The application I am looking for is not on SlideME. Can you get it for me?

SlideME does not seek applications to be published on SlideME nor does SlideME harvest illegally application meta-data from the Android Market (to appear we have content, like some others...).

The developers/publishers that have the rights to that particular application can only be the ones to publish their application on SlideME. If you have their contact details through a website or a blog, let them know that you would like to download/purchase their application through SlideME. This will help you and other users see more applications on SlideME and provide more global reach to the developer's application.

If you want to see more applications on SlideME and prefer to shop from SlideME knowing you will receive great support no matter what the issue is, simply let developers & publishers know that SlideME is your only option.