Tools & Utilities

KuuKla KuuKla vAR.KUK.r1.0.18

A perfect, user-friendly application designed for turning your tablet or phone to run “only your selected application” for a selected period of time.
Your everyday device is now a game-boy for your kid, or it can be an entertainment tool for your travel companion. You can Securely Share your device with your children or others.


A8 Player A8 Player v1.8.2

A8 Video Player is a video player for android. It supports most formats, like MP4, MPEG, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV, etc. It can play videos from your android phone or tablet. It can play videos from some famous videos website (like YouTube or Youku) instead of flash player.


C Word Identification C Word Identification v1.0

Check & verify your C (Programming Language) learning.


PortDroid PortDroid v0.1.8

Network analysis and port scanning application


Name My Number Name My Number v1.2

Lets you memorize numbers easier by creating word associations automatically for you.


Ultimate Text Styler Ultimate Text Styler v1.0

Ultimate Text Styler is app which will help you personalize your messages with tons of FANCY and COOL Styles along with Awesome TEXT TOOLS, Emojis and SYMBOLS.


Ping Ping v1.0.1

The most intuitive and useful Ping Tool app on the Android Market!

The easiest way to test the reachability of a host. This application measures the time from transmission to reception using ICMP and records any packet loss.


html console html console v2.0

An android application to create and run html web pages. this application is designed to test and debug webpage on your device.


Knitting Pal Knitting Pal v1.

Knitting and Crochet Pal (Knitting Pal) is an all-in-one knitting and crochet project tracker that allows you to track multiple knitting or crochet projects. Knitting Pal has a row counter, repeat counter, project timer, notes pages, ruler, a flashlight, and it even displays your knitting pattern on the row counter page.


Hygrometer Hygrometer v1.2

Professional hygrometer for your device.
It measures atmospheric relative humidity.


S.W.A.T S.W.A.T v1.5.1

**ONLY DOWNLOAD if you have SpeedFlex or a Ruckus Wireless network**

Ruckus SpeedFlex Wireless Assessment Tool - S.W.A.T. - a wireless performance testing and site survey companion.


ZephyrFree WindMeter ZephyrFree WindMeter v1.0.2

ZephyrFree brings the functionalities of a basic Anemometer (Wind Speed Meter) to your phone.


MyCloud MyCloud v1.03

The MyCloud is a service of the Lexicon Software which allows you to access your application's data from anywhere.
Collaborates with applications:
Diploma DS
and soon even more
See more on page


GrandTools GrandTools v1.7.9

GrandTools-great app for students.


Secure Update Scanner Secure Update Scanner v1.0

Installing system updates could result in your Android device being hacked. Recent investigation found six such vulnerabilities (Pileup flaws) in Android OS. When you upgrade your device, a seemingly harmless app can exploit the bugs to get access of your credentials, call logs, Google Voice messages, etc. This security app scans your device to detect Pileup malware and guides you uninstall it once detected. For more info, visit official website


Helios File Manager Helios File Manager v1.2.3.1

Easy to use file browser and manager for Android.


avast! Mobile Backup avast! Mobile Backup v1.0.7118

Backup your Android phone and tablet.

Otherwise, all your accumulated contacts, music, videos, family photos, and other personal (irreplaceable) data are dangerously kept on a device with only temporary life. Back them up to secure, cloud-based servers, so you can relax about theft and/or accidental damage (e.g. a spilled cup of coffee).


avast! Anti-Theft avast! Anti-Theft v3.0.7118

Best free cell phone tracker helps you find and track your lost or stolen phone, making ‘lost’ Android phones/tablets a thing of the past.
No need to think “How can I find my phone?” – its cell phone locator features find and control it remotely.


avast! SecureLine avast! SecureLine v1.0.7118

VPN - Virtual Private Network shield, by the makers of the world’s most-trusted antivirus.


Droid Over Wifi PRO Droid Over Wifi PRO v1.4.1

Pro version of popular application.

If you like free version, then you should try a Droid Over WIfi Pro.

• APP management. Install, Uninstall, Upload and Download installed apps within browser.
• Activity Log. Never miss what you have done. Clicking on files and folder in activity log will automatically select it on file system, so don`t have to look for them.
• New features will be added constantly