Fun & Games

Happy Pet House Happy Pet House v1.0.0

It's a busy day in Happy Pet Story! Every townie is having house visits right now. You, as Mayor Mojo's secretary, must take notes on whoever entered the house! Happy Pet House pits your memory skills against the townies' quick-running legs!

Keep track of who entered the house and select the correct answer! Train your memory and be the next memory master!

Happy Pet House is the fourth mini-game launched under Happy Pet Project. Other games include Happy Pet Story, Find, Spot, Balance.


Bubble Match Bubble Match v1.3

Play Bubble Match and match bubbles of two or more colors to clear the screen.


Avoid the Blocks Avoid the Blocks v1.0

Very simple and intresting game. Good time killer.The controls are very simple . Point and click in any blank area on the screen that would dodge the blocks. Try to hold out as far as possible . Participate in the online ranking and try to win first place ).
After some time , new blocks , so be careful when choosing the position .


The Bouncies The Bouncies v1.0.1

Place the right objects on the floor for the Bouncies to jump across and exit.


Duck O Colour Duck O Colour v1.0.20

Colour the ducks using only the 3 primary colours and revolving paint guns.


абв - игра слов абв - игра слов v1.2

А у вас большой словарный запас? Посмотрим сколько слов вы сможете собрать!


Tricky Tapped Toppings Tricky Tapped Toppings v1.0.1

Tap the Pizzas to launch tasty toppings that match the customers' orders.


Play Match Soccer Play Match Soccer v1.0.0

This app is a realistic physics and fun soccer game.
Create your own strategy and beat to the computer or to your friends.


Preschool Kids Shape Puzzles Preschool Kids Shape Puzzles v1.12

Your child have to slide and snap the colorful puzzle pieces into place to reveal the delightful high quality image.


Doodle Diamonds Doodle Diamonds v2

A fun match 3 game with many different levels and boosters


Spring Dynamics Spring Dynamics v1.0

Jump your spring to infinity as you play this awesome game!


Dirt Bike Apocalypse Dirt Bike Apocalypse v1.22

Shoot zombies with your armed dirt bike!


CrazyRabbit CrazyRabbit v1.1

Addictive one tap runner game! Escape from Aliens, and collect carrots!


Unicycle Balance Unicycle Balance v1.0

Let’s try a unique game this time- test your balance with this addictive arcade game.


Real Bottle Shoot Real Bottle Shoot v1.0

Releive Stress by breaking bottles that you are not supposed to do in real Life!


What do you do? What do you do? v1.3

What do you do? Is a graphic adventure game like Maniac Mansion or Broken Sword.


Stay Alive Stay Alive v1.0

Most gamers can make a dude run and jump over the objects


Money Tower Money Tower v1.0

Here’s a fun game apt to test your reflexes and precision as well as keep you entertained for hours on end!!


Must Go To Work Must Go To Work v1.1

Whatever the situation is, you Must Go To Work!


Blewti Blowfish Bubbles Blewti Blowfish Bubbles v1.0.1

Tap the blowfish on the side to navigate the fish (Blewti) safely onto the bubbles.