Pup Tap Pup Tap v1.0

Pup Tap, and exciting puppy themed match game.


Zombie Bomber Zombie Bomber v1.0

Zombie Bomber a retro Zombie kills humans themed bomb game.


Space Raider Elite Space Raider Elite v1.4

Retro Horizontal Space Shooter Game


Diagonal Flow Diagonal Flow v1.1

The re-invented flow puzzle! In this flow puzzle you have to use diagonal lines to connect all points with the same color. Don't break the flow by crossing lines with different color and fill all cells.

The download of this app is for free and no special permissions are needed for this app!


Bubble Breaker Neon Bubble Breaker Neon v1.0

Classic puzzle game is in neon color now!


WiFi Android Manager WiFi Android Manager v1.0

WiFi Android Manager

Tired of taking the SD Card in and out to synchronize your files with PC ?
Then WiFi Android Manager is your perfect choice.


Jumbo Jellies Jumbo Jellies v1.00

Jumbo Jellies is a fast paced strategy game designed for quick play sessions.


Zebra puzzle Zebra puzzle v1.1.32

Zebra puzzle or Einstein's riddle is a logic game based on deduction.


Straight Penta Straight Penta v1.0

A Straight Penta is a sequence of numbers from 1 to 5, how many can you score ? Test your brain in this awesome brain stimulating puzzle games full of fun and a trendy design !


Personal Camera Personal Camera v1.1

No more searching for photos!

- Set 'who' and 'where' you shoot (using camera :))
- Special gallery folder 'where'_'who' is created.
- Photos automatically saved to special gallery folder.
- Add your personal 'who's and 'where's.

* First version supports only photos.
* Please leave a review if you liked :)


Smirkers Smirkers v1.1.0.8

The smirkers are moody creatures. Your objective: Keep them happy!


jLockscreen jLockscreen v1.0

A beautiful lock screen with good design.


Math For Kids Math For Kids v1.09

Math game for kids - learning math, count and numbers is fun and easy for kids.


Калкулатор Калкулатор v1.0

BMR Calculator, Daily intake of protein carbohydrates and fats.


Picross Pushers Picross Pushers v1

Picross and Sokoban combine for a brand new puzzle experience!


Call and Sms Blocker Call and Sms Blocker v1.1

Call & SMS Blocker app helps you to block unwanted calls and sms, just need to add contact from which you don’t want to get calls and sms. Make a black list for undesired phone calls and SMSs by adding phone number manually or add individual contact or groups.


Resume Builder Resume Builder v1.1

TZoomer Resume Builder is a utility that helps you create your resume instantly for applying the job. Now no need to sit and waste your time formatting and aligning your resume. Get TZoomer Resume Builder, fill in your details and generate your best resume in seconds with awesome resume templates. Share it with potential employers on various job finder websites.


StarFighter 2 StarFighter 2 v1.5

Star Fighter 2 is an arcade-style space-shooter game. Sequel to Star Fighter.


Eye See You Live Wallpaper Eye See You Live Wallpaper v2.2

Floating eyeballs, you set the number, speed, and color(s) of the eyes displayed


Halloween Hanutings Live Wallpaper Halloween Hanutings Live Wallpaper v1.1

Ghosts, and Pumpkins, and Skulls, and Witches--oh, my!! Let the haunting begin!!