Works great, simple and to the point... best type of programs. It helped me figure out how much power my old laptop usb ports were outputting.

USBCurrent v1.0

Very good idea, thx!


You are second.

I will have a small extension soon and I think I will "sell" it for 1 Cent :-) so you have already saved that Cent ;-). What phone do you have, btw?

Not working on X10. Comes up

Not working on X10.
Comes up with "file seems to be empty :("

file is there...

Thats strange. The only case I ever got to that point was in the emulator. I would have expected to not find a file at all. Did you try it when the device was plugged to an usb hub?

Thanks for the feedback.

I updated the list.

Winners of the forward lifetime key registration (flkr)

And the winners are:
(its plural time!):

  1. althamas karani
  2. Jerome
  3. yoshii
  4. Jason Fong
  5. Marius Oksfjellelv
  6. Dave Germiquet
  7. this is highly unknown

Usbcurrent Review

this is not working in my HTC Magic. UAE Etisalat edition

it shows "current current [Ma]"


for your feedback. It will save others the time :-)


p.s.: Can you check if it says "Current current: [mA]"?
I will try to add a message if its not working.