Tic-tac-toe Tic-tac-toe v3.1.1

The player (X) plays against the Android App (O). The two players place their mark alternately on a 3 × 3 squares wide playing field. Who sets the first three of his characters in a row, column or main diagonal is the winner.
Skill level of your opponent can be adjusted.


Graph Puzzles Graph Puzzles v1.5.5

Graph Puzzles is a series of logical games. Graphs with a various number of nodes are used as the playing field.


Twinme Twinme v4.6.3

Private peer-to-peer chat and voice or video calls with no exchange of personal data (WebRTC)


Raid of the Space Balls Raid of the Space Balls v1.2

The somewhat different retro-style shooter!


Fifteen Puzzle Fifteen Puzzle v2.6.4

Place the 15 numbered square tiles in the correct order by moving them using the empty space. Several stones in a row or column can be moved together.


Restaurant Menu Restaurant Menu v4.3.12.3

Display menus/catalogs and manage orders of businesses has never been this easy!

In just three steps you can manage the orders of your cafe or restaurant:

1 - Create your menu/catalog by adding categories and items.
2 - Create order locations where guests will be served.
3 - Create orders, add order items and change their states according with their life cycle.

We value your comments and suggestions, our desire and commitment is to meet your expectations in the best way.


SwitchNShakes SwitchNShakes v1.2

Enjoy a new style block puzzle game! Switch the blocks, and shake to shuffle.


FingerPen Coloring Book FingerPen Coloring Book v1.66.0Sl

FingerPen coloring book is an exciting, educational application for children.
It invites children to draw & color a wide variety of animals, landscapes, digits, numbers and much more.


Kosunin Kosunin v1.1.40

Use special abilities to help the Kosunin retrieve their stolen costumes in FAST PACED ACTION SWIPING!


Sugar Kingdom Sugar Kingdom v3.0

Sugar Kingdom is an interesting and colorful puzzle game for all ages!


Instabridge Instabridge v7.2.6

Get Instabridge now and join the world's most popular app for finding and auto-connecting free WiFI.


Placebo Placebo v1.11

Placebo is challenging triplets-creation puzzle, played only with finger swipes.

  • Your goal is to move all upper cells to the game board.
  • If a triplet is formed it gets cleared, along with all adjacent cells.
  • Use finger swipes (left/right/down) to shift and drop the cells.

Clearing the entire board wins you a 5 star rating.

The game uses simple retro graphics and will not drain your battery away.

Placebo is and always will be FREE.


Hop Hop`n Hop Hop`n v1.1

Hop Hop Hop through the hoops and don`t hit the spikes!


CM Locker CM Locker v4.1.2

Secure your privacy by screenlock and applock. Snaps pictures of intruders. Highest rated Screen Lock on Google Play! ★★★★★


Fox Adventure Fox Adventure v1.0.0

Here is an action and brain puzzle adventure game.
killing time game.


Melody Now Melody Now v1.4.2

Free Unlimited Arabic HD Movies, Series, Music Videos, Plays and Classics


Eortes android Eortes android v1.2.0

Ελληνικό Εορτολόγιο


BrainUpper BrainUpper v1.1.2

Wake up your brain! A puzzle game to attention training.


iKortex iKortex v0.9.9

iKorteX is a game to boost your brain & memory with fun!


Wolf and Sheep Wolf and Sheep v2.6.7

Welcome to "Wolf and Sheep"! It is a checkers-like logic Android game for two players. One player takes one black piece (the wolf), the other player four white pieces (the sheep).
The game is played on a chess board (only on the dark squares).