Dittor Dittor v1.0.0

Find out if someone somewhere else in the world is doing the exact same thing you are. Dittor is a free anonymous social network which can give you a good opportunity to discover if there are another you in the world doing the exact same thing. All connections on Dittor are anonymous and no one could recognize you. You can express yourself honestly and freely.


ringID ringID v3.1.6

ringID is a Unified Social Networking Platform created to provide the most complete socializing experience for the users. It’s an ad free, integrated medium of free calls, chat, secret chat, newsfeed, stickers and other appealing features. As a user, you will love to discover the benefits of your ringID experience.


File Transfer File Transfer v1.0.0

File Transfer lets you upload and download files to/from your phone or tablet over a WiFi. Easy-to-use user interface, no USB cable needed.


Bin2minds Bin2minds v1.6

The world will advise you, ask your question and get lots of answers quickly.


Delivery Reports Delivery Reports v1.0.4

View your SMS delivery reports and their status


 Voix Arnaud (français)  Voix Arnaud (français) v1.4.3

Faites parler votre téléphone ou votre tablette avec les voix Best-of-Vox de Voxygen !
La voix Arnaud permet de lire n'importe quel texte français.


PeeqSee PeeqSee v1.08

Have your friends interact with your posts 
and make them come alive!


SMS Alerter SMS Alerter v1.0

Pop-Up Alerter for receiving important SMS or SMS with special word


Hashtags Moment Hashtags Moment v1.0

Be famous on internet, get more likes and followers by using hashtags.


LIFE LIFE v1.0.2

Ultimate Free Messaging App
Free messaging app - Get now and enjoy at once
LIFE - A free messaging apps that gives you fun right after download.


Truemessenger Truemessenger v1.40

Identify who sent you that SMS and automatically block spam


Sealed envelope Sealed envelope v1.0.1

For performing encrypted records and correspondence.


Chattizer Chattizer v1.0

Free chat application available all around the world!!! Chat to the max!!!


Kutekall Kutekall v0.95

You Make Free Peer - to - Peer: Voice Calls, Video Calls, Text Chat, Offline-Messaging, All types of Files Transfer up to 2 GB size, from anywhere with anyone, who is using KUTEKALL


Sync.ME Sync.ME v2.8.1

Download Sync.ME today and Identify unknown incoming calls, block spam calls and text messages from spammers from all around the world.


Amivox Amivox v2.0

Make low cost international calls with your prepaid phone. Buy a local SIM and use with Amivox to cut roaming cost. Amivox can bridge all your calls to your local SIM (phone card).


AndRCForb AndRCForb v0.1

AndRCForb is an unofficial client for KG6YPI's RCForb amateur radio online remote base system.


EasyMind EasyMind v1.2.4

Easymind is your social voting App.
Create private and public polls and invite your friends to answer.
Where do we eat tonight? Which movie do we see?

You can use it to make a decision! Which of this two shoes do I buy?

You can use it to perform a market research?
Do you prefere coke or pepsi? To whom will you vote in the next elections?

Simply create a public poll and make it happen!


 Voix Emma (français)  Voix Emma (français) v1.4.3

Faites parler votre téléphone ou votre tablette avec les voix Best-of-Vox de Voxygen !
La voix Agnès permet de lire n'importe quel texte français.


 Voix Ludovic (français)  Voix Ludovic (français) v1.4.3

Faites parler votre téléphone ou votre tablette avec les voix Best-of-Vox de Voxygen !
La voix Ludovic permet de lire n'importe quel texte français.