Dragon Dipper is a challenging and charming one-button survival game. Find a path through the...
• No annoying ads • 6 puzzles for preschool age kids/children • No signs nor words - communication...
Perfect Kick
Put your striking skills to the test in Perfect Kick! Think you’re the best at penalties in...
Monster Blocks
Do you like fast paced puzzle and match-3 games? Try Monster Blocks. The game is easy to play but...
Sudoku In Space
Sudoku In Space is out of this world! Don’t ground yourself with Sudoku on paper or with other...
Kiki's Orderly Adventure
Begin a journey with Kiki and friends to set order in a magical world of witches and spells. Guide...
Profiteer Lite
With no money, no space truck and no prospects you were in need of some good luck and it seems that...
Invaders Strike
Prepare to defend humanity from an attack by aliens in the fantastic futuristic Invaders Strike...
Lasso Kid Pocket
The Number 1-Smash Hit with the Lasso! First place in the category "Kids 5 and Under" in 10...


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Snakes Pixels Snakes Pixels v1.0

This is a new experience of the classic snake game


BarkLife BarkLife v1.0

Help to crab Bark to dodge from oil spots!


Lost Space Lost Space v1.7.0

It's a aircraft game like Raiden with constellation concept.


Lost Car Lost Car v1.51

A gravity sensor 3D racing classic game like no other!

"Lost Car 3D" this exciting 3D gaming program finally line up on Android!


Dream Pony - Dress Up Dream Pony - Dress Up v1.1.9

Have you ever wondered how perfect would be to have your own pony? With Dream Pony you can create your pony the way you've always wanted.


Knight Hopper Knight Hopper v1.1

Capture all the stars before you run out of moves.


Dora Tries Something New Dora Tries Something New v1.0.8

Team PlanetDressUp presents Dora Tries Something Cute, a dress-up game with over 470 thousand possible combinations! Dora went shopping, now she has a lot of cute clothes to try! Dora gathered the cutest clothes she found, now its time to test them all! Choose her top, bottom, hair, shoes, accessories and even her facial expression has she tries all her new clothes.


Cheese Barn Cheese Barn v1.0.22

Our mouse is hungry, very hungry... help him find the way to get the cheese, it is not an easy task to do...


Raiden2014 Raiden2014 v1.0

12 great BOSS, more than hundreds enemy forces, 5 battlefields
12 BOSS stages each with three different difficulties
Aircrafts can be upgraded with 6 components maximum to level 5
30 achievements with great in rewards
Shocking battle, a visual feast
Start the interplanetary journey with your goddess


Halloween Zombie Crush Halloween Zombie Crush v2

Can you make it into TOP20 in this new Halloween game with simple but addicting gameplay?


Frogup Frogup v1.5.3

Jump from one platform to another and beat the highscores of your friends!


เท็กซัสโป๊กเกอร์นินจา เท็กซัสโป๊กเกอร์นินจา v1.0.51

Texas Poker Ninja: the world’s best free online Texas poker!
We aim to provide a quality game experience and personal game service!


Ice Cream Salon Ice Cream Salon v1.0

For most of us eating an ice cream is like creating a memory each time. So, with this app we have tried doing just that for you!


Memory Simon Says Memory Simon Says v1.0

Memory Game Simon Says is a simple and addictive memory game. Watch the lights and try to repeat the sequence. The sequence will get longer and faster with each round. But be careful, one wrong tap and... bzzz! game over.


Solitaire Collection Solitaire Collection v1.0.1

The most comprehensive set of Solitaire games is now available at your fingertips.

With Solitaire Collection, jump into the Solitaire world with over 40 different versions of your

favorite game from the most popular like Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Freecell to other fun and

intricate versions like Scorpio, Tripeaks or Pyramid.


Words Words v1.0

Enrich your vocabulary and play against other players from all over the world!


Numdrops Free Numdrops Free v1.2

Play with raindrops on your screen!


JellyPopXDK JellyPopXDK v14.0.0

That's all just pop! Line 3 in a row of the same color and the score goes up.


Star Reaper Star Reaper v1.0.0.3

In a very distant future the humans found themselves in a tough position. Greatly behind in exotic matter they can't stand a chance against the opposing factions and risk extermination.
Take control of our Devourers and help humanity gather the important resource directly out of comets!
* accuracy is everything, you miss it - you lose it
* be fast, slow aims hurt your score greatly
* many ways of passing a level, you'll be surprised with what works
* easy to learn, hard to master


Sweep Sweep v1.0.3

Sweep: a fun, brand new card game for everybody!