Creative Shapes Creative Shapes v8.2

Use simple geometric shapes to create amazing characters!


Coosi Box Coosi Box v4.7

Coosi Box is app for sharing pictures with children all over the world.


Jobis Bistro Jobis Bistro v2.6

Please come and experience busy Bistro’s daily life with our cute Jobi friends!


Jobis Fire Station Jobis Fire Station v2.1

With cool Jobi fire fighters, you can experience many events that are happening in the Jobi town!


Jobis Animal Barn Jobis Animal Barn v2.1

Hold on to your children’s hand and let’s go to an adventure of Jobi’s animal barn!


Juddings Today Juddings Today v1.8

Learn English in fun and interesting way! Juddings today!


Jelly 8 Jelly 8 v2.8

Jelly 8 is Learning game about Shapes, Numbers, Colors for children.


Season of Tree Season of Tree v2.8

Season of tree is Emotional Education Game App for Children about Animals and Nature.

$0.99 v1.1

A beautiful and intuitive flashcards app to help you learn and memorize.


Write ABC - Cursive Alphabets Write ABC - Cursive Alphabets v2.1.2

Teach your preschool kids to recognize and write cursive alphabets.


SmartUni SmartUni v1.30

Mobile app support dedicated for students of University of Lodz


Learn ABC Learn ABC v1.0

A unique, intuitive way for your kids to learn alphabets.


Quadratic Equation Solver Quadratic Equation Solver v1.6

A simple and easy to use app which solves your Quadratic Equations for you!


GoumyLink GoumyLink v1.0.1

Goumy Link prepares your toddler to copy a sentence by stacking items in a correct order.


PangoLand PangoLand v1.1

Pango, Piggy, Fox, Squirrel and Bunny… they all invite you to their home with lots of games and activities. Pangoland is the first game that gives free rein to your little ones’ imagination. With this “sandbox” application, kids can explore a fascinating universe and enjoy a freedom like they have never experienced before.


Pango Zoo Pango Zoo v1.0

Your child would love to play with animals but you don’t want an elephant in your living room? With Pango Zoo, it is now possible to discover the most fascinating and interactive zoo in the world!


Pango hide and seek Pango hide and seek v1.0

Search for Pango in more than 15 different worlds that you can explore freely, ranging from the African savanna to the snowy mountains, and including gemstone mines, a haunted manor, outer space and many more...
Pango can hide anywhere; in a tree, behind a rock, on the back of an elephant or under a bed. It’s up to you to find him!

Small items have also been lost in every level: the heart, the clover and the key. Try to find them as well!


Pango Playground Pango Playground v1.0

Discover 4 playgrounds in the kind and colourful Pango and friends' world.

Catch the train, stop at the station and slid down on the slide, look for a treasure in the sand, fly to the stars on board a spacerocket, put together a puzzle's pieces...
Play with your kid and make up your own stories!


PANGO imaginary Car PANGO imaginary Car v1.0

Design and build your dream car !
You've always wanted to build a flying car, a robot tank, or a rolling house...
Thanks to Pango's Imaginary Car, give total freedom to your creative imagination, it's easy!


Mochu POP! Mochu POP! v1.2.1

Language Immersion Game - English, Spanish, French, Italian