e-Contracts: eSigned Agreements

Developers publishing their applications on SlideME are now able to e-sign their agreements and required documents.

Upon acceptance, SlideME will be able to process developers payouts without requiring any form of paperwork or Invoices to be issued to SlideME.

Developers will be able to find the new Contracts section under their Developer profile.

Developers ought to know the agreements & required documents will need to be completed correctly with information that can be validated.

Remittance or payouts will be processed via Paypal or bank wire transfers. Bank account information will also be required even though a bank account may not be the developers' preferred payout method.
*SlideME may choose to wire funds to bank account for verification purposes at any time or issue a Cheque payment to verify address details.

Developers are required to complete the Payout Info section to be eligible for Payouts.

Request for Payouts can be initiated from the Earnings section available from Transactions > Payments.

Electronic Signatures for agreements and required documents will be processed via Adobe EchoSign.com