The Professional Financial Advisor II: How the financial services industry hides the ugly truth The Professional Financial Advisor II: How the financial services industry hides the ugly truth v2.0

Sweeping changes have hit the financial services industry at the same time.


Best Interest Rates Best Interest Rates v2.6.3

Best interest rates on savings accounts, fixed deposits, mortgage loans in real time!
The financial comparison app lists daily conditions for interest-bearing deposits and loans, which are currently offered by banks and financial services in Europa.
When comparing the quotes, the investment or loan amount, term and purpose of the loan and other limits specified by the user are respected.
For each financial product infos can be obtained and the direct link to the provider can be accessed.


Credit Card Cracker Credit Card Cracker v1.0

Crack the code! Validate credit cards numbers and extract useful data from them.


AccountsAssistant AccountsAssistant v1.3

Accounts Assistant is designed to simplify the components of financial statement which are used in the everyday life of the accountants.


هوامير هوامير v5

The official Application For Hawameer forum


Nice Finance Nice Finance v1.0

The Nice Classification, established by the Nice Agreement (1957),is a system of classifying goods and services for the purpose of registering trademarks.This app is for offline search of NICE Financial services. The search shows Basic Number and Sn Serial number in English and equivalent France and Espanol number, which can be used to identify, classify and register service in countries following NICE.


Financial Fair Play Financial Fair Play v1.0

This app give you a insight into the latest news of Financial Fair Play in Football.


What is our love? What is our love? v1.0

Are you made ​​to live together? The answer lies in this app!


theChanner theChanner v2.7

Love TV? theChanner is the way to enjoy live Internet TV and take part in it.

Choose from an incredible variety of channels: FoxLA 11, BBC, Nasa TV, Bloomberg...

Give your say to a broadcaster, tag a channel, and write a better profile to help the community identify each channel. Or, just follow your financial news with Bloomberg or enjoy watching TV Scuba and Massive Mag Xtreme Sports.

We love TV. Welcome to theChanner!


MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4 v400.1122

MetaTrader 4: Trade Forex at any time, at any place!


Sabinsoft's Discover Flying Stars Sabinsoft's Discover Flying Stars v1.0

Discover the world of Classical Feng Shui with Sabinsoft's Discover Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing 玄空飛星派風水).


Trivial Discover Trivial Discover v1.3.3

Trivial Discover Images (or trivia quiz) is a game that combines everything you need to have fun and at the same time to learn new concepts as you play. Multiplayer game available.

It goes beyond the "Trivial Pursuit" we are all used to, because here, in addition to thousands of spanish or english questions on various issues and of different grade of difficulties,
You can also answer many questions regarding images, which will be uncovered little by little until you can guess the answer.


Enlightenment for Beginners: Discovering the Dance of the Divine Enlightenment for Beginners: Discovering the Dance of the Divine v1.0

Enlightenment for Beginners is the simple account of how and why you've been imagining yourself.


Advanced Financial Calculator Advanced Financial Calculator v1.0.3

Advanced Financial Calculator is a collection of useful calculators to help you making important financial decisions, such as mortgage payment, accelerated loan pay off, house/loan affordability, loan comparision, refinance, CD/saving analyzer, tip calculator, rental ROI, auto lease or buy, wage/salary converter, etc.


Diggers: Discovering Artifacts from Two World Wars Diggers: Discovering Artifacts from Two World Wars v1.0

The snake, half a meter long, was twisted around the handle of the pail.


Financial Overview Financial Overview v1.1

With the help of Financial Overview you will now know at everytime how much money you've got left to spend.


Easy Financial Calculator Easy Financial Calculator v1.3.3

Calculate tip amounts, discounts and savings and pay off schemes easily.


Financial Accounting System Financial Accounting System v3.5

Financial Accounting Free is a financial/business double-entry accounting app for small and medium businesses.
FA has powerful, in-built features that are designed to meet the needs of your business. Its simple user interface allows you to maintain your company books. It is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports.
Just enter your daily vouchers and let FAS do all the double-entry accounting.


Financial Self-Defense for Investors Financial Self-Defense for Investors v2.0

An old adage says "numbers don't lie." But how do you know if they do lie?


Personal Financial Organizer Personal Financial Organizer v1.0

Personal Financial Organizer (PFO) is a free android application for personal financial advising and management. It helps to manage your daily consumptions via expenses,incomes and to monitor your personal monthly cashflows.