Tools & Utilities

Master File Manager Master File Manager v0.0.0.003

With Master File Manager you can easily manage your files.
Creating backups of apps and the RAM memory usage reading.
Delete, Copy, Move or Send your data now easy and fast with the Master File Manager and all also still completely free. No runtime.


Cut Video Cut Video v1.6

Cut all your videos for free, no limitation !
Trimming your videos has never been easier


Modbus Monitor Advanced Modbus Monitor Advanced v4.0.0

Android Modbus Master/Client and Slave/Server for phones and tablets. The Modbus Monitor utility is simple but have many advanced features unmatched even by PC based standards. This is the only Modbus App in the Android store with three Apps in one!!! (Modbus Master, Modbus Server, and Sensors Server in Modbus TCP).
This utility works using Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB Serial OTG ports.


Quick File Transfer Quick File Transfer v1.4

Quick File Transfer is a file and folder sharing application.


Modbus Monitor Modbus Monitor v1.0.2

Modbus TCP Client for Android based phone or tablet.


Xandar Talking Browser Xandar Talking Browser v1.1

Private Xandar Talking Browser. Xandar never tracks history and never will!


Agroid Agroid v2.0.14

Agroid measures distances, perimeters, areas and position dispersion


SmartSitePreview SmartSitePreview v1.0

Smart Site Preview


Reporter Reporter v0.0.5

Com-Sur Reporter 'On-The-Go' Creates Standardized Intelligent Incident Reports

Incidents do not differ by geographies. Why then, should an Incident Report be different, especially when standardization of Incident Reports leads to:

(1) Every stakeholder ‘speaks the same language’.
(2) Meta-Data that is gathered (while creating the report) delivers ‘INTELLIGENCE’ through ‘PATTERNS’.
(3) Crime is solved faster.


ES Chromecast ES Chromecast v1.0

ES Chromecast Plugin


TrivialDrive TrivialDrive v0.9.8

A simple application to demonstrate OpenIAB.


Wifi Buddy Wifi Buddy v1.0.1

Find out when and where your Wi-Fi signal is low with Wifi Buddy!


Apps Locker Apps Locker v1.0

Security tool which helps you to protect your phone from annoying people by locking your applications from public access


 App Master   App Master  v1.2

App Master, the Most Recommended Locker, Protector and Optimizer In Play Store


WiFi Android Manager WiFi Android Manager v1.0

WiFi Android Manager

Tired of taking the SD Card in and out to synchronize your files with PC ?
Then WiFi Android Manager is your perfect choice.


Wifi Connect & Passwords Share Wifi Connect & Passwords Share v4.1

Be connected whenever possible, share passwords for protected hotspots, use all the free WiFi, save precious GSM data.


Puzzle Games Alarm Puzzle Games Alarm v1.0

Use puzzle games alarm if you must wake up and don't want to miss alarm.


Block Microphone (Anti Spy) Block Microphone (Anti Spy) v1.0

Are you worried that someone may be spying on you?

Then you should install “Block Microphone”.

Your Device has several Apps that have permission to use the Microphone, and to make Audio Recordings. Some of them also have permission to connect to the Internet. These Apps can make Sound Recordings from your Device, and send them to an unknown receiver.

This App will protect you from being spied on, by enabling you to completely BLOCK THE MICROPHONE on your device at any time you choose.


Fortune Browser Pro Fortune Browser Pro v1.03

Fortune web browser pro is fast and easy to use.


Shake Camera Shake Camera v1.2

Just shake your phone to easily access the camera. Easy to use, and effective.