Biblioteca de Leis Biblioteca de Leis v0.14.9

Este aplicativo foi elaborado para fornecer ao cidadão, acesso as Principais Leis Brasileiras, como as da CLT (Consolidação das Leis Trabalhistas), do Código de Defesa do Consumidor, do Código Civil Brasileiro (novo e antigo), Leis das S/A (6.404 e outras), Leis do Código de Processo Civil (5.869). Leis de Transito, Leis da Administração Publica (8.666, 8.112 e outras), Lei Improbidade de Administrativa e a nossa Constituição completa.


Lucky 7 Lucky 7 v2.0.31

Simulator of popular casino game Lucky 7. This slot has 3 reels and one pay line. Maximal bet is 10 virtual coins.
No real money is involved so you may relax and have fun.


Primal Feed Primal Feed v4.8

The latest news on the paleo diet, nutrition and lifestyle.


HappyCow HappyCow v49.2.2-full

Find healthy vegetarian, vegan, & veg-friendly restaurants nearby your location.


Baby Puzzle Baby Puzzle v2.6

Baby Puzzle is a great puzzle game for the youngest audience.


Video & GIF Memes Video & GIF Memes v1.016

Memes in motion.


iLand Adventures iLand Adventures v1.1.8

Get ready for new adventure multi level platform game iLand Adventure. Collect coins and stars; run, jump in this beautiful island, defeat enemies and enjoy the smooth game play and sound effects.

Features -
Island is filled with enemies to defeat.
Multiple game levels
Multiple themes to choose ( Dew island and Dragon island )
Cool collectible ( star and coins )
Exciting sound effects
Filled with actions run, jump
Smooth game controls

Try iLand adventure now.


EasyMind EasyMind v1.2.4

Easymind is your social voting App.
Create private and public polls and invite your friends to answer.
Where do we eat tonight? Which movie do we see?

You can use it to make a decision! Which of this two shoes do I buy?

You can use it to perform a market research?
Do you prefere coke or pepsi? To whom will you vote in the next elections?

Simply create a public poll and make it happen!


Net Tarot Net Tarot v1.4

A Four players 'french' Tarot card game.


Smarty CRM Smarty CRM v2.0.81

Smarty CRM is an intuitive tool to maintain the loyalty of your partners.


Broken Cloud Broken Cloud v1.3

Destroy all the clouds colliding balls inside. The trick is to give in the first cloud in its center. You will get it?


Platform Bear Platform Bear v1.1

Go along the tracks without falling down, collect points to unlock bonus tracks.


Backshift Backshift v0.1.4

A simple memory game to turn your brain upside down :)


Temple2 Temple2 v1.6

Temple 2 - the great brain and puzzle game. This is very addicting game.

Temple 2 a little story is a addicting brain and puzzle game, where your task is to destroy all the fields on the screen. T


Wrecked Picture Wrecked Picture v1.4

Make a great picture! Watch out for explosions - your picture will be wrecked!

Great picture puzzle game with great explosions!


Where is ..? Where is ..? v1.5

Where is apple? Where is computer? Where is hat? Where is donkey? Where is lighter? Where is elephant, ghost, burger, monkey, dog, pizza and more symbols ?

Try to find it!


Room escape game Room escape game v1.42

Room is a great adventure escape game for free!


Temple Temple v1.8

The great brain and puzzle game. Temple is for you!

The Temple is a addictive brain and puzzle game, where your task is to destroy all the fields on the screen.


Longer shoot Longer shoot v1.4

Shoot longer and get best score!


iTavli iTavli v3.7.1

Play backgammon against your Facebook friends or through the bluetooth device