Frequently Asked Questions - For Users

Many applications in our catalog now support our marketplace application (SAM) for in-app billing, which are additional purchases you make from within an application, such as removing ads, premium currency, special items, content packs, etc. This means you can use your SlideME Wallet for these in-app purchases if the application supports it.

When making a purchase with the SlideME marketplace, you will be required to enter your password (if you had not done so previously within the last 20 minutes). This password check helps to prevent against unwanted or accidental purchases.

Before trying to reset your password in case of login failure, please assure your device is set to correct date and time. A device with incorrect date set, will be perceived as an "untrusted" device, therefore login will fail.

To retrieve and reset password, go next to the login/register section and you will see "Request new password" or visit the direct link: from your web browser.

You will be asked either your email address or username you used to initially register.
Next, an email will be sent to your email address with a link, for you to reset your password to any password of choice. Always assure you make note if you used uppercase or lowercase characters in your password.

If you have not received an email to reset your password, check your spam mailbox. Otherwise it maybe that you entered an incorrect email or your email provider has not relayed the email to you. Assure you whitelist emails from SlideME. Only if problems persist, contact SlideME Support.

To contact developer, visit the developers profile and then its "Contact" menu. The link to a developer profile can be found below any of the application(s) published by its developer.

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You can also shop from the SlideME Market(SAM) application installed on your device when your SlideME Wallet has available balance.

SlideME Wallet is an easy way to initiate purchases from SlideME. Just deposit the amount you want (minimum $5 USD) by choosing this option from your Billing and Payments page and start purchasing right away. Currently we support Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express for adding funds to your SlideME Wallet but more loading-payment options are on the way.

Using your SlideME Wallet balance, you can purchase applications from the SlideME website accessible from your browser or from the SlideME Market(SAM) application from your device. Please make sure that the application is compatible with your device before purchase. The collection and download takes place from the SlideME Market(SAM) application (by accessing your StorageLocker) on your Android device.

Refunds for purchased applications will be credited to your SlideME wallet.

Withdrawals of funds from your SlideME Wallet is not permitted.

SlideME offers many payment options for users. Below you can see each one, how to set it up and decide which one fits your needs.
  • Billing Agreements: Setup a Billing Agreement through “Billing and Payments” on your SlideME profile. By using a billing agreement, you can purchase applications using SlideME’s SAM on your Android device, without the need to enter sensitive information (card numbers, PayPal logins, etc) every time you make a transaction. You can setup a billing agreement using the following payment methods:
    • Paypal: A valid funding source such as a credit card that supports variable recurring transactions must be linked to your Paypal account. If you only have a balance available, this option cannot be used. Please use the WebBUY option instead.
    • Amazon Payments: A valid funding source such as a credit card that supports variable recurring transactions must be linked to your Amazon Payments account.
  • TopUp your SlideME Wallet: You can deposit funds to your SlideME Wallet with Paypal, Visa, MasterCard Discover, American Express or Amazon for purchases either through the SlideME website or from the SlideME Market(SAM) application. Please note that if the balance cannot cover the cost of the application you wish to purchase, you cannot combine with a Billing Agreement payment model. You will have to topup your wallet with an amount equal or greater than the difference required, but not lower than $5 US.
  • WebBUY: By choosing to pay using the WebBUY process, you browse the application catalog on the SlideME website and the transaction takes place from your preferred browser. The download of the actual application is achieved using SlideME’s SAM, by logging in to your StorageLocker. Paid applications cannot be downloaded from the SlideME website. If your Paypal account only has a balance, and no funding source (card or bank account) linked to it, or your funding source doesn’t support variable recurring billing as required for Billing Agreements payment model, you can use the WebBUY option instead to purchase an application.
    • Purchase of a single application: This is a single purchase that can be initiated from the SlideME website.
    • TopUp your SlideME Wallet and purchase a single application: If you plan on buying more applications in the near future, you can deposit any amount of money to your SlideME Wallet, which will then be used to pay for the applications you want.
    • Use your SlideME Wallet balance: If your SlideME Wallet balance can cover the price of the application you want to purchase, you can use this option.

