Wifi Transfer Wifi Transfer v1.2

Download and upload files to/from your Android device, using any web browser


ControlMobile ControlMobile v2.0.65

Allows parents to review and manage their child's phone usage. Tracks all incoming and outgoing text messages. Tracks call logs which shows corresponding callers phone number, contact's name from the device, duration of the call, and time of call.


Share Share v2.0

Share messages, comments and links through all your messaging and social apps with only one click. (now complete material design platform)


QSO (Free) QSO (Free) v1.0

QSO contains the questions for the amateur radio (ham) operators for Greece.


 Voce Sonia (italiano)  Voce Sonia (italiano) v1.4.2

Fai parlare il tuo telefono o il tuo tablet con le voci Best-of-Vox di Voxygen!
La voce Sonia permette di leggere qualunque testo in italiano.


CellPttv2 CellPttv2 v2.0

Push To Talk Walkie Talkie Voice Communication Free App.


AP Labs MC AP Labs MC v1.6

The official app for the Apocalypse Labs Minecraft Network.


pfodDesigner pfodDesigner vpfodDesigner

pfodDesigner - nCreate custom Android menus to control your Arduino projects, quickly and easily.
No Android Programming required.

This free application lets you interactively design and view pfodApp menus and generates the required pfodApp commands and sample Arduino code files.

See the step by step tutorial on building a menu and generating the Arduino code at


pfodDemo pfodDemo vpfodAppDemo

Demo Version of pfodApp
pfod™ (Protocol For Operations Discovery)
Control Arduino and other microprocessor devices from your Andriod mobile via Bluetooth, or WiFi with 128bit security.
NO Android Programming required.

Try out this free demo version on your mobile to see how example screens are displayed before downloading pfodApp.

Each screen shot here, including the language, is completely controlled by the microprocessor the app is connected to. see www.pfod.com.au for more examples.


Birthdays Birthdays v1.002

123Greetings, the world’s largest online destination for free ecards, greetings and wishes, brings you the most comprehensive birthday and anniversary calendar, reminder and ecards app.


CrossHelp CrossHelp v1.0

CrossHelp – free application of mutual assistance, which will help You, Your friends and relatives in a difficult moment, in the moment of danger; will preserve the health and property, and it is possible to save a life.


sumrando sumrando v1.5.0.0

Online But Under the Radar



This SELCAL App is a tone encoder which sounds SELCAL selective calling tones.


DroidMsg Plugin DroidMsg Plugin v2.1.8

With this Plugin, you can reach DroidMsg members instantly.


Simple Dictaphone Simple Dictaphone v2.0.4

* You get an idea, do not have time to write it.
* To make a shopping list on the way to the store.
* Quickly dictate a message and send it to someone or group by email or directly to smartphone(s).
* Make a record of the meeting and send it to the absent employees.
* Save audio recording of the meeting and create summary document from it.


I WIsh You… I WIsh You… v1

I Wish You is made so that you could encourage, support and congratulate the other person. In turn, other people can write wishes to you, and to reply that wrote them with you.


WifiSharing WifiSharing v2.0

WIFISharing allows you to scan the wifi networks around you and send messages directly to their owners.It’s that easy!


Talk Bluetooth Talk Bluetooth v1.3

Full duplex voice chat, over Bluetooth.


Secret Tidings Secret Tidings v2.5

Hide messages and file attachments in images. Hidden messages can be secured with a password and shared by email or social media.


KeyRing Trial KeyRing Trial v1.9.3

Manage your Web of Trust!

Which key rings have you certified, and which key owners have vouched for the key rings you currently hold? What trust have you accorded to them, and what relevance does it have?

Decide for yourself.