Tools & Utilities

Smart Phone Lock Smart Phone Lock v1.0.1

Changes your lock screen PIN every minute magically.


Contact Manager Contact Manager v1.0.2

Backup you contact


Emoji Keyboard Black Emoji Keyboard Black v1.0

Emoji Keyboard Free

- Download theme base keyboard. Its standalone application. So you do not need to install any other apps.
- Application supports emoji font. So you can send emoji to any devices and any smartphones.
- Using Emoji keyboard you can send emoji to android, iphone and on websites also.
- So If you love to do chatting with friends then you can use this keyboard in any messengers.


Multi Measures Multi Measures v1.0.3

Multi Measures is a swiss-army-knife set of handy and elegant measuring tools, including: compass, decibel, teslameter, metronome, stopwatch, timer, seismometer, plumb bob, surface level, spirit level, ruler and protractor.


Root Checker Root Checker v1.0

Root Checker Application allow you check root access on your device


NEO Bookmark NEO Bookmark v1.0.9

With the NEO bookmark, you can surf web more easily and comfortable.


UU Uninstaller UU Uninstaller v1.0

UU Uninstaller fast uninstalls or freezes pre-installed (system) apps and easily restores them in a safe way.


Secret pass manager Secret pass manager v1.0

"Secret Pass manager" is the application who help you to keep safe your passwords. This is a very simple and useful application you can use to manage your web accounts, social account or bank accounts.


HereIAm! HereIAm! v1.1

Has it ever happened with you that you left your phone somewhere and you are flooded with missed calls from your near and dear ones? They are worried and sometimes clueless of you being safe. HereIAm! is a smart app that responds to your missed calls based on your preferences via SMS.


GoNav GoNav v1.0.1

GoNav is the fastest internet browser with the most optimized features adapted for mobile phones and tablets. It combines a user friendly interface, and a sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.


KuuKla Parental Control KuuKla Parental Control vr1.0.41

A life saver application for parents. You can turn any Android tablet into a kid’s tablet with KuuKla Parental Control. Just select the applications, set a time table by days and hours, and leave it to your kid. Your kid can only use the tablet with applications you choose, at the day and time you define.


Track Your Phone Track Your Phone v2.0

Has it ever happened to you that you have have left your phone at the office or in the car or anywhere and you don't remember.
Don't worry, this app will help you track it.
Or if somebody has taken(stolen) your phone , this app can still track your phone even if the person has changed the sim card.
Secure Access


Now available for use all over the world.


PoniCards PoniCards v1.0.0

Collector's Checklists and Game Aids for the MLP CCG.


Tab and Phone Doctor Tab and Phone Doctor v1.0

Tab and Phone Doctor is a app that allows you to analyse and test your device's hardware and components, to make sure everything is operating correctly.


Anti-Malware Anti-Malware v1.0.3

Safe Browsing Anti-Malware offers a mobile browsing experience free of Malware and Phishing in any app or browser.
Once a website has been suspected of containing Malware or Phishing it is blocked immediately, protecting the user from being offended.


FreeLife SOS FreeLife SOS v1.4

FreeLife SOS is one of the most comprehensive and reliable SOS applications available. It is an emergency alert app which enables you to send SMS with your location details to preset mobile numbers to ask for help. It also includes flash light and sound alert functions which could come in handy during an emergency. Refer below for a full set of features.


GPSTracing GPSTracing v1.0

Mobile Tracker silent. Low consumption data. Try demo version group and request a personal demo to try better.


Shopping list Shopping list v1.006

The list of the most simple, flexible and attractive buy around the Store ... Now your visits to the "super" are much more efficient and fast.


ViaExpress ViaExpress v1.0.0

"VIA Express" is compact, light-weight application intended to be used as
traveling evidence tool. It allows you to record and track your journeys and
(when paired with online service account) synchronise journey data with
online service or simply keep it in your mobile device.


Apps Quick Launch Apps Quick Launch v1.00.05

Fast search by name and launch applications installed on the local device.