Frequently Asked Questions - Using the SlideME (SAM) app

Open the application’s profile in the SlideME (SAM) app and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the link that reads “Report application”. You will need to login with your SlideME credentials. Note: Reporting an application is not the same as contacting Support. There will be no reply or follow up to your Report submission.

The SlideME (SAM) app is localized in many languages. Your device should have a system setting to change the language. Once you change the language on your device the SlideME app will also change to the desired language (providing the language is supported by the SlideME app).

You can also change the preferred language for displaying applications by opening the SlideME (SAM) app, press your device’s menu button, then tap on Preferences then Local. Tap on the option for “Target language” to set a preferred language for applications if the publisher has provided such a translation. Visit "Local" apps section to visit apps localized in your language.