Fun & Games

LegendaryTeam LegendaryTeam v3.0

Pick your heroes and fight in an action packed team RPG on your mobile.
Equip your team, unlock new abilities and unleash powerful skills to enter the battle. Show off your legendary team!


Sonic Beat Sonic Beat v1.0.1

No guitar? No problem! Tap to your favorite MP3s and StepMania dance tracks.


Boat Runner Boat Runner v1.0.3

Real boat speeding in a challenging one tap gameplay style! Tap as fast as you can and get the highest score!


Soar The Sky Soar The Sky v1.0

Soar The Sky - No Limit Flying Fun!


Cells-mania Cells-mania v1.0.0

Collection of three differents games where the player must delete all of the cells present or form a scheme in which all cells have the same color.


Crossing Skies Crossing Skies v1.0.0

Tap and avoid all the obstacles.Can you beat your friends?
Fly infinitely in the skies and collect all the characters!


Clashed Eyes Geometry Clashed Eyes Geometry v1.5

How good is your eye accuracy? Find it out by playing this fascinating game.


Color Walls Color Walls v1.01

Tap the screen to jump and avoid differently colored obstacles!


Hop Hop`n Hop Hop`n v1.1

Hop Hop Hop through the hoops and don`t hit the spikes!


Fox Adventure Fox Adventure v1.0.0

Here is an action and brain puzzle adventure game.
killing time game.


iKortex iKortex v0.9.9

iKorteX is a game to boost your brain & memory with fun!

Free 3D 3D v1.0.1

Play online and become the biggest cell in the world!


SwitchNShakes SwitchNShakes v1.2

Enjoy a new style block puzzle game! Switch the blocks, and shake to shuffle.


Sky Dash Sky Dash v1.0

Jump and avoid obstacles to climb as high as you can! Take the challenge and help Jerry reach the top in this addictive one-touch game! (there's no top, but shhh, don't tell it Jerry)


Swimming Teddybears Swimming Teddybears v1

Holidays are back! Save teddy bears, become a master!


StopFireNow StopFireNow v2.1.2

Logical multilevel game. Fight against fire, save your territory.


BrainUpper BrainUpper v1.1.2

Wake up your brain! A puzzle game to attention training.


Molus Gems Party Molus Gems Party v1.0.2

Come visit the stirring tavern to play with Molus Gems.
Play with your friends and family on one device.
Simple rules even for 3-year-olds.
The perfect game for any event and meeting with friends.
Put your pattern together before others do it.


Tricky Demolition Tricky Demolition v1.0.2

Raze skyscrapers with your crane in the right order to demolish the city!


Bottle On Head Bottle On Head v1.0.0.3

Shoot down the sticky bottles from the heads! Nice little western themed physics based shooting game.