Power Clean Power Clean v2.3.20

Power Clean provides you with the smallest, fastest and 100% green cleaner & optimizer you'll ever know.


CloudAmpz FREE CloudAmpz FREE v1.8.3

Stream your favorite music from cloud storage to your mobile or chromecast device.


Stickoon Stickoon v2.5.2

-Find and click the stick that placed highest position in all of sticks.
-After removed that stick, you should find the other stick that placed highest position again.
-You can compare your time record with other people in the world.


Sichuan Free Sichuan Free v2.5.2

This is one of famous mahjong game; It called river style, or sichuan mahjong.
The rule of this game is to find and select two tiles which have the same picture.
But, the link line must be under 2 curves.

- 70 different maps
- 2 kind of size tiles
- 3 kind of picture
- Endless mode
- Competition with global users


Shanghai Free Shanghai Free v2.5.2

This is the famous mahjong game called Shanghai.
You can pick a tile when the top does not have other tile, and the left and the right do not have other tile.

-Quest, Time challenge, Round challenge mode
-Record competition with world users
-5 maps
-2 tile pictures
-9 hints, 9 shuffles
-Save, load


SameSameKoon SameSameKoon v2.5.2

This is the traditionally famous game called "same game". But SameSameKoon includes many features.

- Classic, Item, Time limit mode
- Undo
- 10 types of shape
- 4 types of items
- 9 types of missions
- Challenge scores with world wide users


Pipe Tycoon Free Pipe Tycoon Free v2.5.2

This is the well-known pipe game basically, and many features added.

-many types of pipe
-9 tutorials
-2 types of demo
-puzzle, practice mode
-auto save/load feature
-competition record with global users
-sound and vibration
-and more game settings


Pickoon Pickoon v2.5.2

Totally simple!
Just pick a cup including a ball, that's all.


PangPang PangPang v2.5.2

The goal of this game is to pop all balloons in the board.
- Tutorial, Challenge, Survival mode
- Statistics
- Global rankings
- View solution


Flooooood Flooooood v2.5.2

This is one of the famous flood game; but the Flooooood have many powerful features.

-Set the start point
-Change button color
-Competition record with others


DNA DNA v2.5.2

The rule is simple, but this is not the easy puzzle game. First you choose a ball, connect it with the ball which located top, bottom, right and left. You can clear it if you make all the balls with blue;(some level need to match number of lines). Also you can enjoy "Random mode" if you cleared all levels.


Blockoon Blockoon v2.7.2

- Navigate your happy yellow blockhead to avoid the mean red blockheads
- Eat the little blue blockheads and grow
- Be quick, but don't hurry and you'll be the master Blockoon


Happy Pet Story Happy Pet Story v1.0.3A

Dress up your virtual pet, decorate your dream house, and play mini games!


Madball Shooter Madball Shooter v1.03

This game is a classic -style classic and puzzle games.

Can you clear up some stage?


LaMP LaMP v1.2

LaMP is simple and beautiful style music player with powerful audio equalizer


Pinchpenny Mouse2 Pinchpenny Mouse2 v1.03

It is a interactive story book about a friendship between one mouse and a mole!.


Pinchpenny Mouse Pinchpenny Mouse v1.04

It is a interactive story book about a friendship between one mouse and a frog!.


Tower Collector Tower Collector v1.5.2

Join OpenCellID community and collect cell towers' locations from your area!


3D Hair Shop (free) 3D Hair Shop (free) v5.5.4

* Create your own virtual hairstyles

* Each hair strand can be stretched, rotated and cut.

* Virtual makeover with photos taken from any angle.

* Tutorials on how to create short, medium and long hairstyles including bangs, Bob cut, Updo, Odango, etc.

* Select from many hair color choices

* Comments welcome!


7 and a Half & BlackJack 7 and a Half & BlackJack v1.03

The game of "seven and a half" and "blackjack" in one application.