Magi-Gift Magi-Gift v1.1

Find the perfect gifts using astrology or science (it will fill like and magic ;)) .
Our unique gift adviser finds the gifts that fit the most to your friend, family and love ones!


Mustache Mirror Mustache Mirror v1.0.0

Try many cute and real mustache and beard LIVE!


Instant Dasa Bala Instant Dasa Bala v1.09

Displays the planet(s) ruling one's life at any instant as per Vedic Dasa system


eChing eChing v1.5

Small answers to big questions!


PopularPeople PopularPeople v1.1.1

If you have idols, people that you admire, look up to, and you want to share your liking and opinion with your friends.
On the other hand if there is famous person you don't like, and you want to share that as well, use Popular People, get involved, mark and comment.


TUT.BY Каталог TUT.BY Каталог v1.0

Каталог TUT.BY – это ваш гид по общественным местам и компаниям Минска, Бреста, Витебска, Гродно, Гомеля, Могилева и других городов Беларуси! Приложение содержит информацию более чем о 30 000 заведений.


PeopleInfo PeopleInfo v1.0.9

People Info offer search over 1.2 million (1.200 000 +) living and deceased people.
You will be provided with basic information about people, including images, article, age, date of birth, date of death, etc.
You can also browse by people a giant dictionary of 35 000 + quotations.
Also, we will provide you link to Wikipedia pages related to your search.


Sabinsoft's Discover Flying Stars Sabinsoft's Discover Flying Stars v1.0

Discover the world of Classical Feng Shui with Sabinsoft's Discover Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing 玄空飛星派風水).


Hairstyle Mirror Hairstyle Mirror v1.0.4

Let your phone become a hairstyle mirror!


Feng Shui Pa Kua Feng Shui Pa Kua v1.0

Feng shui tips is an application that allows entering your birth date to get our kua number, there are eight numbers " kua " that correspond to the eight basic directions : North, South , East, West , Northeast, Northwest , Southeast, Southwest .


CakeLetter3D CakeLetter3D v1.0

Make a 3D cake. and send the letter.


My Warranties My Warranties v2.5.2

Organize your items and remember the warranties paperless. Save time.


Handy Diary Handy Diary v1.3.2

Still looking for a secret diary app with an easy UI? Get frustrated by using complex diaries daily?
HERE YOU GO! Handy Diary is your best choice!
- Handy Diary is a simple diary app with a User Friendly UI which is easy to use
- Handy Diary is a secure diary with a password lock, data backup to SD card or on the Cloud
Use this app to record every moment of your life! All your experiences, ideas, opinions and thoughts can be organized and managed in this single app.


TrackHabb TrackHabb v1.1.3

TrackHabb, your unique habit builder. It lets you become even more awesome!
Want to start running regularly, reduce smoking or eat more health? TrackHabb will support you at its best.


Who Buys 4 Whom PLUS Who Buys 4 Whom PLUS v1.1

Who Buys 4 Whom PLUS is a name-drawing app that creates and manages annual gifting events like "Secret Santa." It can maintain data for 10 yearly occasions and up to 100 participants each. Random drawings can exclude certain types of pairings in OPEN, SECRET, or BLIND modes. Result emails can be customized and automatically sent to all participants individually. Drawing histories and event logs are saved for each year. For a free demo, download Who Buys 4 Whom FREE.


Old Navy Old Navy v1

提供Old Navy品牌店优惠券


Hausordnung Hausordnung v4.2

Die Android App Hausordnung™ () ermöglicht es auch dem "unbedarftem" Benutzer, mit seinem Android Gerät (egal ob Smartphone oder Tablet) mit nur einigen FingerTpps ein rechtsgültiges Protokoll zu erstellen und so ein rechtsfähiges Beweismittel gegenüber dem Vermieter zu bekommen.


Deals Nearby You Deals Nearby You v2.0.2

Deals Nearby You
Find local shops, restaurants, deals, events and product news


Baby Plus Free Baby Plus Free v1.0

If you feel just a little overwhelmed with your role as a toddler parent, Baby Plus could be just the help you've been looking for!


Baby Plus Baby Plus v1.6

If you feel just a little overwhelmed with your role as a toddler parent, Baby Plus could be just the help you've been looking for!