Rate Schedule

Content Providers/Developers Rate Schedule

Note: These fees do not apply for end users or customers shopping from SlideME. Shoppers have no fees or processing costs. These are the operating fees and charges for processing payments applicable to developers/publishers.

** Payouts are calculated based on the payment method used by the consumers.**


Payment processing fees

Amazon Payments Fees

  • 20% + $0.10 for Purchases via Amazon Payments (Updated: January 18, 2013)


  • 20% + $0.10 for Purchases via PayPal

SlideME Wallet

  • 20% + $0.10 for Purchases via Wallet

Direct Card Fees

  • 10% + $0.10 for Payments via direct Credit/Debit cards

Mobile Carrier Billing

  • 20% for Payments via Mobile Carrier Billing


Payout processing or withdrawing earnings is possible when Earnings Balance reaches the $50 USD minimum (New reduced threshold from March 8, 2013). If earnings need to be withdrawn before this minimum is reached for any reason, contact us.

The available payout options for developers are listed here

Withdrawing earnings is simple: Assure correct Payout Info is set and click to Request Payment of amount.


Remittance fees:    
Wire Transfer to bank $30  
Paypal FREE  
Note: Other forms of remittance will be updated here soon
Earnings are calculated per transaction as:
Total Sale - (Sales Tax applied to sale where applicable §) See Sales Tax FAQ    
  - (applicable payment processing fees (as above) to process the sale)    




Value Added Taxes(VAT) are considered "Sales Taxes" and are applicable as by law dependent on taxable juristiction/location of consumer.