Fun & Games

Bleb Bleb v0.3

Love puzzles with physics? Then you here!


Escalero Escalero v1.5

Escalero is a dice game inspired from the card game poker.


Flying-Squirrel Flying-Squirrel v1.0.0

Flying-Squirrel is a funny slingshot game with a sweet squirrel.


Robot Dash Robot Dash v1.2

Challenge yourself and test your skills in this unique platform game


Nyash Justice Nyash Justice v1.0.1

The sweetest in the world prosecutor-chan is fighting crimes in your mobile phone now!


Last Pixel Defender Demo Last Pixel Defender Demo v1.0

Searching Lands, waters, rocks and tunnels for aliens


Connect Squares Connect Squares v1.2

Puzzle connect squares.


Mischievous Kids Mischievous Kids v1.0.0

Mischievous Kids is a point and click escape from Games2Jolly family.


EmojiJam EmojiJam v1.0

Have fun playing the newest match 3 game with emoji characters.


TowerDefense TowerDefense v1.0

OfficeDefense is a tower defense game.


DoggoDanger DoggoDanger v1.0

You have fun with your qt3.14 gf in the forest when a huge(really, quite infinite) pack of wolves attack you. You must protect your girl from the hungry creatures and gain her trust and love.


Power Grid Power Grid v1.0.8

A fun, addictive, brain-training logic puzzle game!


Vegetable Cart Escape Vegetable Cart Escape v1.0.0

Vegetable Cart Escape is a new point and click escape game from EscapeGamesDaily team.


Forest Turtle Rescue Forest Turtle Rescue v1.0.0

Forest Turtle Rescue is the new point and click escape game from games2jolly family.


Save the Pyramid Save the Pyramid v1.01

Tap enemy to protect Pyramid


Slip Slip v2.0

Slip through the stairs bursting out things on your way down...
How far can you go?


Pyramid Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire v1.0.1

Goal of the game is to clear all the pyramid cards; create pair of cards whose rank sum is 13, You can drag and drop unblocked card to form pair, you can drop flipped deck card or unblocked pyramid card on unblocked pyramid card to pair.
If there is no possible combination ( sum 13 pair ) tap on the deck to refresh the deck again, you can flip deck 3 times.
Ace rank is 1, Jack rank is 11, Queen is 12 and King is 13, You can pair Queen with Ace etc.


Fly By Fly By v1.0.0

Fly By is an exciting, fast paced, arcade style mobile game with a variety of exciting obstacles and challenges to complete!


Sky Raiders Sky Raiders v1.0

High-speed Intense shoot-em up!


SolitaireCollection SolitaireCollection v1.0.5

Combination of 12 solitaire games with many features like hints, undo, automove, autocomplete, scores, statistics.