Now you can also purchase directly from the SlideME website using WebBUY via PayPal or Amazon if you prefer not to setup a Billing Agreement.

With WebBUY the purchase will be initiated from any web browser (not SAM). You will be presented with several purchase options:

  • Use your available SlideME Wallet balance if you have previously added funds to your SlideME Wallet account.
  • Pay directly for your purchase only, in one go.
  • Pay directly for your purchase and at the same time add funds to your SlideME Wallet for future purchases.

By having available funds in your SlideME Wallet, you will be able to use the WebBUY link next to any application from any browser to purchase. Once purchased, it will be available for collection from within SAM’s StorageLocker.

Make sure that the application is compatible with your device before you purchase. Carefully read all the details from the application profile. If in doubt, contact the developer of the application.

Refunds for actual application/items purchases can only be refunded to the respective funding source or SlideME Wallet.

If you are only interested in adding funds to your SlideME Wallet, please choose the "Add funds to your SlideME Wallet" option from the Billing & Payments section.

Please note that no download occurs after a WebBUY on your PC or device. The purchased item can be collected only from your StorageLocker account, where it will be available for downloading along with all the other previously purchased applications. You can access StorageLocker from the SlideME Market (SAM) app installed onto your device. From SAM, press Menu > More > StorageLocker or (click on the cloud icon) and login with your SlideME credentials to access your purchased applications.

When sending a message to SlideME using the contact form, make sure that you have entered a valid e-mail address and that you have chosen the correct department.
If your ticket is successfully sent, you will receive an automated response along with a ticket number. If you do not receive a response from our support staff within 24-48 hours after that, reply to the automated message. Do not open a new ticket.
If you do not receive the automated response, please check your spam folder and make sure that you have the and domains in your white list.

If an application you have purchased doesn’t work on your device, you should first try to notify the developer informing him of the problem. Any feedback, including device specifications is valuable for the developer so he can improve the application compatibility across more devices. This way the developer will be prompted to provide an update with a fix. To contact the developer, login with your SlideME account, find the application and click on the developer’s username below the application title. Click on the contact tab and fill out the form to contact developer directly. You can also submit a public comment under the application itself. Do not forget to include your device specifications. If the developer is unable to provide you with a solution, he/she should inform SlideME to execute the refund. If the developer fails to respond, contact SlideME and provide copy of the complaint to SlideME to escalate.
Please note that a refund is only possible within one month of purchase.

* Withdrawals of funds from your SlideME Wallet is not permitted.

Upgrade to the latest version of SAM. To download SAM, simply point the web browser on your device to and follow the installation prompts. This error occurs if you are using a device that doesn’t have a SIM module (like a wi-fi tablet) with an older version of SAM.

When establishing an Agreement between your Paypal account and SlideME, SlideME will send a small initial charge to your Paypal for $1.00 USD and will immediately cancel this small charge, as you will be able to see if you login to your Paypal account. You will also receive an email from PayPal that a $1.00 charge was initiated to your PayPal account. An email from PayPal is not sent unfortunately when this transaction is canceled by SlideME on your PayPal account.

SlideME does not seek applications to be published on SlideME nor does SlideME harvest illegally application meta-data from the Android Market (to appear we have content, like some others...).

The developers/publishers that have the rights to that particular application can only be the ones to publish their application on SlideME. If you have their contact details through a website or a blog, let them know that you would like to download/purchase their application through SlideME. This will help you and other users see more applications on SlideME and provide more global reach to the developer's application.

If you want to see more applications on SlideME and prefer to shop from SlideME knowing you will receive great support no matter what the issue is, simply let developers & publishers know that SlideME is your only option.

