Tilt a Christmas Tree Tilt a Christmas Tree v1.1.4

Save your X-mas tree from falling, but beware of the tricky wind god!


Pop Loops Pop Loops v1.1

Having fun with shooting bubbles


AncientMaze AncientMaze v1.0

Pass 18 levels of the ancient labyrinth. Memorize the traversed path and avoid obstacles.


Snowy Ball Pet Snowy Ball Pet v1.0

Ask all your Christmas wishes to the magic Snowy Bally


Burger Capitalist Burger Capitalist v1.5

A VERY addictive casual game in the yummy fast food universe!


ARK Guide ARK Guide v0.0.107

(donation version) ARK: Survival Evolved guide, crafts and tools.


Kicky Kicky v11.0.0

A life saving app developed by parents for parents to help keep track of your baby's little kicks and movements.


Space Catch Space Catch v1.0.9

Create your flying transport and catch animals


Robots vs. Robots Robots vs. Robots v1.0

Robots vs. Robots is a free-style tower defense game


Zommando Zommando v1.0

You have no choice: kill or get killed.
Do you really believe you could survive this zombie world as a lone ranger? Think again: be realistic and be a TEAM.


Turbolab Turbolab v2.8

The most white-knuckle pursuit in the Google Play Store


Ted the Jumper Ted the Jumper v1.4

Help Ted to collect all wooden blocks on the field by jumping on them in a colorful puzzle game. Ted can jump forward, left or right, but cannot jump back.


Saving Private Sheep Saving Private Sheep v1.0.0

The War of the Sheep


Saving Private Sheep 2 Saving Private Sheep 2 v1.2.1

Saving Private Sheep est de retour !

La guerre est finie.


Rubpix Rubpix v1.0.3

Rubpix is a picture-forming sliding block puzzle game from the creator of Pretentious Game.

"Most Promising Game in the Indie Prize" Casual Connect Singapore 2014.


Pocket Expenses Pocket Expenses v3.0

Manage Your Daily Incomes As Well As Expenses!


Insatiable Insatiable v1.1

Eaters of fruits and berries!


Spelling Game 2 Spelling Game 2 v1.3

Improve your English spelling skills in this sequel to a popular spelling game!


Bubblins Match-4 Bubblins Match-4 v2

Bored of all the Match-3 games? Try then our new game Bubblins Match-4! Will you make it into TOP20 highscores?


Colonies Colonies v3

By connecting the symbols of the same kind (while matching their colors) and choosing the right strategy create as big colonies as you can! Will you make it into TOP20 global highscores?