Astro Dash Astro Dash v1.01

Space is full of asteroids and you are in a rocket, your only aim is SURVIVAL!
Your rocket is loaded with phaser beams. Shoot them at asteroids and destroy them, score as much as possible!


Trivia Canada Trivia Canada v1.06

A game of trivia with 4000+ questions that quizzes you about all things CANADA!


Stickman Rooftop Runner Stickman Rooftop Runner v1.0

Stickman Rooftop Runner wants you to run as fast as you can! In this simple and addictive fast-paced action runner you can jump and dash your way through the never ending level!


تحفة العروس للاستانبولي تحفة العروس للاستانبولي v1.0

تحفة العروس للاستانبولي


My Baby Music Box Free My Baby Music Box Free v1.1

Want your baby to fall asleep quickly? Your baby cries a lot? Just play beautiful music for your baby or toddler.


My baby piano HD My baby piano HD v1.11

My Baby Piano offers great fun that keeps your kids amused while learning to enjoy and explore music.


Proto Hardgame Proto Hardgame v1.1.1

Do you accept the challenge?
Hardgame is an almost impossible game that will test your patience and skill.Dodge all obstacles touching the screen!


Remember Remember v1.0

Remember is a new take on the classical memory game, with japanese inspired art!


Musica Musica v1.1

free music, online radio, and so much more. Enjoy unlimited free music streaming with a worldwide community of artists and music lovers.


Quick RxNorm Quick RxNorm v1.0

Are you a Hospital, pharmacy, or other organization which use computer systems to record and process drug information ? Get, Share and generate report of drugs Full RxNorm Name, RxNorm Synonym, UMLSCUI Code and Attribute TTY Based on National Library of Medicine data.
What is Rx Norm: The goal of RxNorm is to allow computer systems to communicate drug-related information efficiently and unambiguously.


Angry Monkey Run Angry Monkey Run v1.0

Your goal in this fast paced running / jumping game is to get as far as you can and help your friend Monkey save his girlfriend. While running you have to jump fast through obstacles and collect as much bananas (points) as you can. In the beginning of each level you get an extra shield to protect you. There are four levels in the game: jungle, city, forest and beach.


Aero Monkey Aero Monkey v1.0.6

Help Chip to collect bananas, diamonds, fruits and various items, but beware! Many enemies will go after you!


Clash Of Zombies Clash Of Zombies v1.0.0

Defend your brain salad corp from zombie invasion.


Chicken Strike Chicken Strike v1.0

Chickens on a Strike - You will have to stop them!


Pixel Down Pixel Down v1

Game in which you have to navigate your platform past the obstacles in the form of figures another color.


Shoot The Zombie Shoot The Zombie v1.00

Shoot!Shoot!Shoot the zombie!
Tap screen to shoot zombie
Complete with your friends


LogPi Calc LogPi Calc v1.0

Scientific calculator with 50 functions.


SlingshotPuzzle SlingshotPuzzle v2.3

In the mood for a good puzzle? How about one that will bend your mind and test your wits? Do you have what it takes to master the game, or will you be left broken and bewildered? Fire the amazing slingshot mechanism and release the ball, with the hopes of it ending up in the difficult ending zone! Let the puzzle solving begin!


Rubikus Rubikus v1.02

Rubikus, a challenging Rubik-type puzzle.

Arrange each grid so that all its columns OR its rows are of the same color.

  • Use finger swipes to shift rows and columns
  • Shifting simply makes tiles to wrap around
  • You get a 5 star rating only if you beat the CPU moves
  • There is an undo button
  • The game offers hundreds of levels to choose from

The game is free


Guess the Painting Guess the Painting v4.26

Guess the Painting is a drawing and guessing game designed for family entertainment. It offers a color-rich environment for children to draw and parents to guess, while the whole family build new communication skills through the gameplay.