Stolen Car Checker PRO Stolen Car Checker PRO v1.5

Check if a CAR is registered as STOLEN in a several International databases. Contains an Embedded VIN (chassis number) Decoder.


Stolen Car Checker Stolen Car Checker v1.22

Check if a CAR is registered as STOLEN in a several international databases (Police databases and public databases).


Balloon Country Balloon Country v1.0.2

Take control of King Balloon as he goes on a journey to save his son from the evil Saw Lord.


Learning numbers for kids Learning numbers for kids v1.11

Educational game for children that teaches the child logic and arithmetic.


Candy Flash Match-3 Candy Flash Match-3 v1.0.6

Colorful Candy Flash Match 3 puzzle game you'll ever play with amazing particle effect and feature


Drift And Furious Drift And Furious v1.13

Drift and Furious - Drive your car as fast as you can!


Distances To Distances To v2.0

Calculate driving distance, directions, flight distances, land elevation & more.


URL to PDF Converter URL to PDF Converter v2.2

URL to PDF Converter saves webpages to your mobile device, tablet or Dropbox.


Word Doc to PDF Word Doc to PDF v1.0

Convert Word DOC, DOCX & Open Document ODT files to PDF format files.


Quick Dice Roller Quick Dice Roller v2.1.1

Quick Dice Roller is an app made for the tabletop RPG Geek. It allow to emulate almost all the complex dice rolls required by those games.

Quick Dice Roller aims to be flexible, complete and handy at the same time.

With Quick Dice Roller it is possible to roll a die with a simple touch, scroll the results list, link results, apply modifiers on the fly and much, much more.


Soccer Girl Soccer Girl v1.0

Real Juggling ball game, amazing realistic 3d soccer girl, very funny to play


aSQLiteManager aSQLiteManager v4.7.1

aSQLiteManger is my SQLite manager for Android.
Support development by buying the donate version (and be the first to get the new features)


dSQLiteManager dSQLiteManager v4.8

Android SQLite Database Manager
Donate version


PerfExpert PerfExpert v1.7.3

Measure the real power and torque of your car with the best accuracy!


iWolf iWolf v1.2

iWolf is action packed 2D platformer game inspired by epic fantasy (like Hobbit, Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Narnia etc.), that will bring you console like experience to your phone or tablet.


1234! 1234! v1.0.10

- It's happy to make rectangle!


Battery Protector Battery Protector v1.0.6

Protect your battery from excessive heating and prolong capacity.

Most Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium polymer (Li-Po) cells must not be charged above 45°C or discharged above 60°C. These limits can be pushed a bit higher, but at the expense of cycle life.


Chess Reloaded 1 TUTORIALS Chess Reloaded 1 TUTORIALS v3.0.4

"For the USA, simple-to-learn games that are easy to play can attract a large user base." (Google Play: "The Secrets to App Success", Nov. 2014).
Well, this game IS easy to play, but NOT simple-to-learn. If you still want to try it: good luck!

Tutorial #1: contains the basics.
Tutorial #2: some special features and two-player mode.
"Tutorial" #3: full TRIAL game, without any tutorial stuff.

Apps "by obumo" need no permissions at all. They can be operated offline (airplane mode).


Chess Reloaded 2 GAME Chess Reloaded 2 GAME v3.0.4

After more than a year, the era of "teething troubles" with the "Chess Reloaded" apps seems to come to an end. Because YOU here on SlideMe did 50 times more downloads than users of the big app stores, you were subject to almost all the frustration that came with all the errors. As a gesture of apology, I change this app from a paid application into a FREE one. As of today (December 26, 2014) and on SlideMe ONLY.

Note: this full version offers ALL the board sizes available on a device.


Le Mans Live Timing Le Mans Live Timing v0.9.9.8

Le Mans Live Timing App, keep up to date with the runners riders and positions of the teams as they participate in the 2015 running of the famous 24 hour race at La Sarthe in France. The App now covers the other rounds of the FIA WEC. Timing will start to update from Saturday 28th of March onwards, it will only update when the cars are actually on track.