Fun & Games

Card War Card War v1.3

War is a simple card game.


CM16 CM16 v1.1.1.117

- Now bigger than ever – Expanded to 20 seasons
- Apply for new jobs or receive offers by other teams
- Brand new Objectives system
- Improved Matchday Graphics
- Includes all the latest transfers following the closure of the transfer window
- Includes Singapore & Australian leagues
- Includes South American & Asian Champions Cups


Ripple Ripple v1.0

Ripple is a simple tapping game that will test your accuracy and focus.


Burn It All Burn It All v1.0

You know you do. So take a blazing hot adventure and help 3 little Flames rise from the molten depths of the earth to the Top of the World. Torch your way through 100 puzzling levels on this Journey to their Daddy, the Sun!


The Brave Furries The Brave Furries v1.0

The Furries Princess along with half of Furries Village has been kidnapped by the Evil Wizard. The remaining Furries have launched a rescue mission. After miles of walking they discover the Wizard's castle.


Gold Miner Rescue Gold Miner Rescue v1.0.4

Gold Miner Rescue! Help the gold miner find the gold and dig a path back home!


2D Strike 2D Strike v2.9

Fun shooter with a view from the top!
Play with bots or friends on the Wi-Fi.


Brave Jumper Brave Jumper v2.0

If you appeared in a difficult situation, or you have a bad mood, don't respond!


Top Jump Christmas Top Jump Christmas v1.0.0

Ever played Jingle Bells with a herd of Christmas trees? Old German tradition. But beware, the Delk is on lunch break! Other than that, just jump from tree to tree.


World Journey World Journey v1.32

The most challenging Match-3 puzzle video game ever!?!
» A wide variety of challenges, no boring moments or useless content. Quality not quantity!


Dragon Sword - War of Throne Dragon Sword - War of Throne v1.0.1

Be the Warrior you always want to be, fulfil the prophecy & defeat the LORD EVIL


Bloks Bloks v1.1

Bloks is a fun, fast paced and challenging puzzle/match 4 game. The goal is to swap Bloks to make rows and columns of the same color. The combo system allows players to clear multiple rows and columns in quick succession, boosting the players score.


Bee Control Bee Control v6.0

Bees need your help! In a growing garden, manage bees and help them to collect honey.


Asterix 2 Asterix 2 v1.4

A defense game inspired by the Asterix comic.


4444 4444 v1.0.9

4444 is an action puzzle with unique mechanics, designed to appeal to people of all ages. It is a very simple game, it only requires tapping on the screen, no swiping or complicated gestures.


Kitty Bubble Shooter Kitty Bubble Shooter v1.0

Kitty Bubble Shooter is great and free bubble shooter game with classic arcade and puzzle mode with more then 400 levels!


Drive Unltd. Drive Unltd. v1.0.1

Unrestricted Driving Experience.


Facility47 Facility47 v1.0.1

A journey through an isolated research facility in the Antarctic.


1Path 1Path v1.0

1Path is a puzzle and action game with minimalist nifty graphics.

In 1Path, players tilt their device to steer a tiny circle and guide it to various nodes separated by obstacles. Why is this circle going through so much trouble, you may ask? Well, to save his friend whose colors have been unscrupulously stolen...


The Quick Brown Fox The Quick Brown Fox v1.05

A simple one-button concentration game where timing your jumps right is key.