Xmas iCard Xmas iCard v1.0

Xmas iCard is your perfect Application for custom Christmas Cards and personal regards at Christmastide.


Achkars Achkars v4.7.2.5

This is the first application made by Alexandre El Achkar for his website


Truth Or Dare! Truth Or Dare! v1.2

Exciting Truth or Dare Bottle Spinning Game with Funny or Raunchy questions!!!


IntimateFountain IntimateFountain v1.0.0

Over 10 Full 3D Fountains to choose from!
Show the true power of your device!


IntimateFireplace IntimateFireplace v1.0.0

Snuggle up to more than 10 different warm and cozy fireplaces


Smart Keys Ninja Smart Keys Ninja v1.0

PRO+ version includes 10 shortcut keys and 9 dashboard icon
This application allows you to realize the true potential of shortcuts on your android device by programming HARD KEYS to launch apps without even unlocking your phone


pepper is selfish pepper is selfish v1.0.0

This App narrates great stories using our company created character/ mascot known as Pepper.


iMagicMind iMagicMind v1.0.0

Want to impress your friends and family?

This little app will keep you going on and on impressing people and
making them all believe that your device can read minds!

Don't believe us? GIVE IT A TRY!


A great entertaining app that is sure to please!

iMagicMind will read your mind and predict your choice EVERY TIME!

It's incredible, it's astounding, it's...iMagicMind!


Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 v1.0

Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 is going to hit your summer with a Big Splash of Learning. Equip your kids with this great app Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 an interactive eLearning application for Grade 1 to Grade 6 students. The app have series of questions for your Kids to answer. The questions are based on the standards of each Grade level from Basic to Advance.


Matrix Code Camera Matrix Code Camera v1.0.3

Matrix Code Camera turns reality into matrix code through your phone camera. In realtime!


Flickr Droid Flickr Droid v2.4.0

A fully-featured Flickr app. Browse your photos, favorites, collections, sets, and contacts. Edit comments, save images, and set wallpaper. Upload saved photos, take photos on the fly and upload!


Talking Simon Pro Talking Simon Pro v1.8.9

Talking Simon is a real leisure app. You can talk to him, let him listen, make him clap and do naughty things in the lab.
Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Simon. He is especially fun for persons of all ages.
A lot of fun for Android lovers.
A lot of fun and craziness.

★★★ How to Play: ★★★
✔ Talk to him and listen in a funny manner
✔ Make him clap
✔ Let him do naughty things in the lab


News Extra News Extra v4.7.2.5

News Extra is an app that provides users to read all news about world.
You can read news about many countries and we are still improving it.

Buy now! It's only US$ 0.99


IntimateHearts IntimateHearts v1.0.0

Are you looking for the perfect way to impress that special someone? Then this app is for you!

Intimate Hearts (Part of the Intimate line up of products by Game Scorpion Inc.) brings you over 10 beautiful FULL 3D hearts with various words of love and inspiration on them! Rotate the scene in full 3D on your device and set the mood!


Android Guys Pro Android Guys Pro v1.2.1

Android Guys PRO application brings you news from the Android Guys website as well as their weekly podcasts and lots of other goodies! Free of ads and includes homescreen widgets.


Security Alarm Pro Security Alarm Pro v1.3

Prevent Theft of Your Smart Phone with Security Alarm Pro now for only 99 cents!


X-Ray Camera X-Ray Camera v1.0.9

The best XRay Camera application for Android! This app uses your camera to create a real-time XRay like vision. Looks like, feels like and sounds like a real XRay vision. Check out the video!


ShareTotals ShareTotals v1.42.214

Count everything in multiple lists an share it immediately with the cloud!

The data is sent directly from the app to the Internet, so the people of the world can see the counter stats.


Math Fun Math Fun v1.0

Do you like to drill math? This app makes up addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Think of the answer, and when you believe you know what it is, click the show answer button to see if you were right!


Transportation Transportation v3.1

English - Spanish - Italian - Portuguese - French - Catalan - Basque

Learning with Little Julen: Means of Transportation. Discover means of transportation with Little Julen, exploring four unique places. There are 20 vehicles to discover, with their features and sounds. Complete the adventure playing Puzzle, Memory and Find games.