Place Them All Place Them All v1.43

Easy but fun puzzle game


Holy Bible-KJV (Offline) Holy Bible-KJV (Offline) v2.0

1. The Bible does not require Internet connection is offline.
2. Random Read the Bible
3. Simple English audio Bible features (top right button)
4. Through the bottom of the scroll bar to the left to adjust the font size.
5. Search Bible verses with the word
6. Favorites feature.
7. Share this verse


World of Cubes World of Cubes v1.8

Create your own worlds with thousands of random players or friends online in Multiplayer mode or start your own survival game on the infinite randomly generated maps!

Explore universes and random worlds created by others. Upload your own maps and creations from single player mode to online Multiplayer server to play with others! Build whatever you can dream of by yourself or with many other users online in real time Multiplayer mode.


Boxshot Boxshot v3.0.2

Insanely addictive Skill Game!


Shapies Shapies v1.0.1

Shapies are about to collapse, stack them up and save them!

This addictive physics-based stacker will entertain all ages along more than 80 free levels.

Shapies is a free physics-based puzzle stacker game for Android, in which you have to arrange and stack various types of shapes on one another in such away that shapes don’t collapse. It will hold your attention in such a way that you keep on playing the game level after level.

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Wing Warriors Wing Warriors v1.0.3

Here comes the AWESOME arcade shooter WING WARRIORS. This is an incredible story about three great Wing Warriors (Kai, Gaia and Raiden) who are in fight with the Black Emperor. Enjoy this game with successful air combats.


Blood Runner Blood Runner v1.1

Blood action running arcade game. Run and fight with enemies and survive!


Versus Roulette Versus Roulette v1.1.0

At last a different roulette game where the casino never wins! In fact, the casino doesn't even play!
The uniqueness of our multiplayer roulette game lies in the fact that you can play against other players, online through the Internet, exactly as you would in a normal casino, but you do not bid against the house but against the other players!
Seems interesting? Why don't you try it yourself? The game is played with no real money, only with free chips so there is no risk at all!


Race Illegal: High Speed 3D Free Race Illegal: High Speed 3D Free v1.0.17

Finally the true street racing experience has arrived with 20 tracks to race, 9 cars to choose from and a whole host of customisations there’s plenty here for the petrol-head to tinker with. Have you got what it takes to Race Illegal?


Hydro Racer 3D Hydro Racer 3D v1.0

Race across the vast ocean and take on the world!


Wacky Birdy Wacky Birdy v1.0

Feed Hungry Birds


Feng Shui Pa Kua Feng Shui Pa Kua v1.0

Feng shui tips is an application that allows entering your birth date to get our kua number, there are eight numbers " kua " that correspond to the eight basic directions : North, South , East, West , Northeast, Northwest , Southeast, Southwest .


Caricatura Caricatura v1.1.0

making your own caricature, now is a piece of cake


Mp3Converter Mp3Converter vR2.3

It can extract audio from video file and convert to mp3.


Call Recoder Z Call Recoder Z vR2.2

Record your every call easily and automatically



VDZ is a video downloader. Through the built in web browser you can download the videos.


Leap Monkey Leap Monkey v1.0

Leap Monkey is a fun, simple, and addicting game for all ages. Simply tap the side of the screen that you wish the monkey to leap to in order to successfully jump to the next branch as you climb up the tree. Try to get a high score and beat your friends!


Multi Number Game Multi Number Game v1.01

Test your multiplication skills!


A8 Player A8 Player v1.8.2

A8 Video Player is a video player for android. It supports most formats, like MP4, MPEG, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV, etc. It can play videos from your android phone or tablet. It can play videos from some famous videos website (like YouTube or Youku) instead of flash player.


Caravancheck Caravancheck v1.0

This app helps you maintain your caravan.