How can I use WebBuy and pay using my SlideME Wallet?

Now you can also purchase directly from the SlideME website using WebBUY via PayPal or Amazon if you prefer not to setup a Billing Agreement.

With WebBUY the purchase will be initiated from any web browser (not SAM). You will be presented with several purchase options:

  • Use your available SlideME Wallet balance if you have previously added funds to your SlideME Wallet account.
  • Pay directly for your purchase only, in one go.
  • Pay directly for your purchase and at the same time add funds to your SlideME Wallet for future purchases.

By having available funds in your SlideME Wallet, you will be able to use the WebBUY link next to any application from any browser to purchase. Once purchased, it will be available for collection from within SAM’s StorageLocker.

Make sure that the application is compatible with your device before you purchase. Carefully read all the details from the application profile. If in doubt, contact the developer of the application.

Refunds for actual application/items purchases can only be refunded to the respective funding source or SlideME Wallet.

If you are only interested in adding funds to your SlideME Wallet, please choose the "Add funds to your SlideME Wallet" option from the Billing & Payments section.

Please note that no download occurs after a WebBUY on your PC or device. The purchased item can be collected only from your StorageLocker account, where it will be available for downloading along with all the other previously purchased applications. You can access StorageLocker from the SlideME Market (SAM) app installed onto your device. From SAM, press Menu > More > StorageLocker or (click on the cloud icon) and login with your SlideME credentials to access your purchased applications.