Tools & Utilities

Video Salon Video Salon v1.0

Utility that let you compress the videos along with applying different filters.


vKeys vKeys v1.02

Send commands to AutoCAD application from Android device via Bluetooth.


KvdAntiSpy KvdAntiSpy v1.03

Anti spy tool for android device


Aloha Aloha v0.9.3.2

Private web browser with free unlimited VPN and downloader


TheCryingSpy TheCryingSpy v1.0.3

7 powerful encryption programs help you protect the privacy of your texts.


Via Via v3.1.3

Best browse with full speed & less web data!Enjoy your Secure & Private time.


MetaFile - All File Converter MetaFile - All File Converter v1.1

Premium quality converter, convert any document format to any possible format. Comes with built in scanner


BroadcastMe BroadcastMe v0.9.1

Broadcast live multimedia streams from your Android devices to any server that supports RTMP publishing of H.264/AAC streams (Facebook, YouTube, Adobe Media Server, Wowza, Red5 or any other CDN or platform).


DNS Lookup - With Links DNS Lookup - With Links v1.5.2

Lookup domains in the Domain Name System. Domains in results are clickable.


Progwhiz Hex Editor Trial Progwhiz Hex Editor Trial v67

Progwhiz Hex File Editor with powerful search and replace. Trial is Read Only.

To get the full version please goto :


Progwhiz Hex Editor Progwhiz Hex Editor v67

Progwhiz Hex File Editor with powerful search and replace. Full Version


Float Clip Float Clip v1.03

Multiple clipboard always visible. Recover what you have copied.


Ecosia Ecosia v2.2.2

The search engine that plants trees!


Video To Mp3 Converter Video To Mp3 Converter v1.02

Select multiple video files and convert them to mp3, mp2, aac or wav


Hashr Hashr v1.1.2

An Android file checksum calculator that actually works


WiFiDeviceControl WiFiDeviceControl v1.0

This project is based on udp server and client application,where the ESP8266 module act as a server which is configured in softAP mode and the android device act as a client.The main aim of this project is that multiple udp clients can be connected to one udp server to control multiple devices including home lights,appliances and also robots.


Lumiya Cloud Plugin Lumiya Cloud Plugin v1.0

Plugin for Lumiya Viewer to store chat history in Google Drive.


OfflineWeb OfflineWeb v1.9

We can save entire web page to sd-card for offline reading
Web sites from social media can be accessed and saved to sd-card for offline reading.
We can search our saved web file easily with tag input.


MySQL Direct Backup MySQL Direct Backup v1.0.0

Native high performance MySQL database Backup / Restore functions for android devices.


Touchtrips Touchtrips v1.1.0

Elevating your travel experiences.