Most likely you purchased your application from the website using WebBuy, without checking if the application is compatible. Checking first that the application appears within the SlideME (SAM) app from your device is the recommended way to check compatibility if you are unable to determine this from the application profile on the website.

Additionally, check the status of your transactions on your profile. Only "Completed" or "Received" transactions will appear in your StorageLocker. If your transaction has the status of Delivered, allow for some time for it to be completed.

If an application does not appear in your StorageLocker even though the transaction status on your profile is completed, and you cannot find the application in the SlideME website, this could mean that the developer has decided to remove his/her application for his own reasons or the application has been Rejected for distribution. You should contact the developer directly from his profile’s contact form to request further updates or a re-download of the application. Do include your transaction ID and copy of the invoice receipt when initiating contact with developer as proof of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact SlideME’s support if you require assistance.

All applications that you have purchased and appear in your transactions as 'Completed' can be found in your StorageLocker for re-downloading.

You can only access your StorageLocker from your Android device using the installed SlideME Market (SAM) app.

How to find StorageLocker:

  • For SAM 4.4 or lower, you can find StorageLocker by pressing the 'Menu' button while in home screen of SAM (or Categories to go to home screen of SAM), then click on 'More' and then 'StorageLocker'.
  • For SAM version greater than 4.5 (including 5), you can find StorageLocker directly from the home screen of SAM with the StorageLocker icon at top menu bar indicated by the cloud icon.

Note: You can find the SAM version number from SAM > Help screen (only for versions 4.x)
For versions 5 and above, you can find the version number from SAM > About screen.

Log in with your SlideME credentials and you will see all the applications you have purchased. You can download them again for no extra charge.

For transactions that have a Received status, such applications are pending Collection from StorageLocker.

More info on the SlideME Market (SAM) application can be found from this link,
and can be downloaded anytime by entering this URL "" in your devices browser.

You can access your StorageLocker to download your applications you have already purchased in case of a device reset or an application update. Also, the applications that you have purchased through WebBUY will also be available for collection from your StorageLocker.
Only purchases with transactions have the status 'Completed' or 'Received', can be downloaded without being billed. You can see the status of your transactions once logged in from Web.

If an application does not appear in your StorageLocker even though the transaction status on your profile is completed, and you cannot find the application in the SlideME website, this could mean that the developer has decided to remove his/her application for his own reasons or applications has been Rejected for distribution. You should contact the developer directly from his profile’s contact form to request further updates or a re-download of the application. Do include your transaction ID and copy of the invoice receipt when initiating contact with developer as proof of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact SlideME’s support if you require assistance.

You may have noticed some charges on your card statement.

These do not necessarily mean they are 'settled' charges, as they could be only 'reserves' so SlideME has the right to charge/settle later.

SlideME uses the two-step process for processing transactions.
a) We request for an 'authorization' from your card issuer to 'reserve' the right to eventually 'settle' the transaction. This is 'Received' status under 'My-Transactions'.
b) Second step, upon 'success', SlideME then 'settles' the transaction, which will update the initial 'Received' status to 'Completed'.

If you are in doubt, we would like you to confirm if indeed you were charged more than you should have been. You can verify this from visiting your My-Transactions tab from within your account.
Only orders that have status as being "Completed" have been settled after being reserved.
Other transactions, indicate a reserve to settle, which means we have received the authorization to eventually settle if needed, so to charge accordingly. Only one of the application transactions will be 'Completed' if there are multiple attempts to download the same application.

We require to create a 'reserve' even on every attempt you initiate, which means we then receive an authorization, so we could later 'settle' to charge if needed.

Some orders could appear just as a reserve, which means we authorized but not settled. Since the transaction was not completed it will be released from reserve and not settled, hence you would not be charged.

If you could confirm these extra charge(s) you see from your card issuer(bank) as a 'settled charge', do please inform SlideME support immediately.

Reserves or the authorizations that appear on your card statements take more than a few days to be released, where they can not be settled any longer.

