Take control of the Occulus and hold the line! The Occulus, a hyper advanced race with a focus on...
Glass Balls
Roll the glass bubbles! You need to place the balls in the color zones. But remember, time is...
Here is the ticket for Coosi’s Wonder Museum! It will take your child on a magical and...
You are ROTOTON: virtual data ball system intruder. Your sole purpose: to hack the BADCOM master...
Astero Avoider
Astero Avoider is a challenging asteroid arcade game in which you’ll need to show great control...
Spin It
Flex your fingers and prepare yourself for a deceptively challenging test of timing and reactions!...
Swipe to move the side tiles and gather at least 3 tiles of the same color to clear them. For...
Catch The Shapeshifter
Catch enough shapeshifters in an action puzzle game inspired by modern art. Your adventure will...
Rope Escape
Addictive high thrills escape game in the midst of the jungle! Catapult yourself deep into the...


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Find The Path Find The Path v1.1.0

Find The Path is a challenging action-puzzle hybrid game and each level requires skills and big logic to be solved.


Sing Along Free Sing Along Free v10

COMPLETELY FREE. Currently 550+ songs in a constantly growing library.


Monster Go Monster Go v1.1.0

Monster Go is an endless runner game consisting of a cute monster swerving left and right to avoid the dangerous monsters from harming it while collecting gems.


Blood Castle: Night Chronicle Blood Castle: Night Chronicle v1.5.3

A new game from the Castlevania series of games in the style of the rpg platformer.


Shopaholic Shopaholic v1.1.0

Shopaholic is a nonstop endless simple yet addictive runner game.

You need to collect the greatest amount of shoes without colliding with boxes.


Potion Puzzle Potion Puzzle v1.3

Enter the potion wizard’s store and smash potions to earn points and progress through the stages.


Match the Letter Match the Letter v1.1.0

Match The Letter is an educational picture & sound game that helps kids learn the alphabet and grow kids IQ faster with fun filled word games.

Match The Letter game features intuitive pictures to help kids get and have the best educational material at their disposal.


Learn-Shapes Learn-Shapes v1.0.0

Learn-Shapes is a smart educational game will teach your baby circle, square, rectangle, triangle, paralelogram, semicircle, rhombus, star and heart.


E Dictionary E Dictionary v1.0.0

Simple, Fast, Easy to use, English dictionary that can translate from other apps


Qubix Qubix v1.0

Qubix is a logic game. The goal of the Qubix is to move the cubes from the green tiles to the red tiles on each level.


Tales Tales v1.6

Stories of extraordinary animals, plants, and even people.


Kids Summer Holidays Beach Fun Kids Summer Holidays Beach Fun v1.0

Summer is just coming and holidays will starts soon so here is the fun-filled activities to do on Beach!


DNS Lookup - With Links DNS Lookup - With Links v1.5.2

Lookup domains in the Domain Name System. Domains in results are clickable.


Learning House Learning House v1.1.0

Learning House is a simple yet fun and educational puzzle game for toddlers and small children.

Learning House focuses on three basic and most common visual perception skills: language and spelling, searching and sorting, and memory skills.


Henrys Home Henrys Home v2

Help Henry to tidy up his house


Haywire Haywire v1.7

Guide your robot through a maze of obstacles in this challenging puzzle game


Learn Fruits and Vegetables Learn Fruits and Vegetables v1.1.0

Learn Fruits and Vegetables is a great fun and educational game for kids to learn fruits and vegetables in English.

Your kids can quickly learn and recognize each fruits and vegetables name while interacting with the colourful images.


Little Red Hood Little Red Hood v1.07

Create your own Little Red Riding Hood story in this interactive tale!


Bible Bible v1.3

This a simple and clean Bible app with multiple versions


MissilesGoblins MissilesGoblins v1.1.2

A gang of goblins, trying to catch the dragon.