Space Streamer ( v-1.4.0 ) Space Streamer ( v-1.4.0 ) v1.4.0.

2D Space exploration simulator. Explore a universe inside your phone.

25 sectors. Endless variety of torpedo-dot patterns blinking along as you tap out a beat.

Learn orbital flight and discover a mystery or two.

Press menu button for a control menu, again for 2nd control menu.

"H" for help in multiple languages.


BeOnMyMap BeOnMyMap v1.0

The Android mobile device application for the BeOnMyMap.Com website. BeOnMyMap is a location based socialisation application, consisting of this website (, a mobile website for use on your mobile phone ( and integrated applications for Mobile devices such as Android phones and Blackberry Devices


Expense Share + Tip Calculator Expense Share + Tip Calculator v1.2

Expense Share + Tip calculator allows user to share meal cost or allocate expenses incurred by group of people during an event. An event can be a trip, party, house etc. You can send the final expense report to people through email/text message


MSU Academic Calendar MSU Academic Calendar v5.0.2

* added calendar and sharing support.
* fixed list issues

The Morgan State University Fall 2010 Academic Calendar on your phone. You can now add events from the calendar to your phone calendar and set reminders too.


Miss Droid Miss Droid v3.6

**Girls Most Popular Game**

Miss Droid lets you be a fashion icon and live the glamorous life! You can shop the mall for the latest fashions and Indulge in your fashion obsession with designer clothes and other accessories! Perform in events, socialize and compete with other pretty women online and make lifelong friends.

It is free downloadable game for Android devices.
Download in your Android device in a minute.


NBA Feeds NBA Feeds v1.5

This News Feed reader provides the latest up to date on NBA basketball sports game. News includes score data and event statistics.

Keywords: NBA NCAA basketball jersey player dream team dunk kobe james


NHL Feeds NHL Feeds v1.4

This News Feed reader provides the latest up to date on NHL National Hockey League sports game. News includes score data and event statistics.

Keywords: NHL National Hockey League Stanley Cup


TrafficDroyd TrafficDroyd v2.0.8.2

Real-time Traffic Information for the countries of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Aktuelle Verkehrsinfos (Staus, Baustellen, Unfälle, ...) verpackt in eine übersichtliche u. leicht bedienbare Traffic Applikation + Straßenkarten. TrafficDroyd berücksichtigt ihre aktuelle Position u. bietet diverse Möglichkeiten zum Filtern und Sortieren von Meldungen. Für Deutschland, die Niederlande u. Belgien. Viel Spaß


LedEffects LedEffects v0.9.0.1

LedEffects is a service handling notification for events as incoming call, SMS, Mail, IM, etc. It was originally for DIAM/RAPH running xdandroid with phh's kernel but was extended to support more phones.


NFL Feeds NFL Feeds v1.4

This NFL RSS News Feed reader provides the latest up to date on NFL football game. News includes score data and event statistics.

Keywords: NFL National Football Madden League superbowl Super bowl sports game jersey player card


Mumbaikar Mumbaikar v1.0

Mumbaikar is a in depth guide to Mumbai (Bombay) city. Events, Listings and more.


Mobile Soccer Coach (Free) Mobile Soccer Coach (Free) v1.2

Mobile Soccer Coach is the ultimate mobile application for managing your soccer team on your Android powered device. It is perfect for coaches or parents at all levels: Youth, High School, Club, Premier, even College. Track your entire team's or even just your child's stats.


Days Until Days Until v1.1.7

Count down the day, hours and seconds until an event in your life. Are you counting down to a celebration, your wedding or perhaps your retirement.


Enigmanoid Free Enigmanoid Free v20091223

Enigmanoid is a Tool to manage and control a Enigma2 based Dreambox SAT Receiver.



Download this application to listen to the 7 local ENERGY stations in Germany.


GreeterDroid GreeterDroid v1.0

GreeterDroid sets important dates of your friends or loved ones and sends a (SMS) text message with your message on their special day as if you sent the message yourself.


Aloqa Aloqa v0.963

Aloqa proactively pushes real time recommendations to mobile users. Wherever you are, based on your preferences and social graph, you can simply glance at your phone and find which friends, favorite businesses, events like music concerts, and local offers are close by, without having to launch a browser or search application.


LocalZipNews LocalZipNews v1.0.0

Want to share what's happening in your community? Then enter news in your zip code with LocalZipNews. Share news about something you just noticed in your neighborhood and view news that others have posted. With LocalZipNews you and others in your zip code can share timely, relevant LOCAL news. This is information that you can't get from the newspapers or TV stations, like local community events, shopping tips about businesses in your area,lost pets and much more!


Arcaine's Quiz Box Arcaine's Quiz Box v1.0

Play Free Arcaine's Quiz Box, a fun mobile quiz game. Knowledge of someone between 12+ may be needed. Includes test questions about animals like cats and dogs or technology like LED or twitter and events like the Olympics, Stigmata or feature movies and music video films. Plus pop culture quizz or mascot references to twilight, rihanna, bill gates, the black eye peas and more fun app trivia games questions. quizzes


secqMeAndriod secqMeAndriod v1 is a new way of protecting individual (especially for woman and children) by ofter them a "virtual" guardian angel that watch over them, should they being force in any unwanted situation, or in emergency, our service will automatically notify user's friend and family via email and SMS, without any intervention from user.

User's friend and family will able to track user's location, his/her status from our portal.