Fun & Games

Tiny Busters Tiny Busters v1.0.0

Tiny Busters is about the epic battle between in-town citizens who have dreams becoming super heroes vs daemons. The game is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats.


Helicopter Air Combat Helicopter Air Combat v1.0

Helicopter Air Combat - Air Combat of helicopter between your army helipad and enemies


Bubble Stop Free Bubble Stop Free v1.4

Great bubble popping and bug smashing game! Geared towards kids, but fun for all ages!


Brik Brik v1.01

BRIK Brick Breaker is a modern twist on a classic arcade game of smashing bricks. Flex your skills and test your brain in an adventure through different planetary systems into the unknown.

Take the addictive journey though time and space to break all the bricks and smash all the walls built by alien race. Free the universe! Discover new brick types and ways to break them, catch bonuses and space gems, smash alien ghost ships.


Color Match Color Match v1.0.1

Tired of swiping numbers? Try matching some colors!

Color Match is the most addictive color matching game, based on the popular number matching game.

Just swipe the screen to move the colored tiles. When two of them touch, they turn into the next color. You can see the color range above the board, along with your highest found color.

Simple, but fun!

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Bubble Blaze Bubble Blaze v2.12.32

Pop, tap and tilt your way through over 160 addictive bubble popping puzzles! Bubble Blaze is bursting with excitement and packed with adventure, join millions now in the best free bubble popper game ever!


Alien Tap Alien Tap v1.0.0

Help the aliens escape from the evil spaceship with this addicting game: Alien Tap!


Dinosaur Excavation - T Rex Dinosaur Excavation - T Rex v1.0.2

Bring a dinosaur back to life by finding all its skeleton parts and then putting them back together.


Cube dash Cube dash v1.0

Amazing game with flash turns. Do not let the cube explode in the open space!


Mega Cats Mega Cats v1.0.1

Immerse yourself in the colorful and exciting arcade game Mega Cats.


Alien Galaxy War Alien Galaxy War v1.0

Alien Galaxy War - War in galaxy between aliens and our spaceship has been started


Wacky Cubes Wacky Cubes v1.1.6

A cute game with beautiful graphics; easy to pick up but difficult to master!


ArcherHustle ArcherHustle v1.2

More than Flappy!!!
Tab! Tab! Tab! And jump! Jump! Jump! Shoot!Shoot!Shoot!
Easy for anyone to enjoy.


Monsters Blast Free Monsters Blast Free v1.0.1

Monsters Blast is a cute little monsters match game!


The Squares Free The Squares Free v0.5.8

Hardcore time-killer


4x4 Monster Racing 4x4 Monster Racing v1.0.2

Drive a monster truck across mountains, cars and other challenging obstacles.


Dirty Kids Dirty Kids v1.0

Are you a dirty kid beyond every ones imagination?

Try dirt kids makeover games, all the dirt cleaning, washing in machine, dressing, makeover, spa, saloon at one place and get yourself clean & ready to become dirty again.


Abrix the robot Abrix the robot v1.0.2

Abrix the robot - great puzzle game for a family!


Easter Egg Matcher Easter Egg Matcher v1.0

Match 3 eggs of the same colour horizontally or vertically to clear them. Eggs can only be switched one tile horizontally or vertically. Sounds familiar? But no, this is eggs!


The Election Runner The Election Runner v1.0

The Election Runner is a new take on a popular genre - that has been defined by the likes of Temple Run, and Subway Surfers, the infinite runner.