GET Autoresponder PRO GET Autoresponder PRO v4.5.2

The all-in-one Social MMS/SMS Android Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler enable you to create your message – write text, add image, music, record voice and video and then schedule it to be sent at the certain time to preset list of recipients or just reply with your message to all your incoming sms messages and/or missed calls.


Budster Budster v1.03

Budster for Facebook is a better way to connect to your favorite social platform


Wire Wire v1.0.4

Wire a new way of communicating!


Call Recoder Z Call Recoder Z vR2.2

Record your every call easily and automatically


Last Seen App Last Seen App v1.0.1

Want to use Last Seen your online status?

Want to avoid the permanent control of when you connect?

Hide is possible thanks to Last Seen Apps.


Wimyne Wimyne v1.0.6

Wimyne doesn't require internet connection, just work on your local wifi router..


Floating Mail Floating Mail v1.0.6

Based on the stock Android email client, Floating Mail is a free email client with chat-heads style notifications.

Get notified on new emails with beautiful chat head style floating notifications.
Similar to facebook chatheads, Floating mail allows you to read incoming mail while using other apps.
Floating mail is the perfect multitasking solution.
You can freely move the notification bubble, and toss it around the screen.
Touch the bubble to open a sidebar and view your emails.


SMS2Mail SMS2Mail v1.0

Automatically forward your incoming messages to a GMail account.


SMSWarrior SMSWarrior v1.0.0

Send SMS using the SMS service mission of Lexicon Software at unbelievable prices.
If you do not have an account, you can create within the application.

*Internet access is required to use this application, additional data charges may apply if roaming or not connected to Wi-Fi.


Bubbletalk Bubbletalk v1.1.6

A simple picture exchange and message exchange application with friends around the world


SwiftChat SwiftChat v1.1

Free mobile chat rooms for all the hottest topics worldwide, no account needed!


Seed Seed v1.0.2

Seed Mail is a good design and efficient mobile email client.brings all your email account into one interface.


4talk 4talk v1.1.26

4talk IM is a cloud instant messaging service for mobile devices and desktop computers. Send and receive text messages, pictures, voice, video messages with ease and for free.
*** Free text and voice messages, pictures and video, contacts, files on mobile devices and desktop computers***


Call Blocker Call Blocker v1.0.1

Is someone bothering you?

Call Blocker allows you to create a black list of numbers those who do not want to communicate with you, you can add from your contact list or enter manually specified operators locks.


SMSInboxSpeaker SMSInboxSpeaker v1.0

With this app you can hear the received messages present in your inbox by selecting that particular message.


SafeM8s SafeM8s v1.0

SafeM8s software encrypts your smart phone text messages, allowing commercial or personal sensitive information to be transmitted securely.


WifiSharing WifiSharing v2.0

WIFISharing allows you to scan the wifi networks around you and send messages directly to their owners.It’s that easy!


OTO Global International Call OTO Global International Call v2.3.5

OTO Global International call has the lowest rates and the best voice quality


Talk Bluetooth Talk Bluetooth v1.3

Full duplex voice chat, over Bluetooth.


Record My Calls Record My Calls v1.01

Record My Calls can record all your calls in a very easy way and also allows you to easily manage all your call records.