Car Dealership Tycoon Car Dealership Tycoon v2.1.5

CDT Version 2 (CDTV2) now in development

Car Dealership Tycoon is a turn based strategy game. You own the dealership therefore you make the decisions. Every customer is unique; they want a different car for a different price. Negotiate with the customer, make them competitive offers. Keep parts stocked, hire and fire managers and employees, run advertisements, upgrade your dealership, check the news to see what’s hot! All in a day at the car dealership!


All-in-One Mahjong FREE All-in-One Mahjong FREE v20140801

All-in-One Mahjong is an addicting solitaire game where player is challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board.


Pozzy Pozzy v0.4.7

Pozzy. Get out, meet new people, explore new places and gain new experiences.


Rubikus Rubikus v1.08

Rubikus, a challenging Rubik-type puzzle.

Arrange each grid so that all its columns OR its rows are of the same color.

  • Use finger swipes to shift rows and columns
  • Shifting simply makes tiles to wrap around
  • You get a 5 star rating only if you beat the CPU moves
  • There is an undo button
  • The game offers hundreds of levels to choose from

The game is free


XMTV Player XMTV Player v2.0.5

XMTV Player is a free multimedia and online TV streams player for android made for enjoying, based on ffmpeg and rtmpdump that has the ability to play pretty much anything that humans and machines have created.


Reel Fun Reel Fun v1.0.3

'Reel Fun' is a UK style Fruit Machine containing many features!


kidsABC kidsABC v1.28

ABC123 for kids. (FREE)
Learning Alphabet, English word and number for Kids.


Boat Racing Boat Racing v1.05

+++ NEW VERSION! +++
Lot's of new content added, like boats and locations + other fixes.

You have climbed hills with cars and conquered mountains with motocrosses, but now it is time to take over seas! Boat Racing gives you the ultimate challenge to do this!

Select your boat, upgrade it and then choose a location to race!


Climber Doge Climber Doge v1.0.0

Let's travel around with your cute Climber Doge. On the journey of Climber Doge will have many must-pass challenges waiting to get to the beautiful city, please help Climber Doge overcome all the obstacles along the way. There are a lot of columns from the starting, they may be not adjacent, so you must be careful, otherwise, the Climber Doge will be fallen down.


Rocky Mountain Wallpapers Rocky Mountain Wallpapers v1.3

Collection of wallpaper images of the Rocky Mountains.


CowNap CowNap v1.0.2

You think protecting a herd from cowtippers is easy?


My Guitar My Guitar v1.6

Best virtual guitar simulation for Android™
Play guitar on your device like on a real guitar!


English 16 English 16 v1.4

This is a delightful puzzle originally been designed by an English sailor. The object of the puzzle is to transpose the positions of the red and green pieces in the fewest number of moves.


Mytodolist Free Mytodolist Free v2.6.3

MyTodoList is a task management application that help you to effectively plan your day or your week not to lose sight of your goals.


Poke Quiz Free Poke Quiz Free v1.0.3

Are you a Poke Master? Take the true Poke quiz and find out!


Mining Game Clock Mining Game Clock v1.53

Real sunrise/sunset clock based a clock item from one popular sandbox block mining/construction game.


Geomagnetic Storms Geomagnetic Storms v1.3

You always have actual information about geomagnetic storms.


Chatimity Chatimity v4.3.8

Chatimity: Meet new people. Make new friends.

• Best Chat Room app on Android.
• Built for clean chatting and helping make new friends.
• Unique “NICE POINT” system to promote good behavior. Detects and bans bad behaving people. This is the reason for nicest chat community on the app.
• Thousands of users online at any moment.
• Local rooms at state, country and world levels. Browse who is online to chat.
• For 18 years and above only. Underage accounts are banned.


Hill Climb Racing Hill Climb Racing v1.5.1

One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game ever made for Android! And it's free!


Deadly Fighter Deadly Fighter v1.0

New 2D shooter with a interesting and simple gameplay