4096 4096 v1.3

♣ Description of 4096 - 2048 Next Step ♣
You find 2048 too easy? Try 4096!! =)

4096 and 2048 are based on a very simple concept; join and add 2 identical tiles in order to merge them.

The goal is to create the 4096 tile with two 2048 tiles =)

Easy... But will you be good enough to find the right combination? Will you be the first user to reach the 4096 tile? Now that you are a pro in 2048?

To play, simply swipe on the screen to move the tiles (up/down, left/right).


Feather Flight Feather Flight v1.0.1

Fly the feathers using the trust from the butterfly safely to the birds avoiding crows. Using lightning to eliminate crows. Challenging and fun at the same time.


Genius Calculator Genius Calculator v2.1.1

A scientific calculator with unit converter and calculations log.


IP Cam Viewer Lite IP Cam Viewer Lite v5.3.6

Remotely view and control IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, CCTV, WebCam.

- RTSP, H.264, MPEG4, ONVIF, more
- 2-way audio
- PTZ, presets
- motion detection inside app
- relay, custom controls
- home screen widgets
- matrix view, gallery view, auto sequence mode
- digital pinch to zoom
- grouping of cameras
- Export / Import and sharing of cameras
- built-in traffic cameras
- app password to protect access
- 24/7 recording of cameras
- scan camera capability


WhatIsDifferent WhatIsDifferent v1.0.9

What is Different is a Find It style game; just spot the difference between the two presented images!

Do not think you’ll just walk through all the images within a minute though! What is Different contains three levels. Starting with the ‘easier’ images in level one, to the brain-cracking third level!

Each level has its own online -world-wide- leaderboard! Do you think you can reach a top 10 score?


Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism Checker v2.52

Plagiarisma.Net brings you the most powerful, easy-to-use, lightweight plagiarism detection software.


Image Combiner Image Combiner v1.011

Image Combiner is the simplest and most intuitive app for combining/merging multiple images into one easily shareable picture. Just add a few pictures, sort them in the desired order and press the “combine” button. It is that simple to merge multiple pictures into one. Of course you can save the freshly created picture or simply share it with your friends on your favourite social networks.


WiFi Speed Test WiFi Speed Test v2.0.0

The only WiFi and LAN speed test app on the Android Market!

Use the most professional WiFi tool on Android. Test the speed of your WiFi or LAN network between your mobile devices or between your mobile device and your computer.
Test the speed of your wireless router. Measure the performance of a Samba/FTP server.

Important: This is not an Internet speed test app!
This application will measure the speed of your local network,
live Internet connection is not required.


Table Trouble Free Table Trouble Free v1.1

Help the well-meaning but dense Chef Bubbly assemble his cake ingredients


BrickDown3D BrickDown3D v1.1

Your mission in this game is quite simple, you need to knock down all the green objects on the platform for a limited number of throws.


German Newspapers German Newspapers v2.0.7

Die beliebtesten deutschen Zeitungen.


Fire Angry Dragons Fire Angry Dragons v1.0

A Cute Simple Dragon Game For Kids as well as adults too


Jacks or Better Jacks or Better v1.2.2

Jacks or Better is classic casino video poker game, with double game.

In order to make game more comfortable to play on smartphones and tablets we have designed it landscape mode. Card should be nicely visible on most devices, except on small screen 4:3 radio devices. But check our standard version of this game it's more suitable for such devices.


QuickWrite QuickWrite v3.0.56

~~~ Increase your typing speed and accuracy many times ~~~
From the developer of OfficeSuite, QuickWrite is a multilingual keyboard app with intelligent contextual word prediction.
QuickWrite improves as you type by learning from your way of writing and typical patterns.


Anti Runner Anti Runner v1.0.4

It's time to turn the tables on the infinite runners! Deploy obstacles and see the fast running Runners fall one by one!


Ahorcado Ahorcado v1.0.6

El problema clave que ha ocurrido en algunos dispositivos se ha solucionado.


File Commander File Commander v2.1.205

Get control over your files! File Commander is a complete feature-rich file manager allowing you to access and handle files on your Android device and remote files stored on external cloud services such as Google Drive,

DropBox, Box and SugarSync account. You are able to handle separately files from the same type, e.g. pictures, music, videos, documents, etc. Rename, delete, move, zip and send in just a few taps on your screen.


Linjamania Linjamania v1.1

Guide a robot through blocks and collect coins to get more points. There is 50 rounds to beat, every round is a little harder than previous. How far can you get?


Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler v1.7

Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler is a cute collection of puzzles designed for toddlers and kids.


cSMS cSMS v1.9.7

cSMS is a new SMS application for your Android phone, having the purpose of being accessible and enjoyable for all.

Smooth, fast and different, cSMS is the good way for exchanging SMS.

IMPORTANT!! Even though cSMS is unlimited, Android has a 100 messages per hour limitation. This limitation can be changed or removed manually if your phone is in root mode. Please check tutorials on the web.