please update! !

I absolutely love this app. But I got a new phone Galaxy Note 4, I have no menu button so I can no longer use. Please fix!!!! Does anyone know an alternative


I have a Xperia p JB4.12
this app not work in my phone

RE: Bug

Your device may not be compatible with the latest public version of SAM 5.
Try SAM 4.62 here:

sam4.apk download 8/21/2013

The download says it's 4.6 not 4.62--Did you back it slightly for the last-best product, or does the old-update need a less-old-update...?


RE: "(SAM 4 updated to ver 4.62 Feb 20, 2013)"

RE: sam4.apk download 8/21/2013

Thank you for reporting this. This was in error and the sam4.apk download should now properly refer to SAM 4.62:

thanks, and new question

Thank you, I upgraded to 4.62 (sam4).

Question: In reloading my Pandigital Novel firmware (every major app was crashing after months of nonuse and extracting the internal 1 GB USB drive for archiving, and reinserting a few times...),

I began reinstalling apps, and, on slideme marketplace, after it had installed, it showed a 6-legged-2-antenna 'bug' with code "#ff20abae" in the upper left corner... I've often seen a variety of codes but no bugs. What does that mean...?

I reinstalled it and it then showed the normal icon and name...


RE: thanks, and new question

That looks to be an incomplete install problem. This occasionally happens with 2.x versions of the Android OS where they have improperly read an app's AndroidManifest.xml and do not completely install or refuse to install, but where a reboot usually fixes the problem.


كل البرامج علي جهازي اصبحت لا تعمل ولا اعلم السبب كما توجد مشكلة في تسجيل الدخول

apps wont download

Don't understand why they won't. It starts but never finishes

RE: apps wont download

If your app download remains Pending, please try restarting your device. This will clear out all current downloads but should fix the problem of downloads not moving past Pending. If there is not a Pending issue, please go into your Settings and check that Applications -> Unknown Sources is enabled.


i have an impression tablet what verison to use of this app

Test with older version

You can try old SAM too if for any reason such devices are not compatible with new SAM 5.
To download old SAM to your device, open your browser from your device, and enter this URL: (as stated above). File will download, click to install once downloaded.

If you get an update notification, ignore since this will update your device to SAM ver 5.x. You can try SAM 5 and revert to SAM 4 (4.6).

where is SAM for android 2.0

What is the search command for it?

The current SAM announces an update—but which fails to install (prob. min. 2.1).

RE: where is SAM for android 2.0

If the latest SAM does not work on your device, you may need an older version. Try this one but do not update when you see a notification to do so.


Veary well application.



love it

Love this app


slide is great market place.



I like lovve ths

I like lovve ths

Tehran Tehran

Tehran Tehran

soft ware



Very good


For the update.

download slide me application

this is my first time to download this app, i am trying to find out is my computer compatible with their database.

Permission to read phone status and ID

Why does this program need to be able to "read phone status and ID"? This is according to my phone on the install screen. I would like to know the reason before I install.

Several accounts

I have several Android devices (cellphone, tablet), so it would be great can indicate the device Android version of any one of them (i.e. Android 2.1 in a Booq Darwin tablet and Sony Ericcson XXperia X10 Mini) and download for this Android versions.

How update Android OS using SlideME (i.e. from to 2.1 to 2.2 and 2.3)?.

Thanks in advance.

Application permission explaination


I just found out about this website today, downloaded the apk file and am ready to install the file in my Android powered Nexus S but am a bit concerned over the app needing permission to record audio. Can u please let me know why the app needs such a permission if you don't mind. Cheers !

Voice permission

Within the SlideME Market (SAM) client there is a Voice Search feature, hence the requirement for such a permission.

App purchases

I purchased 1 of the kids learning app for my son and he accidently uninstall it....if I go back and download, do I have to pay again?

Free to download already purchased

It is free to download already purchased, providing transaction is at status 'Completed'.

paid apps

hi hope someone can help i have a epad zenithink z180 and i can download the free apps no problem ive setup account to buy apps but on my system when i try buy it say no user account or somethindg similar can anyone try solve this please ive reinstalled new version of sam not sure how you get the other off

"For Security"

While Installing application It is giving error
"For security , your phone is set to block installation of
application not sourced in Android market"

If anybody have solution plz reply me

On the captivate plz help

email me

Non market apps

You need to enable "Install non-market apps" in the phone's Settings screen. It is under "Application Settings" sub menu.

Edit: SlideMe's response was not visible when I replied.

Check Uknown Sources

Go to your phones menu, 'Settings' > 'Applications' > check 'Unknown Sources'.

paid app

Hello i need help i can download free app not paid why i cannot download paid app help me please.

Setup Billing & Payments 1st

Please setup 'Billing & Payments' on your account.

If you have any difficulties, contact SlideME helpdesk from

Developer question: which intent to send?

I am looking for documentation for sending intent from application to SAM to start it with app details of specified application, it is mentioned in SAM description that these intents exists, but no information of what exactly intent must be.
For example in Android Market application , the appropriate call look like:
String s="market://details?id=com.SomePackageName";
try {
Uri uri=Uri.parse(s);
try {
startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW,uri));
catch (ActivityNotFoundException e1) {
// fail to start Market app
catch (NullPointerException e) {
// fail to parse Uri
How to do the same for SAM ?

SAM own intents? They are secret?

Hey, do the developers of SAM look sometimes on download page and questions?
It was asked more than month ago, still no answer!

Sam v3.42

I have an gsm HTC Hero running 1.5. SAM opens fine until I click an app. As soon as I click an app, it closes unexpectedly. So frustrating!

Uninstall 1st

Try to un-install from settings > applications >... and re-install SAM 3.42 again.


it works! Thank you and I apologize for rating it 1 without having tried this first.

Keep up!

SAM 3.42 displays only a few apps

I'm using ODROID cupcake 1.5.
SAM 3.41 does not boot, SAM 3.42 boot, but SAM 3.42 displays only a few apps.
Everything goes good with SAM 3.40.

Refresh Catalog

Could you try to Refresh Catalog: Help > Refresh, or
first uninstall current version of SAM then download latest SAM again

It solved!

It solved! Thank you!

Error while starting

everytime i start the app. it gives me an error of "the application SlideME Application Manager (processcom.slideme.sam.manager) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again" ... i uninstalled it and re-installed it many times and i get the same error! please help me :(

Same issue, GW620

I have got the same issue as aahmed57. Trying to run SAM on a new LG GW620.

1.5 Build

Can you confirm if you are also on Android 1.5 OS? Issues with SAM 3.41 on 1.5 have been reported and being reviewed. A new release will become available shortly.

Thank you

Thank you .. hope this new release will become available soon .. cause i need to be able to use SAM on my mobile .. and yes i'm running it on Android 1.5 OS (HTC MAGIC) .

I can confirm that the latest

I can confirm that the latest version is OK on my GW620.. Not saying that it's guaranteed to work on your HTC Magic, but you should try it now.

Now I only need my bank to tell me what that registration fee was in US Dollars so that I can do some shopping!