Find The Pairs Find The Pairs v1.1.0

Find The Pairs is an educational interactive match game created for children of all ages but adults may also enjoy the game - fun for the whole family!


BullyProofAssistantProf BullyProofAssistantProf v1.0

This anti-bully app is designed to be an aid against bullied assaults. Ability to Document any bullying activity where you can send email or text messages and even take videos of any assault.


GeoLander GeoLander v1.03

GeoLander - a modern retro-like tribute to the arcade game classics!


AAffiinniittii1 AAffiinniittii1 v1.02

AAffiinniittii: match those shapes with precision and speed
and become a geometry wizard. To beat your highscore, be precise, don't loose time and use the least number of moves.
The moves can be shifts, rotations and reflections.
Difficulty is gradually increasing and at some point,
some operations are not allowed... in AAffiinniittii1 (pronounce Aya-finity).


Fisherman Fisherman v1.7

Make a living as a fisherman


Archaeologist Archaeologist v1.0

Come and uncover the acient mysterious puzzles!


Jumping Ball Jumping Ball v1.0

Jumping Ball – Arcade game is the most addictive jumping game ever!


Bouncy Ball Bouncy Ball v1.0.1

Exercise your fingers in endless bouncing ball game!


Metal Clock Live Wallpaper Metal Clock Live Wallpaper v1.0

Original digital clock in the form of the live wallpaper in metal style.


Dead And Again Dead And Again v1.0

Get ready to fight !


Contacts in a list widget Ad-free Contacts in a list widget Ad-free v3.1-paid

Widget to show your contacts (phone contacts, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber) as a list (ad free).


AliBaba AliBaba v0.0.1

Defeat the thieves with their leader Alibaba.


Balls Breaker HD Balls Breaker HD v1.09

Dive into the Worlds of Balls and Bubbles in Balls Breaker HD!

Balls Breaker HD is simple, yet very addictive popping game. It is a highly developed version of the classic pop, match-2 or breaker game.


Crazy Eights Crazy Eights v1.4

Crazy Eights is a card game in which each player tries to get rid of his cards.


MinPic MinPic v1.0

Image upload without registration! Easy image uploading and sharing of pictures!


Six 2017 Six 2017 v1.0

Six 2017 is the latest and the best free game of 2017 from CrossBox Games. It is a challenging, simple and unique game. As with all great puzzles, Six 2017 is great in one minute bursts or hours of emotive fun.


Mahjong Magic Mahjong Magic v1.0.7

Mahjong Magical Adventure


Wordimals Wordimals v1.1.0

Join the Wordimals on an epic trek to boggle your brain with a fun word search!


Numberize Numberize v1.0.2

Put your memory to the test!


Little Artist Little Artist v1.2

Little Painter