Therefore you should see only one 'Completed' per application transaction and all others for that same application will either be canceled or released eventually from appearing as any type of charges on your card statements.

There is no cost for upgrades of purchased applications. Those applications should appear in your StorageLocker and on your SlideME profile, with transaction status of Completed. If the developer has published a newer version on SlideME, you can download it for no extra charge.

First, verify that you did indeed receive multiple charges. Login into the SlideME website and then go to: You will see a list of all your transactions on the system along with information what each transaction status means.

Keep in mind that an ‘authorization’ is not a ‘settled’ charge. Once the authorization is issued from your card issuer or bank, the content will be released for download to your device. If for any reason the transaction does not complete and the initial authorization is not ‘settled’ to a ‘Completed’ status then this authorization is due to expire.

The transaction will have the following payment status: received, delivered, completed and canceled. Completed means that you have been charged. If you have received multiple charges with Completed status (due to your multiple retries) for the same application, then go to: and include the transaction IDs that are duplicates and we will issue a refund.


  • Is SlideME’s SAM installed on my device?
  • Am I a registered user on SlideME?
  • Do I have a valid Paypal account or Amazon Payments account setup as a Billing Agreement, or do I have funds in my SlideME Wallet for Web purchases (WebBUY)?
  • Is my device compatible with the application I want to purchase?

Make sure that you have SlideME’s SAM installed on your Android device as it is required to download the application you have purchased. Downloading of purchased applications is not allowed from site directly, only free content can be downloaded from site.
The SAM client may already be installed on your device from the manufacturer. If your device does not already have the SAM client installed, then you can download the latest public version from
Do not download and install the public version over the optimized version for your device if there is one preinstalled. Contact Support if you need further assistance along with the SAM detailed version from SAM’s Help page (red value) which is in the format xxxxxxPxx.

If you haven’t already done so, register an account with SlideME. Use to create your account. Once you have an account, you can login with your SlideME username or email and password to access your SlideME account. Note: use your facebook email to login if you have registered with Facebook to create an account on SlideME.

Choose your preferred payment model. One option would be to setup a Billing Agreement using Paypal or Amazon. Alternatively, you can use Paypal, Amazon or your card directly to purchase an application or TopUp your SlideME Wallet without creating a Billing Agreement. More information regarding the different payment options can be found on Which payment model best suits my needs?

Check the requirements of the application (software/hardware) against your device’s specifications. Make sure the app requirements such as minimum Android OS meet your device's Android OS version (1.5,1.6,2.0,2.1,2.2,...4.x). If you have latest version of SAM, check if application appears from within SAM first before buying. You can also buy directly from SAM (version 4.5+) without setting up payment method from website.
If in doubt, please contact the developer before purchasing the application, as there can be no refunds due to known incompatibility issues.

SlideME adheres to safeguard shoppers in the best possible way. SlideGuard

SlideME will offer buyers the a plethora of payment options. The payment processing product is called SlideCollect.

Detailed Payment Methods Accepted by SlideME:
You can use PayPal, AmazonPayments, and most major international credit/debit cards. For more details, visit our Payments section:

SlideME has partnered with Retail Decisions, a world leader in credit card fraud prevention, in order to combat fraud and further reduce chargebacks. More information about ReD is available at

For shoppers assurance, please refer to

Applications that are free of charge can be downloaded directly from the website. Most users prefer to use SAM, SlideME's Application Manager. SAM offers a better user experience to discover, download and purchase applications directly from your device. To download SAM, simply point the web browser of your Android device to
Once downloaded, you will have access to all the applications on the SlideME Marketplace.

Paid applications are not downloadable from website nor are they downloadable from website after being purchased using WebBUY. (If premium applications were downloaded directly, they are subject to being easily distributed and pirated). To protect developers and publishers intellectual property, paid or premium applications can only be collected from your StorageLocker account from your device using the SlideME Market(SAM) application. Your StorageLocker account is only accessible from the SlideME Market (SAM) app installed on your device.