Guitar Tuner Plus free Guitar Tuner Plus free v2.0.2

Guitar Tuner Plus. 32 Alternate Guitar Tunings, for your Android mobile phone


Smarty CRM Smarty CRM v2.0.44

Smarty CRM is an intuitive tool to maintain the loyalty of your partners.


Learning numbers for kids Learning numbers for kids v1.06

Educational game for children that teaches the child logic and arithmetic.


Paint Runner Paint Runner v1.33

Paint Runner is a fun maze-painting arcade game slightly similar to pac-man

Paint your way through different mazes, avoiding various obstacles and enemies .


Photo Collage Photo Collage v1.3.1

Create stunning photo collages and share them with your friends.

Key features:

- Easily add photos straight from your Android phone/tablet or Facebook albums
- Rotate, resize and drag your photos to arrange your photo collage in any way you like using your simple finger gestures
- View your finished photo collage in a cool interactive format.
- Easily share your photo collage with your friends on Facebook.
- View featured Photo Collages created by our community for inspiration


World Maps Creator World Maps Creator v2.2.5

Worldwide interactive topographical maps of many countries - online & offline. Designed for hikers, bikers, moto-bikers, travelers, adventurers and for everyone, who needs perfect maps specially for outdoor activities. Creation offline maps by downloading. No advertisements!


Slovensko MTB Slovensko MTB v4.1.4

MTB cyklotrasy pre všetkých nadšencov horskej cyklistiky, ktorí radi bicyklujú v slovenských horách. Obsahuje viac ako dve desiatky trás v rôznych pohoriach.


Nightlight (Premium) Nightlight (Premium) v1.1

Use your Android phone or tablet as a nightlight to illuminate your rooms and hallways. This app display a white screen so that your mobile device acts as an ambient nightlight. You can also use it as a lantern to walk in the dark. App keeps your phone awake and full-bright while this app is running in the foreground.

This NightLight app also comes in quite handy during power outages (for example, during thunderstorms). Use it to roam your home in the dark to find your flashlights.


Dark Dimension Launcher Dark Dimension Launcher v2.0

A lightweight launcher that helps you launch your favorites apps instantly!


SpeedFlex SpeedFlex v1.1.6.5

ONLY DOWNLOAD if you have SpeedFlex or a Ruckus Wireless network

SpeedFlex is a wireless performance testing tool. Based on the open source performance test tool, SpeedFlex, this comprehensive yet easy to use application from Ruckus gives users a simple way to collect site performance data. It can be used to validate the performance of an existing installation, or assist in planning a new site deployment.


Sketch With Buddies Sketch With Buddies v1.8

Sketch Effects Sketch With Buddies!


Ghost Talk Ghost Talk v2.0.3 G

Ghost Talk lets you record yourself and process the recording with different effects to create a talking ghost effect.


100 Animals Megamix 100 Animals Megamix v2.10

100 Animals Megamix is a free educational Android app that will help you to teach your 3-6 year old kids about identification of 100 animals commonly found around us or in wildlife sanctuary. This app not only helps you to enhance your kid’s general knowledge, it will be a step advance for getting your kid prepared for the admission tests in good schools. Its educational pitch targets toddlers to teach them about animal sounds.


Tap That Cat! Tap That Cat! v1.11

Help the cat to get rid of the fleas before she walks away.


Goumy Sticks Goumy Sticks v1.1.1

Goumy helps your toddlers to learn ordering items by size


Bubble Match Bubble Match v1.4

Play Bubble Match and match bubbles of two or more colors to clear the screen.


Crossword Solver II Crossword Solver II v1.0.18

Find missing words or anagrams for your crossword puzzles. Also useful for finding Scrabble words.


Baby Fun Phone Baby Fun Phone v8.00

Let your baby smile and play with our fun, baby virtual phone game.

- Press a key to make it virtual dial and answer with a persons voice or animal call
- Press a key to virtual dial and ring
- Press a key to play nursery rhymes
- Colorful musical keypad


Baby Mini Drum Studio Baby Mini Drum Studio v8.00

Your child will get lost within the creative flow of tapping away and developing rhythm. In addition to the drums there are some extra features that should help to entertain and keep your child's interest:
- children's songs to drum along too
- Multi-touch
- includes 5 drums and 3 cymbals.
- visual feedback of hitting drums
- HD support
- additional animal sound feature

Rock this real drum kit and download now for free!


Piano Deluxe+ Piano Deluxe+ v1.04

Kids feature-rich, superior quality, 11 key electric keyboard game, with both 'free play' and 'learn to play' modes. This is our Ad-Free premium version with more instrumental sounds, more animal effects and animations and more nursery rhymes to learn.