Fun & Games

Road Crossing Road Crossing v0.0.1

Road Crossing is a game that takes the basics of the arcade classic Frogger to a whole new level. Guide little animals through an endless series of dangerous train tracks, busy roads and rivers full of hazards.


Pirate Invaders Pirate Invaders v1.0

Defend your planet against invading pirates who have come to plunder your booty.


AIcube AIcube v1.0

Casual and fun to play! See how high you can get with your cube.


Dog & The Box Dog & The Box v1.5

Dogs love to JUMP!


Trex Trex v1.0

Trex is a highly intelligent and challenging game, which is also known as Trix.


Frost Bit Frost Bit v1.0.15

This homage to the classic Frostbite OF ATARI 2600, will bring you the same pleasure you felt while playing, or you can show your children what it was like to play just for fun and challenge.


Heroes Online Heroes Online v3.0

The best 2D online game with Death match,Team Death Match and Capture the Flag.


Outside World Outside World v1.4.2

Lost and bewildered in an exotic world, Kyrsten wishes nothing but a way home.


Magic LifePoints Magic LifePoints v1.3

Counter for Magic the gathering life points, list of all expansions symbols.


Bunny City5 Bunny City5 v1.0

Bunny City!!! is a simple and Enjoyable game, all can this game play in android Phones


Aliens eat cats Aliens eat cats v1.03

Aliens eat cats is a 2048 puzzle-action like, highly addictive and super fun game.


KNAP! KNAP! v0.8.89

KNAP! is puzzle game based on physics fun with a lot of varied mechanics.Every level is suprising riddle where You have to test Your inteligence and dextirity to solve it!


Labyrinth Puzzle Lite 2 Labyrinth Puzzle Lite 2 v1.0

New version of our Labyrinth game is at your smart phone and tablet now! Use the accelerometer of your device to control the ball. Try the new Marathon mode and beat your time.


Cones and Ball Cones and Ball v1.0.2

A new addictive ball game that will test your alertness!


Animals Animals v1.0.1

Developing apps for kids . Simulates animal voices.


soccerbubble soccerbubble v1.4

SOCCER BUBBLE allows you to train your brain ensuring you hours of fun. Experience the excitement that gives soccer sport with this game inspired by the retro arcade game puzzle bobble, within the football stadium atmosphere. Pop all balls and clean the field. This game will be your mania!


Call Break Call Break v1.7

Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game similar to Spades. It's very popular in Nepal and India.


Squiky Jump Squiky Jump v1.0.0.3

Help the Squiky alien


Avoid Avoid v1.0

Bullet hell done right! Fly your ship through asteroids, there's always a way!


Journey to jupiter Journey to jupiter v1.0

steer your shuttle to Jupiter as dodge and rip apart the meteors and comets.