Periodic Table Periodic Table v2.01

Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
(118 Chemical elements and drawing)


MyKidPhone MyKidPhone v1.7

Essential App for your babies.
Learning numbers playing with animals via interactive buttons!


Zoola Zoola v3.4

ZOOLA teaches very young children the name and sounds of a lot of different animals. The app offers more than 250 HD photos of a mommy, daddy and baby of each animal type.


Animal Sounds Animal Sounds v2.12SM

100+ sounds and photos of the most popular animals in the world.


Math Is Fun 2-7 Math Is Fun 2-7 v1.2

This game will help your kid to learn how to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 10. The game has 200 levels with increasing difficulty. The levels were created by teachers of math to give the best results.


UNIX - In My Pocket UNIX - In My Pocket v1.0

Google Play Link to Download:

“All Unix related Data at one place”
“First Application on Google Play with all Unix Algorithms included with
“User Friendly and with Text-to-Speech Facility on each page.......”


Tabla Periódica Tabla Periódica v1.2

Periodic Table of elements. Simple and effective periodic table. Perfect for students.


Kids Block Art Kids Block Art v1.02

This is a simple but fun art game for kids of all ages. Kids can learn to create pictures of anything using the colored blocks. Simply drag the blocks with your finger to keep adding blocks.


Zoola Zoola v4.1

ZOOLA teaches very young children the name and sounds of a lot of different animals. The app offers more than 500 HD photos of a mommy, daddy and baby of each animal type.


Phrasal Nerds Phrasal Nerds v1.5.1

Learn essential phrasal verbs by setting out on a space adventure with Alex the mole!


NX SIM : Cisco NX-OS Nexus Simulator NX SIM : Cisco NX-OS Nexus Simulator v1.0.1

You can only learn so much by reading. In order to become a Cisco pro and get the confidence you need to pass the Cisco certification exams, you need lots of hands-on practice as well! With NX SIM, you can gain that experience. Interact with a virtual Cisco Nexus 7010 switch via its terminal interface just like you would in the real world. Follow the 15 hands-on labs ( broken into 5 sections ) designed specifically for the Cisco 640-911 DCICN exam. ( Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking )


10 Minutes GCD lcm 10 Minutes GCD lcm v1.0.3

In '10 minutes with GCD and lcm' users can work the divisors and multiples across three levels :
- Level 1 : we work the factorization of numbers.
- Level 2 : we study the GCD.
- Level 3: we study the lcm.

If you choose the option 'Hand, you can work since the app.


World Geo World Geo v12.0.2

World Geography GK - This app tests your geography skills and improves your geography skills . This geography app has a series of tests with over 5000 questions from different topics to prepare you for Interview, Competitive exams like SNAP and other MBA exams,IAS, Entrance exams,Bank PO,UPSC and other Public Service Commission Exams.


Travel Safety Tips Travel Safety Tips v4.26

Promoting safety awareness to children as they explore all of the world's little mysteries!


MathKit MathKit v1.3.2

Formulas at your Fingertips


Guess the Painting Guess the Painting v4.26

Guess the Painting is a drawing and guessing game designed for family entertainment. It offers a color-rich environment for children to draw and parents to guess, while the whole family build new communication skills through the gameplay.


TamilKids TamilKids v1.0

This application helps children to learn tamil alphabets(vowels) and numbers in tamil.


Memory in Action Memory in Action v4.26

Memory in Action allows you to play interactive games with your children while challenging them with DIY puzzles. You will meet many of our animated characters along the way!


DTP (Digital Test Prep) DTP (Digital Test Prep) v1.0

A simple test prep app. The perfect accomplice for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP practice tests that are available. A perfect accomplice for any multiple choice practice test with an answer sheet include.


TOEIC Training Tool TOEIC Training Tool v1.0.3

Maximize your TOEIC score. Work on exercises specially designed to help you eliminate common errors and improve your English grammar quickly and efficiently.