Bounty Hunt
YOU - A WILD WEST BOUNTY HUNTER! Western gunslinger game with fantastic gameplay The townspeople...
Match Jong
Match your way through numerous levels in this exciting puzzle adventure. Take on this colorful...
Planetary Guard: Defender is a shoot 'em up game with defensive gameplay features. Player can build...
Goat Simulator
Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to...
Miss Jones and the Rolling Stone
The famous archaeologist Miss Jones has found the greatest treasure. But a trap has been set off...
Truedialer is a smart phone dialer unlike any other! Replace your old, slow and boring dialer for...
Zombie Harvest
Ta-dam! It's not just another one of those "zombie-killing" free games. But, yes, most of the...
Anyone who remembers 90’s brickout games on Gameboy, Sega or Brick Game consoles, will be taken...
Slashers is a intense 2D Fighting game which aims to bring the old school fighting games’...


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Khelkund Khelkund v2.4

An app that gives you an uninterrupted dose of Fantasy Cricket.


Running Ninja Running Ninja v1.1

Evade the fire balloons. Also avoid hitting the roof or falling down the wall.


BrickGame Matrix BrickGame Matrix v1.0

Brick Game Matrix live wallpaper


Magic Hat Magic Hat v1.0

Magic hat, from which emerge wonderful elements like a hearts.


OneBullet OneBullet v0.26b

One bullet. One life and the infinite number of zombies.


OneUp OneUp v0.02b

Unusual Ragdoll game where you have to get out of the dungeon,avoiding traps.


Impossible Dial Impossible Dial v1.3.1

Test your brain reaction time and reflexes in this amazing game


Labyrinth Adventures Labyrinth Adventures v1.0.5.1

Maze with multiple game modes, good graphics and physics.


Military Jeep Parking Military Jeep Parking v1.0

Drop army soldiers onto their base by carefully driving through hurdles in jeep


Aardvark Pedometer Aardvark Pedometer v1.03b

Very accurate pedometer. Works on devices with or without step counters. No subscription fees. No ads.



Grab your gun and stop socialism. Best 2D shooter game.


Tap That Cat! Tap That Cat! v1.10

Help the cat to get rid of the fleas before she walks away.


Ninja Super Jump Ninja Super Jump v1.0.0

Ninja Super Jump is a fun addictive running game for players who like action running jump around, beat enemy run around to collect exciting collectibles, life and boosters by escaping with the obstacles.

Get ready for new action filled game Ninja Super and show case your achievement to other players globally by posting score in leader board.


Book of Evil Book of Evil v1.2

This is new mystery puzzle hidden object point and click adventure game.


Mudra Mudra v1.2

The rules are deceivingly simple ,the match frustratingly challenging.


Stickers Hipsters Stickers Hipsters v15.4.16

Fun photo editor


Bubble Cannon Bubble Cannon v1

Remember the classic bubble shooter games with beautiful graphics.


Gravity Ring Gravity Ring v1.0.3

It's pinball in space. It's pool in a gravitational anomaly. It's Gravity Ring.

Collect the red, blue and green orb with a single shot in the given amount of time.
Slide with your finger horizontally to change the angle and vertically to change force of your trajectory.
Hit the gravity core (center of the gravity ring) when ready!

Get ready to have your mind blown in 120 levels across 4 episodes.


Checkersland Online Checkersland Online v0.6

A free program for playing more than 30 kinds of checkers with other people over the Internet


Coloring horses and ponies Coloring horses and ponies v15.4.7

Paint beautiful horses. Coloring book of ponies to paint or draw.