Tools & Utilities

JSONitor JSONitor v1.1

Monitor JSON fields, objects, or arrays for change using tasks and schedules.


Agent Pro Version II Agent Pro Version II v0.0.44

Automatic device for measuring voice parameters, noise and music.
It should be noted that even though this device allows you to measure the parameters of voices (and hidden emotions), it is not a conventional polygraph. It is a universal measuring instrument, which is designed for a variety of scientific experiments.


Agent Trial Version II Agent Trial Version II v0.0.47

Automatic device for measuring voice parameters, noise and music
This app will turn your Android into a sensitive device that will measure the parameters of any digital sounds (voices, noises, and music). The device uses a new algorithm that allows you to calculate the numerical parameters of harmonic spectra. The measurements are carried out simultaneously on four independent channels and displayed in an intuitive way.


vADB vADB v2.0.0

Virtual adb to debug any android app over WIFI on Real device(no Rooted device)


DoorSec DoorSec v1.0.8

Use your second (or old) mobile phone to secure almost any door in your house.


Familoop Safeguard Familoop Safeguard v1.0.194.547

Parental control all-in-one: web filter, screen time, porn blocker & more!


anWriter free anWriter free v1.0.1

anWriter free is a simple but powerful text editor for web programmers


Floating Battery % Floating Battery % v1.0

App to show battery percentage anywhere on the screen.


VivaVideo VivaVideo v4.6.1

VivaVideo is your best video editor, photo slideshow & movie maker app ever!


RedCan File Shredder RedCan File Shredder v1.0

RedCan File Shredder overwrites and deletes files, rendering them unrecoverable.


Aware Me Aware Me v1.0

STOP LOOK - Be Aware as you walk


Home Sav Home Sav v1.0

Automatically save pictures, videos, and other files when you return to your home network.


BookGauge BookGauge v1.0.4

Scan books and compare prices in several stores!


CiderTV CiderTV v0.3.0

Best Apple TV (2, 3, 4 gen) WiFi remote control & keyboard + TV volume for Android devices. No jailbreak or Infrared support needed. Simple and free app that just works. A must-have for all ‪AppleTV‬ users


Instabridge Instabridge v7.2.0

Get Instabridge now and join the world's most popular app for finding and auto-connecting free WiFI.


Toggelis Waze Editor Toggelis Waze Editor v1.9.7

Create your own personal maps for Waze and share them with your friends!


Clap to Find Phone Clap to Find Phone v1.0.0

Best utility to find your phone when you lose phone at home or office. It will react on your 3 instant claps.


Friendly Password Safe Friendly Password Safe v1.04

How many usernames, passwords and pin codes do you have to remember?

With the Friendly Password Safe you can easily organize all your usernames, passwords and secret notes in one place. And, unlike most password managers that require internet, sdcard or cloud permissions, this one does not require any android permissions at all, nor it displays ads or banners


Android Class Reference Android Class Reference v1.4

Android API class reference (Offline)


Bluetooth Battery Monitor Free Bluetooth Battery Monitor Free v1.18

Bluetooth Battery Monitor – is a widget that provides you with a battery level of your Bluetooth headset.