Fun & Games

Trippy Salamander Trippy Salamander v1.1

Help the Mexican salamander Axolotl swim through a trippy stream of candy, avoiding the deadly mines and hazardous spiked balls, while eating sweets to collect points. Different psychedelic power-ups will make your task easier (and occasionally harder), by giving you superhuman (super-salamander, to be more precise) powers and by significantly changing how the game is played. You will not believe what some of those power-ups do.


V-Ball Masters V-Ball Masters v1.0

Customize & Show Your Friends Who's The V-Ball Master!


Falldown HD Falldown HD v1.1

Easy to play and really entertaining, Falldown is a fast-paced game where only speed and reflexes matters.


QuadMath QuadMath v2

Welcome to the most challenging math game on the market. Test your skills and brain power as you try to solve 4 equations while the clock is ticking.


Mr. Abacus Mr. Abacus v1.0

Abacus game


Boom Land Free Boom Land Free v1.1.7

Blow up and have fun it's easy.


Round Snake Multi Round Snake Multi v1.0

Play with your friends to an uncommon and crazy multiplayer snake !


MozaikA MozaikA v1.1.4

Looking for something to occupy the child while you are engaged in daily activities? I fear for the bad effects of computer games? Do you want your child not only played, but also studied???
Then you can safely download this app!


Ultimate Road Rage Ultimate Road Rage v1.0

Prepare to test your driving skills in this simple car game. Drive through this dangerous traffic and bomb filled street which will challenge your skills to the core.


Angel Shoot Angel Shoot v1.0

As the name states.. Shoot the frisky Angels down!! wooo hooo hell yeah!


Math Puzzle 4 Kids Math Puzzle 4 Kids v1.0

Math Puzzle is the puzzle game for children with beautiful graphics design, which likes to children.


Car Speed Booster Car Speed Booster v1.0

Touch the Boost Button To speed up your cool car


My Magic Baby Piano 2 My Magic Baby Piano 2 v1.11

My Magic Piano HD for Kids 2. offers great fun that keeps your kids amused while learning to enjoy and explore music.


Catch The Cookie Catch The Cookie v1.0.3

Play as The Chef, and make sure no cookies hit the ground, but avoid burnt ones


Guess The Football Star Guess The Football Star v1.0.7

Ultimate football quiz for the ultimate soccer fan! Guess the Football Star brings you all your favourite footballers from around the globe so that you can test your soccer knowledge from the convenience of your palm.


Guess The Cricket Star Guess The Cricket Star v1.0.7

Ultimate cricket quiz for the ultimate cricket fan! Guess the Cricket Star brings you all your favourite cricketers from around the globe so that you can test your cricketing knowledge from the convenience of your palm.


Omg Scary Smiley Omg Scary Smiley v3.0.0

Touch and eliminate the scary smileys before the time runs out and move on to the upcoming levels.


Kaboom Kaboom v1.1

Kaboom is a fun Mathematical puzzle game for all ages which provides hours of entertainment.


1000Fishing 1000Fishing v1.0.2

1000 Fishing is a casual single-player game, combining four play modes: fishing, jewel-collecting, pet-raising and character-upgrading. The player can control his/her own cannon, having fun fishing in the deep sea, and earning from harvest.


Children Book - English II Children Book - English II v1.1

Children Book - English II: learning alphabets, numbers, jobs, electronics