Easy Tasks Easy Tasks v1.0

Easy Tasks is an outliner app that will help you get organized in a very simple way and keep your tasks in front of you at all the times. Make a note on the go – Text, Voice, Audio, Video, Photo, GPS, Barcode.


Easy Filer Easy Filer v1.0.2

Easy Filer is a File Manager(file explorer) that has a simple and intuitive UI, making managing your pictures, music, videos and files much easier.


Call Blocker X (easy+) Call Blocker X (easy+) vXeasy+ 1.0

Call Blocker X series

Call & SMS Blocker easy+

quick silent by putting mobile face down (enable settings)

Call Block
Call Hang-up and drop
Call Silent
Call Send to voice Mail

Call Block by Group
Custom Ringtone By Group

Auto SMS responder

save profile

Two Interface
1. Call Blocker X
2. Call Blocker X (easy+)

*** 7 days free trial , Buy Call Blocker X (Pro easy+) for US$ 3.99


Easy Paint Free Easy Paint Free v20111220

Easy & fun painting app for kids. No complicated tools, just select a color and draw!


Easy QR Code Toolbox Easy QR Code Toolbox v0.3.3

"Easy QR Code Toolbox" aims to be the easiest to use QR code reader app on the market.


Easy Blackjack Easy Blackjack v1.0.0

Enjoy this easy Blackjack card game played in casinos around the world.
Take on the challenge to beat the dealer and keep your score positive.
Play this game to sharpen your skills before your next big trip to Vegas!


Words Don't Come Easy Words Don't Come Easy v2.0.2

"Words Don't Come Easy" is a word puzzle game where you drag letters on a board to form words. Whenever you have one or multiple words you can clear them by double tapping on them. The goal is to clear all letters from the playing board.


Easy Task Easy Task v4.0

Easy task management tools


Easy Call Blocker Easy Call Blocker v2.2.1

This application both blocks unwanted calls and helps manage a blacklist.


Norma Easy Law Norma Easy Law v1.0

NORMA, quotidiano on line di informazione giuridica, è un servizio di Nuvola It Easy law, il cloud computing di Telecom Italia.
L’applicazione ti consente di leggere gratuitamente gli abstract di ciascuna notizia di NORMA e, se connessa ad un abbonamento, di consultare il quotidiano nella sua modalità integrale.


Easy picture reduction Easy picture reduction v2.0.2

This is a compressor application that reduce an existing picture.


Easy Abs Easy Abs v1.1

It’s fun, it’s challenging you don’t have to go to the gym but do expect to reap the benefits and feel the results. Personal Ab Trainer


Easy Schedule Easy Schedule v1.0.0

App that enables you to check schedule and enter plans while you are out .


Quip Quip v4.4

Quip combines chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets in one beautiful app.


Collins Malay Easy Dictionary Collins Malay Easy Dictionary v8.0.250

Collins Easy Learning Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) Dictionary is an up-to-date, easy-reference dictionary, ideal for learners of Malay and English of all ages.


Easy Compass Easy Compass v1.1.3

Easy Compass is a sensor compass for android devices ,with two different designs .


Easy Cache Cleaner Easy Cache Cleaner v1.25

★>2500,000 users use it clean cache!
Easy Cache Cleaner is a android system tool which can clean useless application cache files ,it could save your phone disk space and make your phone speed up.


Easy Volume Booster Easy Volume Booster v1.0

New amazing sound booster. It will increase your speakers volume up to 10-25%.


Easy Screenshot! Easy Screenshot! v2.1.6

“Easy Screenshot!” is a ready-to-use application which allows everyone to take screenshot (screen capture) easily.
The status bar (the bar on the top part of the screen) will be replaced automatically, the private information(screenshot time and present active applications) doesn't show off.


Fancy Cube Lite Fancy Cube Lite v1.1.0

Never solve a cube yet? Fancy Cube will lead you to success step by step! Fancy Cube is the most powerful cube game on android.