Ready to cash out your earnings from SlideME user purchases of your applications? We make it easy. As a SlideME Android developer you have access to a number of convenient payout options for funds that have accumulated in your account. You can choose to cash these out whenever you wish, but remember that applicable transaction fees will be deducted with each payout. SlideME offers you the convenience of payouts by:
  • PayPal: Have funds sent to your PayPal account. See also withdrawal options from Paypal.
  • Wire transfer to a bank account: Have funds wired directly to your bank account. Wire transfer fees apply.
  • Amazon Payments: Have funds sent to your Amazon account.
  • Bitcoin: Have funds sent to your bitcoin address or Coinbase account.
Feel free to suggest more payout options and how you wish to get paid. Contact SlideME. 

Earnings from sales will be automatically remitted to your preferred Payment account. Assure your set your 'Payout Info' details. You can 'Request a Payment' using a link at anytime providing you have accumulated $50 minimum in your earnings balance. Once request for payment has been initiated expect payment to have been processed within 7 days (Net-7 days).

Developers get further details from SlideME Developer's Rate Schedule 

More information is available in section for Developers in FAQ/Help pages and this FAQ - How to receive payments in particular. 

For more information as a buyer, visit SlideME Payment Options