Why doesn’t my latest purchase appear in my StorageLocker?

Most likely you purchased your application from the SlideME.org website using WebBuy, without checking if the application is compatible. Checking first that the application appears within the SlideME (SAM) app from your device is the recommended way to check compatibility if you are unable to determine this from the application profile on the website.

Additionally, check the status of your transactions on your SlideME.org profile. Only "Completed" or "Received" transactions will appear in your StorageLocker. If your transaction has the status of Delivered, allow for some time for it to be completed.

If an application does not appear in your StorageLocker even though the transaction status on your profile is completed, and you cannot find the application in the SlideME website, this could mean that the developer has decided to remove his/her application for his own reasons or the application has been Rejected for distribution. You should contact the developer directly from his profile’s contact form to request further updates or a re-download of the application. Do include your transaction ID and copy of the invoice receipt when initiating contact with developer as proof of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact SlideME’s support if you require assistance.