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This functionality is only supported by Motorola Milestone & Droid

If startet, the program will show a message containing the amount of electrical current that is available to the phone through usb connection measured in Milliamperes [mA]. Normally the values should be 100, 300, or 500.
Who needs this program?
Ever wondered why your phone charges quite quickly if it is connected to the usb port of your computer and why it takes much longer on your laptop? Or why it sometimes is connected to a machine and doesn't charge at all, and another time it does? On the same machine!
The answer is easy:
- USB protocol supports a few available values for electric current usage of plugged in devices.
- Not every USB port supports every strength.
- In fact, there are lots of machines out there, that will give different strengths on different ports (esp. laptops!).
- With 100 mA, the phone can barely load!
- With 300 or 500 mA, the charging icon will sometimes appear. No way to tell whats going on...
Until now!
Start the application, and you will be sure of how much your precious droid can suck from that source :-)

As this program is only confirmed to work on Motorola Milestone/Droid so far, please feel free to try it on your device and drop me a note if it also works (or not :-) ).

Marius Oksfjellelv pointed out, that this program could be used to check the functionality of USB ports on arbitrary machines, as a defect port could give different or no Amperage at all.

p.s.: A fancy icon is still to come. Suggestions welcome!
p.p.s.: The program will terminate immediately, so there should be no battery drain because of this nice little app.
p.p.p.s.: If your device is connected to a wall charger, the amount of current from the usb subsystem is 0, as it is not connected to a usb device. If you want to know the current, take a close look at the charger ;-)
p.p.p.s.: And no ads, of course.

Not a bug:

* In fact, it doesn't always exit the vm. Thats the way Dalvik likes it.


possible expected messages are:
- "Current current: nnn [mA]"
where nnn should be in the set [0,100,300,500]. If you disover different behaviour, please get in contact with me.
- "The file seems to be empty."
As the message says, the file seems to be there and could be opened (no FileNotFoundException) but doesnt containg anything. That only happened to me in Emulator-Mode, when I cleared the content manually.
- "File not found."
An exception of guess-what-type occured. This normally means that the file does not exist and your hardware *maybe* doesn't support this feature.
- "finally, the highly unexpected message!"
no comment on that one. Inform your favourite intelligence agency immediately.
- anything else
Weird. Call Fox Mulder.


Parental rating: 
Not rated
Default language: 


Target Android version: 
Android 1.6
Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.6
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 

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Works great, simple and to the point... best type of programs. It helped me figure out how much power my old laptop usb ports were outputting.

file is there...

Thats strange. The only case I ever got to that point was in the emulator. I would have expected to not find a file at all. Did you try it when the device was plugged to an usb hub?

Thanks for the feedback.

I updated the list.

Not working on X10. Comes up

Not working on X10.
Comes up with "file seems to be empty :("


You are second.

I will have a small extension soon and I think I will "sell" it for 1 Cent :-) so you have already saved that Cent ;-). What phone do you have, btw?

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Reviews of USBCurrent

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Good app, great value.

Good app, great value.

This doesn't work on the nexus one either. Says the file is empty.

Im not sure if you have gotten this tested on the HTC Hero, but i tried it now, and i get that "The file seems to be empty:(" message.

Though, i had a plan for this app when i DL'ed it. That i would use it to find weak or defect USB port on my and other computers.

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