Song Scrapbook Song Scrapbook v1.

The BEST Mobile Song Writer


VolTune Radio VolTune Radio v1.1.0

Service that will make you love radio in a new way.


RP RP v3.0.13

DJ-mixed modern & classic rock, world music, electronica & more.
Commercial Free


PianoFlow PianoFlow v1.0.5

Official client for the radio station


Album Art Changer Album Art Changer v1.0

Downloads and sets album art to your mp3 collection.


My Radio Star My Radio Star v1.1.0

Turns your android phone in a full featured FM Radio


CoverGrabber CoverGrabber v1.0.2

Beautify your music collection


Thunder Thunder v2.3.2

Are you looking for a LIGHT music player?

Then THUNDER is your music player!

THUNDER was designed to enjoy your favourite music everywhere.


Electrum Drum Electrum Drum v4.8.3

Electrum Drum Machine/Sampler. Pattern based music composition.


Dmon Media Player Dmon Media Player v1.0.9

Dmon Media player has easy user friendly interface and a lot of cool features.


Lullaby for babies (sleep music) Lullaby for babies (sleep music) v1.4.2

Lullaby for baby is a simple application that will help your child sleep well.


Goingy Box Goingy Box v1.0.1

A fun game for beginners ‘Goingy Box’ can be used to create music, without any music knowledge. It uses a combination of piano chords and guitar notes.


Circle of 5ths Circle of 5ths v2.1.1

CIRCLE OF 5THS - Song writing tools.
Interactive reference & composition aid .
Touch to play - Audio.
Create chord progressions.
Major, minor, seventh, ninth and suspended chords.


Guitar Guitar v1.0.2

Guitar Simulator - Acoustic and Electric
Learn the notes of a 22 fret guitar with audio.
6 string in standard guitar tuning.
Touch to play - virtual acoustic guitar.
Interactive guitar reference.
Easy to use great for beginners.
Scrollable neck with lock .
2 sets of guitare sounds - Acoustic and Electric

Great for learning acoustic guitare notes


BassGuitar BassGuitar v1.0.3

Bass Guitar Simulator - Fretboard map .
Learn the notes of a 22 fret bass guitar with audio.
4 & 5 string in standard bass guitar tuning.
Touch to play - virtual bass guitar.
Interactive bass guitar reference.
Easy to use great for beginners.
Scrollable neck with lock .
4 sets for sounds - Punk, new wave, studio, finger sound.

Great for working bass guitar lines.


Minima Music Player Minima Music Player v3.5

Minima is a minimalist audio player with lots of features!


Piano Deluxe+ Piano Deluxe+ v1

Kids feature-rich, superior quality, 11 key electric keyboard game, with both 'free play' and 'learn to play' modes. This is our Ad-Free premium version with more instrumental sounds, more animal effects and animations and more nursery rhymes to learn.


Tune Tune v0.2.0.0

Tune is basically what you always looked for. It’s the best, absolutely free alternative to Spotify.


myTuner Free myTuner Free v1.3.8

More than 120 countries and 30,000 radio stations available!


Music Radio Music Radio v1.2

A list of the best music radios you can imagine!