Medicine Prescription and Doctors Management Medicine Prescription and Doctors Management v1.0

Three Apps in 0ne
Manage Medicine daily dose and strength. Prescriptions How long on them and when they need renewal
Doctors Appointments date time
So you can Know How, Where, and why .
And to keep you involved in your medicine management not allow you to become complacent about them.

to be reviewed (published)

Escape the Minotaur's maze Escape the Minotaur's maze v8Legs Update

Randomly generated free maze game with traps, weapons, magic, jokes, allies & monsters in a mythological setting. Now with different modes & difficulty. Try to beat the clock or outrun zombies & more!


IDWD IDWD v1.0.7

This is a platformer game where you need control two stickmans. Your goal is to put them in to pencil box!


Drop Escape Drop Escape v1.5

Let's create a pathway and let's break out like a billiard block.


CoderPad CoderPad v1.0

Code Editor for Android


Durak Durak v1.0

Play a game of Durak! Don't be the Fool! Outwit Your Friends and Foes! Don't be the Last One Remaining With Cards!


Word Connect Word Connect v1.0

This is most entertaining & addictive word puzzle game ever.


Birdy Birdy v1.00

Buy upgrades and fly as far as possible.

Free v1.0 multiplayer online pixel shooter arena


Escape From Planet 1337 Escape From Planet 1337 v1.2

Do you have the SkillZ to Escape from Planet 1337 ?


Command Kite Command Kite v1.1

Control your arduino over internet without Ethernet shield.


Gun Box Gun Box v1.0.1.1

A crazy shooting game, survive the hordes of zombies and reach the highest score


You vs. Matrix You vs. Matrix v1.0

Can you beat the Matrix?
Let's find out!


Jump Jump Jump Jump v1.2

Play Jump Jump 2018 with your friends and family and challenge them to beat you.


UFO Rider UFO Rider v2.9

Take command of an alien invasion of planet Earth!


Roll Over Roll Over v1.0

Roll Over tiles, avoid falling, and the fireballs.


2 Player Boss Fight 2 Player Boss Fight v2.0

Defeat bosses with your friend!


Fishy Evolution Fishy Evolution v4.4

Eat fishes to grow! Avoid dangers!


Paper Paper v1.4.0_nl

Paper !
Not a silent paper . It responds!


Ball In Basket Ball In Basket v1.0

Simple and easy games. In which you have to put the ball into the basket and try to break the high score if you can possible

Control : swipe control.
Graphics : high