Weʼve received many requests from Android device manufacturers for preloading SAM (SlideME Application Manager) directly on their devices, so weʼve put together the following information to expedite the process.

Advantages of the SlideME Solution

SlideME provides an alternative place for mobile subscribers to search, download and enjoy content. There are key advantages to selecting SlideME Storefront:

  • Time to Market – SlideME has a developer community outside of the Google Android Marketplace. Without any marketing, we have over 2 million subscribers and over 40,000 applications. Users have downloaded our Android Marketplace client over 9 million times (not including # of SAM's preloaded onto devices). We can quickly provide a developer community, applications and a client for your device.
  • Reputation – SlideME has built a good reputation within the Android developer community since the launch of our portal in April 2008. We are eager to provide our developers a golden opportunity to work with various handset manufacturers.
  • Customization – Unlike the Google Android Marketplace, SlideME can provide a white label solution to market your own brand to your own developer community. SlideME can also integrate with a carrier billing system to keep your subscribers loyal to your brand, as well as saving external merchant processing fees.
  • Price – SlideME is flexible to provide many different types of pricing models. The models include revenue sharing, licensing fees, hosting, customization and maintenance. We are committed to present a highly competitive price that will match our competition without compromising the quality and integrity of our service.
  • Partnership – SlideME is able to work with any Android handset manufacturer and is flexible to outsource the client user interface to industry leading design teams.
  • Legal - SlideME has spent significant resources working with top legal experts in digital content and international taxation to create a model that addresses numerous tax considerations.
  • SlideME is the largest non-Google Android marketplace today for developers.


The SAM is an Android client that the end user can use for discovery, download and purchase of applications. We can brand SAM to create specific market places.

Specific features include:

  • Purchase - User can purchase applications directly through the handset. If the user already has the application installed or they cancel the request, they will not be billed for the transaction.
  • Discovery - User can drill down based on category to choose an application to purchase or install. Only applications that are appropriate for the device show up.
  • Download - User can download free applications or applications that they have purchased.
  • Authentication - User can login to the portal to conduct additional actions such as purchasing new content or downloading of previously purchased content.
  • Broadcast Messaging - operator can broadcast messages to SAM users.
  • SAM Version Update - when a new update of SAM is available, a popup will appear asking the user if they would like to upgrade.
  • Install Notifications - portal will be notified if an application has been successfully installed.
  • Search - Users can search for content by keyword, as well as sort by ratings and date.
  • Screenshots - SAM supports screenshots on the catalog page.


For an unbranded version of SAM, the whole process from the time you fill out the questionnaire till the point we deliver you a version of SAM should be between 48-72 hours. Then youʼll be ready to distribute SAM on your device. If you are in a hurry let us know, we can expedite the process.


If you are looking for customization or branding, then contact us to discuss the costs and licensing options. We will need to get your customer requirements and then we will provide a statement of work as soon as we can do the estimate.

Restricted countries:

We are a US company (SlideME LLC) and due to US embargoes, we cannot license SAM for distribution to the following countries:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria

Current Language support:

SAM currently supports the following 31 languages:

Chinese,TC (Traditional), SC (Simplified)

You can choose which one of the above languages will be the default language for the device. You can also include any or all additional languages that are to be included on the device.

If you need a language supported that is not from the list above, it is possible to add such languages.

Process for uncustomized version of SAM

If you are not looking for customization or support and time is important, you can follow a simple process to get SAM on your device:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire on site so we can understand your specific needs.
  2. Within 24 hours, we will send you a link to a Mutual NDA that you can sign.
  3. In the mean time, we recommend that you download the community version of the SlideME Market (SAM) application (the mobile client). Links to these resources are at the bottom of this page.
  4. After signing the NDA, we will follow up with proposal.
  5. After accepting the proposal, we will issue a license and distribution agreement.
  6. We then send you a version of SAM to preload on your device.

Optional steps:

  1. If you need additional language support, please lets us know.
  2. If you have found bugs from testing SAM that seem to be specific to your device, we may request that you send us a sample device so we can debug or provide us with logs.
  3. If you need translations, do let us know.
  4. After translations, bug fixing or optimizations (if any) we will provide you with a version of SAM to preload on your device.

Get started:

  1. Download SAM application for Android (.apk)
  2. Fill out the partner questionnaire