Egyptian Gems Slot Egyptian Gems Slot v1.0.2

Get Ready for new exciting Multi Betline, Multi Level Egyptian Gem Slot Machine. Spin the reel and enjoy the pleasure of becoming millionaire.

Features -
20 Bet lines to play in each spin, Unlock bet line as you go up in levels
Multi Level
Pyramid Bonus game with sun bonus multiplier
Score leaderboard, show your achievement to other players globally.
Progressive Jackpot ($30k +)
Exciting sound effects, graphics and animations

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Alien Adventures Alien Adventures v1.0

Alien Adventures.
Are you ready for adventure?
Unique levels.
Choose your hero.


Traffic Racer 2D Traffic Racer 2D v1.1

Traffic Racer 2D - This is a new exciting game in the genre of endless drive.


Mini Golf Guru Mini Golf Guru v1.0

3D mini golf game with realistic physics.


Violetland Violetland v1.0.8

In this game the player should help a girl by name of Violet to struggle with hordes of monsters.


Thimbles Thimbles v1.1.6

Beat the con man!


Russian Songs For Kids Russian Songs For Kids v1.0

A collection of popular russian children's songs


New Age Vanguard New Age Vanguard v1.0.0

in the digital age data is power and new breed of defenders is needed


Camouflage Camouflage v1.2

The most colourful connect the dots puzzle game ever created!


Cursed Fighter Cursed Fighter v1.0

Is a 3D action game about fighting demons and dark monsters to help the hero save his family from their dungeons. Awesome graphics, 3D HD effects, Cool Moves, Action Powerups and much more to get a grab on!


The Slimeking Tower The Slimeking Tower v1.0.0

Are you looking for the ultimate adventure game that offers you incredible gameplay and a stellar soundtrack? Welcome to The Slimeking's Tower.


Tower Mania Tower Mania v1.0.1

Build your towers in a fantastic futuristic world in the simplest one-click manner! Place floating blocks as precisely as you can and discover all the wonderful locations!


Super Pocket Football 2015 Super Pocket Football 2015 v1.0.6

Enter the football championship!


PhotoSpy PhotoSpy v1.0.4

Audio recording & photographing by timers from the chosen camera without sound and flash.


Squid Sudoku Squid Sudoku v1.1.6

The classic number puzzle game Sudoku with bright, colorful squids as well as the classic number tiles (your choice).


PulseCharge M PulseCharge M v0.0.25

A 2D Platformer with an emphasis on Speed Running and Exploration!


Lock Screen Plus Lock Screen Plus v1.21M

Widget to lock the screen and advanced reboot in one tap!


Fun With Dynamite Fun With Dynamite v1.1

Tap to place dynamite sticks, then use the detonator to detonate them.


Jewel Explosion 3 Jewel Explosion 3 v1.0.0

Match the stunning jewels for exciting power-ups and bonus levels!


StrikeQuiz StrikeQuiz v1.4

StrikeQuiz is a great new fast paced multiple choice quiz game for all ages