Guitar Guitar v1.0.2

Guitar Simulator - Acoustic and Electric
Learn the notes of a 22 fret guitar with audio.
6 string in standard guitar tuning.
Touch to play - virtual acoustic guitar.
Interactive guitar reference.
Easy to use great for beginners.
Scrollable neck with lock .
2 sets of guitare sounds - Acoustic and Electric

Great for learning acoustic guitare notes


BassGuitar BassGuitar v1.0.2

Bass Guitar Simulator - Fretboard map .
Learn the notes of a 22 fret bass guitar with audio.
4 & 5 string in standard bass guitar tuning.
Touch to play - virtual bass guitar.
Interactive bass guitar reference.
Easy to use great for beginners.
Scrollable neck with lock .
4 sets for sounds - Punk, new wave, studio, finger sound.

Great for working bass guitar lines.


Minima Music player Minima Music player v2.3

Minima is a minimalist audio player with lots of features!


Piano Deluxe+ Piano Deluxe+ v1

Kids feature-rich, superior quality, 11 key electric keyboard game, with both 'free play' and 'learn to play' modes. This is our Ad-Free premium version with more instrumental sounds, more animal effects and animations and more nursery rhymes to learn.


Tune Tune v0.2.0.0

Tune is basically what you always looked for. It’s the best, absolutely free alternative to Spotify.


myTuner Free myTuner Free v1.3.8

More than 120 countries and 30,000 radio stations available!


Music Radio Music Radio v1.2

A list of the best music radios you can imagine!


Musica Musica v1.1

free music, online radio, and so much more. Enjoy unlimited free music streaming with a worldwide community of artists and music lovers.


Fun Animal Piano Fun Animal Piano v1.2

Animal piano is a full free fun and joyful game,

You can play the piano with a lot of different animals sounds and it also have a very new tool that makes you
record your own voice and play with it on the piano


Sound Master Sound Master v1.0.1

Search and listen to the best music track online of all genre (jazz, blues, disco, dance, house, electro, hip hop, folk, metal, pop, punk, R&B, Reggae, rock, soul, trance...)


Radio Cat Radio Cat v1.1

Listen to the best stations of radios online in the world with the largest collection of music, sports, news and event.Cat Radio has more than 2000 radio stations real can be yours for free without logins or registrations. It is divided into six parts for your convenience.


Feather Free Feather Free v2

A lightwieght/minimal transparent file-based music player!


Piano Chords Piano Chords v1.0

The app to play piano chords sound(triads).


Music Album Editor Music Album Editor v1.3

Update and fix your music album information. Change the song title, edit the artist, album name, genre and others. Generate the album cover/ art when playing your music/ mp3 songs.


Radio Box Radio Box v3.4

The RadioBox is a free tool that lets you take your favorite radio in your pocket.

He brings a wide range of radios that make great success around the world.
Perfectly matches your lifestyle, since it has different categories of music, in addition to allowing you to freely register your radio in the app, and even create an application specific to your radio all for free.


Metronome Metronome v1.0

Sleek metronome with tap tempo


Universal Radio Universal Radio v1.0.4

World's Radio lets you listen to the world’s radio with music, sports, news, talk, and comedy streaming from every continent. Enjoy 70,000 live radio stations and 2 million podcasts, concerts or shows on your Android phone or tablet, all for free.


Hong Kong Online Radio Hong Kong Online Radio v1.1.9

Listen to popular Hong Kong Radio Stations and Internet radio in one app.


BollyMeaning BollyMeaning v1.1

BollyMeaning provides English Translations of Bollywood songs, meanings of words from Hindi movie songs' lyrics, Hindi music album lyrics, meanings of words from Bollywood movies, and even meanings of movie titles. Also, for past some time we have been trying to add English translations from movies and music albums in other Indian languages than Hindi too, such as Telugu, Tamil and Kannada songs Translations.


kure Music Player kure Music Player v0.9.3

Free and open-source music player for Android.