If you are looking for a curated store with quality apps or you have no access to Google Play, then SlideME is the place for you. SlideME hosts over 30,000 curated applications from the Android developer community, providing a wide range of selections. It may sound like 30,000 applications is not a large number but we have a >60% rejection of apps submitted to SlideME.

Since SlideME is an independent marketplace, we also host applications from developers that are not able to sell their applications on Google Play due to the Markets country restrictions. SlideME also powers most Android devices that do not carry the official Google Play store.

To get started, just download SlideME's Market app (SAM) to your device from this link: From the SlideME application, you can easily discover applications, browse a gallery of screenshots for an application or even watch a video demonstrating it. There is plenty of room for developer to describe their application, allowing the developer to tell you what the app is really about. In additional you as a user are presented with all the application permissions and requirements if security and compatibility is a concern. Note: Many new features in the newly designed SAM v6.

If you are more into the full experience of web-browsing for applications, you can do this from your desktop.  Make sure you have SlideME on your device, then scan the QR code on the website. SlideME will pop up, allowing you to download or purchase the application. 

Besides setting up a Billing Agreement once from site and purchasing with ease from SAM, you can also purchase an application web-browsing using the new WebBUY payment option found next to each premium application. Collection of apps though can only be downloaded using the SlideME (SAM) app. 

Keep in mind with SlideME, purchases are associated with your SlideME account and not your device, except if developer has opted to lock to a single device at a time. You can always re-download the published purchased applications from your StorageLocker account.

There is lots here and we hope you join SlideME. Do keep in mind if the app you want is not located here, please contact the developer and ask them to publish on SlideME, so you and others can enjoy the application(s).

In summary:
  • SlideME is a leading and trusted Android application store released in April 2008 with global reach for all Android devices.
  • SlideME is a curated application store. Inappropriate apps, junk apps, apps with unjustified permissions or requirements, ad-infested apps, and apps that infringe on intellectual property/copyrights/trademarks are all type of apps that are not approved on our store.
  • All apps are manually checked and scanned for malicious activity prior to being approved on the SlideME store.
  • You can safely pay for apps or in-app items easily using Paypal, Amazon Payments, most popular cards, Mobile Billing, or earn credits to fund your SlideME Wallet account.
  • Install your purchased apps on multiple Android devices and store within your StorageLocker account for later use.
  • Above all, we have great support for via our online support system
  • From the SlideME Market app, expect the following features from a beautifully designed interface:
  1. Experience a fast performing market app
  2. Discover top, trending, free & paid apps, and even those with video
  3. Save money on discounted app offers
  4. Filter between free & paid apps and search results
  5. Configure Parental Control features
  6. Filter out incompatible apps and apps with ads from your specific device
Plus many more features for you to experience by downloading it from