Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide v4.3.128

Specifically geared towards patient-care, this instant-access guide provides registered nurses with essential, up-to-the-minute information on the selection and administration of 1,000 commonly used medications.

  • Organized alphabetically by generic drug name
  • Common usage and dosage
  • Nursing implications

Natural Standard Natural Standard v4.3.128

Covering 400 herbs and supplements, Natural Standard Herb & Supplement Guide: An Evidence-Based Reference provides the high-quality, up-to-date, unbiased information you need to advise your patients. No other book can match its expertise and attention to evidence!


Mosby's Drug Reference for Health Professions Mosby's Drug Reference for Health Professions v4.3.128

From Abilify to Zyrtec and nearly every drug in between, Mosby's Drug Reference for Health Professions, 3rd Edition is the must-have item for every current or aspiring health professional in the field today.


McGraw-Hill's QMDT - Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment McGraw-Hill's QMDT - Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment v4.3.128

Authoritative clinical guidance on more than 950 diseases and disorders is just seconds away!



This is easy-to-play game, full-of-challenge 3D Real Racing. Move your device to right- left to control the direction of the car. Click to Speed-up item to accelerate the car; click to O-form item to gain props randomly.

Click the image in back-left angle to use the prop.
Use operational techniques, props and the path of the road to win the game.
Targets: Speed, competition, survive for the player.


Jablonksi's Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations Dictionary Jablonksi's Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations Dictionary v4.3.128

Medical acronyms and abbreviations offer convenience but can be confusing and difficult to decode. That makes this dictionary, with thousands of acronyms and abbreviations from all medical specialties, a must-have reference. Its alphabetical arrangement makes finding any abbreviation a snap, and a special section provides extensive coverage of symbols of all kinds.


INVESTOPEDIA Guide To Wall Speak INVESTOPEDIA Guide To Wall Speak v4.3.128

The Investopedia Guide to Wall Speak covers everything from the basics, such as “assets”, “commodity”, and “index”, to more advanced concepts like “tranche”, “debenture”, and “value investing” providing thorough encyclopedic explanations of terms and concepts.

  • Includes categories: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Options & Futures, Retirement Planning, Foreign Exchange, Taxes, and "Buzzwords"
  • $18.99

    Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture v4.3.128

    The premier illustrated architectural dictionary, Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, features 8,000 definitions, 4,000 illustrations, and biographies of hundreds of architects accompanied by classic examples of their work.


    I.V. DRUG Handbook I.V. DRUG Handbook v4.3.128

    Featuring a strong focus on patient safety, administering and monitoring I.V. drugs, the Handbook delivers concise, practical guidance to help you carry out one of the most difficult tasks you face.


    Handbook of Pediatrics and Neonatology Handbook of Pediatrics and Neonatology v4.3.128

    An essential pocket manual for anyone who treats children

    Featuring an instant-access, find-it-now presentation, Texas Children’s Hospital Handbook of Pediatrics and Neonatology delivers concise, evidence-based information that is directly applicable to bedside care of the patient in both pediatrics and neonatology.


    English-Spanish MEDICAL Dictionary English-Spanish MEDICAL Dictionary v4.3.128

    Break the language barrier between healthcare professionals and Spanish-speaking patients This pocket-sized book contains virtually all health-related terms likely to occur in a conversation between a health worker and a Spanish-speaking patient, including common colloquialisms and slang terms not found in similar dictionaries. The Third Edition contains over 20,000 entries and 5,000 new terms have been added.


    EMS Pocket Drug Guide EMS Pocket Drug Guide v4.3.128

    This is the first EMS pocket drug guide that contains the detailed information typically found only in much larger reference books. EMS Pocket Drug Guide is a true must-have for any level EMS provider from basic to advanced.


    DORLAND'S/GRAY'S Pocket Atlas of Anatomy DORLAND'S/GRAY'S Pocket Atlas of Anatomy v4.3.128

    This pocket atlas is your best way to reference anatomy on the go! It combines superb definitions from Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary with phenomenal illustrations from Gray's Anatomy for Students, for an unprecedented level of accuracy and visual clarity. An ideal guide to structures and their definitions . . . great for quick consultation in the dissection lab as well as for convenient study anytime, anywhere!


    Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers v4.3.128

    Dorland’s Medical Dictionary contains approximately 40,000 entries and 350 illustrations and provides authoritative, concise definitions for a wide range of terms used in the health sciences, including anatomy, physiology, diseases, drugs, tests and procedures and much more.


    Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary v4.3.128

    The first and last word in medicine for over 110 years! Thoroughly updated, this user-friendly reference, trusted for more than a century by healthcare personnel at every professional level, allows you to grasp the meanings of all medical terms in current usage. Understand and correctly use all the latest terminology in today’s ever-evolving medical field with the 32nd Edition of the comprehensive, highly respected Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary!


    Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs v4.3.128

    A Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs with more than 24,000 entries and 27,000 senses, with concise definitions and at least one example sentence for each phrase so you become comfortable using idiomatic phrases, proverbial expressions, and clichés.


    Current Essentials of Medicine Current Essentials of Medicine v4.3.128

    Current Essentials of Medicine is a practical, point-of-care pocket handbook that offers "nutshell" information on the diagnosis and treatment of more than 500 medical disorders seen in both primary care and hospital settings.


    Conversational American English Conversational American English v4.3.128

    Learn more than 3,000 English expressions and speak and understand the language easily

    As a new speaker of English, you may hear some expressions in your daily conversations that you do not understand--yet.


    Easycam Plus Easycam Plus v1.1

    Monitor you webcamXP or Yawcam camera from anywhere in the world!

    Easycam Plus is a remote viewer app for webcam software such webcamXP and Yawcam.
    Use it to monitor your home or office PC attached webcam from anywhere in the world!


    Diccionario General Vox de la Lengua Española Diccionario General Vox de la Lengua Española v4.3.128

    The most complete Spanish language dictionary available: — 53 000 entries — 10 000 idioms — 112 000 definitions — 100 000 examples — 21 000 synonyms — 7 000 notes and comments — 4 700 etymologies — grammar boxes — verbs appendix What makes this dictionary different from any other is that the headword list and the language used for definitions reflect not only European Spanish, as is the case with the majority of other dictionaries, but also Latin American Spanish.