Deggle Deggle Deggle Deggle v1.1.14.1

Please regain the eggs scattered.


sodapopmusicplayer sodapopmusicplayer v2.0.2

"Just wave your phone to change music...With sodapop music player things are as simple as that..."


The Pixel Hero: Archercraft The Pixel Hero: Archercraft v1.0.3.1

The Pixel Hero: Archercraft is a 2D archery game with retro pixel graphics. Climb a tree and defend it and yourself shooting monsters with your bow! Collect gold to buy new arrows and find new powerful bows! Choose an arrow wisely - don't try to break armor with a regular arrow or kill a fire-breathing dragon with a fire arrow.


Chess Reloaded 1 TUTORIALS Chess Reloaded 1 TUTORIALS v3.0.2

"For the USA, simple-to-learn games that are easy to play can attract a large user base." (Google Play: "The Secrets to App Success", Nov. 2014).
Well, this game IS easy to play, but NOT simple-to-learn. If you still want to try it: good luck!

Tutorial #1: contains the basics.
Tutorial #2: some special features and two-player mode.
"Tutorial" #3: full TRIAL game, without any tutorial stuff.

Apps "by obumo" need no permissions at all. They can be operated offline (airplane mode).


Chess Reloaded 2 GAME Chess Reloaded 2 GAME v3.0.2

After more than a year, the era of "teething troubles" with the "Chess Reloaded" apps seems to come to an end. Because YOU here on SlideMe did 50 times more downloads than users of the big app stores, you were subject to almost all the frustration that came with all the errors. As a gesture of apology, I change this app from a paid application into a FREE one. As of today (December 26, 2014) and on SlideMe ONLY.

Note: this full version offers ALL the board sizes available on a device.


Mini Piano Lite Mini Piano Lite v2.19

Multitouch Mini Piano with beautiful sampled piano and also 128 different midi sounds.

Zoom support: dynamically change the amount of keys visible on screen.

Learn to play songs, or record your own!


Capture The Mermaid Capture The Mermaid v1.3

In the deep, sea palace, there lived such a group of human beings, they are beautiful fish, soft long hair, has a beautiful dance Whenever she song with her beautiful voice, everyone envied her.. Today, our task is to capture the mermaid,Only in the last room there may be a mermaid, Let's go!!!


FishingAge FishingAge v1.3.2

"Fishing Age" is a well-developed fishing game, which is simple and easy to operate. Combined with unique graphics and gameplay, it will provide new experience for the players.


MultiplicationGuru MultiplicationGuru v1.3

Multiplication Guru helps you and your kids master multiplication skills.


Belot Belot v1.5.6

Бридж-Белот с Български правила!


Snakes and Ladders Snakes and Ladders v1.1

Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Board game which is popular till date among the masses.
Snakes and Ladders is a famous board game and called Ludo in some places, chutes and ladders, Parchis, Parama Patam, Moksha Patam or Vaikuntapaali in various parts of the world


Noname Yonsa Noname Yonsa v1.4.4

Noname Yonsa is about Story of unknown soldier to be king for saving princess
This game is Old school Arcade type RPG with retro pixel graphic.
Tap as many of Fighter's Block as possible for as long as you can for victory.


Drift And Furious Drift And Furious v1.12

Drift and Furious - Drive your car as fast as you can!


Antigravity Tetrix Antigravity Tetrix v1.36

Antigravity Tetrix is a brand new take on the classic falling blocks puzzle tetris. Tetrix your way agains forces of nature (thunderstorms that shuffle your blocks), aliens that shoot or invade your territory and more. Pentris is also included in the game. Ad its free


World Maps World Maps v2.2.5

Worldwide interactive topographical maps of many countries - online & offline. Designed for hikers, bikers, moto-bikers, travelers, adventurers and for everyone, who needs perfect maps specially for outdoor activities.


monoblock monoblock v1.0

Make all block in black or white with a minimum of touch


Mahjong Master Mahjong Master v1.5.9

Mahjong Master is a free mahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.(also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails, or Shanghai mahjongg)


Bubble Cannon Bubble Cannon v2

Remember the classic bubble shooter games with beautiful graphics.


Fretter Fretter v2.3

The smartest guitar, banjo, ukulele chordfinder there is!


Brick Breaker Arcade Brick Breaker Arcade v1.5.6

Battle your way through 60 levels in this retro arcade version of Brick Breaker!