Cloud Cloud v7.21

Join our little cloud on an adventure to make our planet clean and healthy!


Papermaking Papermaking v7.22

Learn how paper is made and used through many fun activities!


Smart Colors Smart Colors v1.0

Smart Colors is simple and interesting game for the young kids to play & learn colors.


Statistics Box Statistics Box v1.0

Calculate descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode etc...), data grouping, tabulating, and graphing all with ease!


MooBox MooBox v1.0

Meet the lovely animals of the farm !


geometra geometra v1.0

this apps can make learn geometry become much much more fun


Vocal Starter Vocal Starter v1.11

Do you want to start singing? Do you have little or no singing experience? Then this app is meant for you!

With the help of Victor Baumwolle's Vocal Starter Trainer you will learn to control your voice, in order to sing the right notes of a song. The app will prepare you for singing in all kinds of styles, whether you want to sing karaoke, sing in a choir, in a popband or sing classical songs.


Forest Friends Forest Friends v7.21

Discover five forest animals through unique scenes and play!


babyCrosswords babyCrosswords v1.30

Funny picture crossword for toddlers to start learning and composing words.


Alpha Bugs Alpha Bugs v2.0

Trace alphabets, numbers & shapes while fighting pesky bugs Best Alphabet app. Parent can make any alphabet maps and save it for their kids to trace them. So suitable app for ANY LANGUAGE ALPHABET TRACING!!!!


DVSA Theory Test DVSA Theory Test v7

DVSA / DSA Question Bank 2015 for Driving Theory Test for Car Drivers.


Intonation Trainer Intonation Trainer v3.0

Stop being afraid to sing out of tune! Victor Baumwolle's Vocal Intonation Trainer will dramatically improve your vocal flexibility and singing skills. Use it regularly and your singing level will benefit in all kinds of styles, whether you sing karaoke, sing in a choir, in a popband or sing classical songs.


Good Night Good Night v7.2

An interactive sleep book for kids and their monster friends!


Math Mines Math Mines v1.0

It contains 12 different type of mathematical questions/operations and along with them a big amount of different time tables. The AI system of the app will generate different questions for you.
We are also selling code of this app, for you to modify as you want.


WithTeeth WithTeeth v1.2.3

Duckie Deck With Teeth, teaches kids that caring for your teeth is important and fun.


TrashToys TrashToys v1.1

Duckie Deck Trash Toys is a fun way to teach kids about upcycling, recycling, restoring and reusing materials that they find all around them. The app presents a workshop where a variety of odds and ends can be assembled to make a brand new toy. No additional payments or advertising!


PolyAnalyser PolyAnalyser v1.1

The Polynomial Analyser App is used to solve typical algebra problems such as Polynomial Factoring, Expansion and simplification of Polynomials, finding Roots or Zeros of Polynomials


Letter Writing Letter Writing v1.0

Letter writing app is for preschool & kindergarten kids to learn writing capital & small alphabets.


Magical Seeds Magical Seeds v7.2

Nurse a healthy plant with the sprouting of a seed! It is a magical experience!


Resistor Calculator Resistor Calculator v1.02

Resistor Calculator