and Electric

Great for learning acoustic guitare notes


Round Snake Multi Round Snake Multi v1.0

Play with your friends to an uncommon and crazy multiplayer snake !


Dual Cam Dual Cam v4.0

Camera to easily take selfies and combine them with another photo.


MozaikA MozaikA v1.1.4

Looking for something to occupy the child while you are engaged in daily activities? I fear for the bad effects of computer games? Do you want your child not only played, but also studied???
Then you can safely download this app!


Ultimate Road Rage Ultimate Road Rage v1.0

Prepare to test your driving skills in this simple car game. Drive through this dangerous traffic and bomb filled street which will challenge your skills to the core.


Babyuitzet Babyuitzet v1.0

This app helps you keep track of your baby layette.


Shikshapatri Shikshapatri v1.2

In This Application:
- User can get notification to read book.
- User can share on social sites.
- Supports 2 languages, English and Gujarati


Angel Shoot Angel Shoot v1.0

As the name states.. Shoot the frisky Angels down!! wooo hooo hell yeah!


Math Puzzle 4 Kids Math Puzzle 4 Kids v1.0

Math Puzzle is the puzzle game for children with beautiful graphics design, which likes to children.


Diabetes Trackers Diabetes Trackers v1.0

Diabetes is a powerful diabetes management app, helping you to obtain better control of your diabetes by tracking key data that you can view in a journal or on graphs, send to your doctor, use to compute statistics, and much more.


BassGuitar BassGuitar v1.0.2

Bass Guitar Simulator - Fretboard map .
Learn the notes of a 22 fret bass guitar with audio.
4 & 5 string in standard bass guitar tuning.
Touch to play - virtual bass guitar.
Interactive bass guitar reference.
Easy to use great for beginners.
Scrollable neck with lock .
4 sets for sounds - Punk, new wave, studio, finger sound.

Great for working bass guitar lines.


Car Speed Booster Car Speed Booster v1.0

Touch the Boost Button To speed up your cool car


My Magic Baby Piano 2 My Magic Baby Piano 2 v1.11

My Magic Piano HD for Kids 2. offers great fun that keeps your kids amused while learning to enjoy and explore music.


Oracle DB 11g Errors Oracle DB 11g Errors v1.0

This application helps you as a developer or administrator of Oracle ® Database 11g Release 1 find solutions of problems which you are faced with during your work. Each error message contains the message statement, an explanation of the probable causes and a recommended action.

More information about Oracle ® Database 11g Release 1 Error Messages you can find under hyperlink -


Catch The Cookie Catch The Cookie v1.0.3

Play as The Chef, and make sure no cookies hit the ground, but avoid burnt ones


Duplicates Contacts Duplicates Contacts v1.0

Delete duplicate contacts from your phone. Free for Android.
Simple tool to see and delete duplicate contacts. You can see a list of contacts sorted by name or by number and you can select which to delete. The duplicate contacts are automatically selected.


Guess The Football Star Guess The Football Star v1.0.7

Ultimate football quiz for the ultimate soccer fan! Guess the Football Star brings you all your favourite footballers from around the globe so that you can test your soccer knowledge from the convenience of your palm.


Guess The Cricket Star Guess The Cricket Star v1.0.7

Ultimate cricket quiz for the ultimate cricket fan! Guess the Cricket Star brings you all your favourite cricketers from around the globe so that you can test your cricketing knowledge from the convenience of your palm.


Omg Scary Smiley Omg Scary Smiley v3.0.0

Touch and eliminate the scary smileys before the time runs out and move on to the upcoming levels.


Kaboom Kaboom v1.1

Kaboom is a fun Mathematical puzzle game for all ages which provides hours of entertainment.