Learn Colors Kids Fun Learn Colors Kids Fun v1.0

Learn Colors Kids Fun - learning colors for kids.


Safariland - Learn the Animals' names Safariland - Learn the Animals' names v1.2

Safariland is a free and ads-free game that will teach your young toddlers and kids the animals's names in a fun and educational way, in different languages


My first words My first words v1.4

Baby's and toddler's first words - Educational game for young children.


Christmas ABC and coloring Christmas ABC and coloring v2.1

A christmas game for kids, with letters, numbers and christmas coloring pages.


Jobis Hotel Jobis Hotel v2.0

Greetings to you visitors of Grand Jobigold Hotel! They are ready to serve you.


Train Station Train Station v1.0.8

Explore amazing Jobi town by train!


CoosiMuseum CoosiMuseum v1.0.7

Here is the ticket for Coosi’s Wonder Museum!


Listen and Learn: Greek Alphabet Listen and Learn: Greek Alphabet v2

Listen and Learn the Greek Alphabet


Listen and Learn: Greek Numbers Listen and Learn: Greek Numbers v2

Listen and Learn the Greek numbers


Learn multiplication table Learn multiplication table v1.1

Multiplication table. Mathematics.


Autastico Autastico v1.1

Autastic: Autism + Fantastic! The "funeducative" Android Game!


preschoolMath preschoolMath v1.2

This great app will teach your child to count, add, subtract and compare numbers.


Supermarket - Learn & Play Supermarket - Learn & Play v1.3

Educational game for kids simulating shopping in the Supermarket.


Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and Vegetables v2.0.0

“Fruits and Vegetables” is a free educational game for children. The application has four games and a TEST.


Fruits and Vegetables Full Fruits and Vegetables Full v1.0.0

Fruits and Vegetables is a learning app for children. it has one matching game.


Adventurous kid! Adventurous kid! v1.3

Games inspired by nature for curious, creative and adventurous kids.


Clinician's Pocket Drug Reference Clinician's Pocket Drug Reference v5.1.061

McGraw-Hill Clinician’s Pocket Drug Reference 2016 - Exactly what you need to know about 1400 of the most commonly used medications.


Learn Body Parts! Learn Body Parts! v1.3

Friendly educational game for learning body parts by names and pictures


HTML Code Play HTML Code Play v3.7

Learn client side programs including html and css


Memory game with sounds Memory game with sounds v1.3

An educational and entertaining memory game with sounds for all ages!