SpecialAndroid4U SpecialAndroid4U v0.4.1299997748

This is the Offical App for


WPS Office WPS Office v12.0.3

WPS Office is the smallest size (less than 37MB) and all-in-one complete free office suite on Android mobile and tablets.


OfficeSuite OfficeSuite v10.2.17014

OfficeSuite lets you easily view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and perform advanced PDF operations. Complete with our integrated file manager, this is the most feature-rich mobile office solution available on Android.


OffiDocs OffiDocs v1.0.1

OffiDocs is the best Office viewer for excel, powerpoint and word files that runs on Android. OffiDocs allows you to read any kind of documents and files: LibreOffice, Open Office, MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF, plain text and Excel documents.


Print from Android Print from Android v1.19

Print PDF documents, Office, OpenOffice, txt and all kind of images.


Print from Android Trial Print from Android Trial v1.14

Print PDF documents, Office, OpenOffice, txt and all kind of images.
Full version with ads.


IT Officer Capsule IT Officer Capsule v1.0

IT Officer Capsule is an Information Technology(IT) Quiz game.


Quick Cuts Quick Cuts v1.2.1

Quickcuts is an android application that allows you to reference all of your favorite Microsoft Office shortcuts.

- added more shortcuts.
- added labels for improved navigation.
- more updates coming...


TowerDefense TowerDefense v1.0

OfficeDefense is a tower defense game.


Basketball Ed Open office Basketball Ed Open office v2.8

Basketball Ed has found his way to an open office in a major company.
The office features a fully decorated office as you would expect it.
The nerds have access to coffee machines and soda machines.
These machines can sometimes block a well placed shot.
Each level contains of 4 stages where more and more geeks need to be hit with the basketballs.
In each stage Ed will get 5 basketballs to throw. So aim carefully.


iProfit iProfit v1.0

iProfit is a currency converter and calculator for finding a profitable exchanges.


PizzaBoy Vs Zombies PizzaBoy Vs Zombies v1.5

An evil scientist had created a virus that can turn people into zombies and he planned to spread that virus in the town.


Cargo Cargo v1.2

Cargo Tracking System will be helpful for Cargo office


Crazy Dentist Crazy Dentist v2.0.9

Everyone does not like to go to this dentist's office because there is a crazy dentist in it.
How crazy is the dentist, you can come to try it!


Office Yoga Office Yoga v1.7

Office Yoga is a health application for Android users with nine sets of easy yoga movements, which you can practice for relaxation and refreshment.


SpecialAndroid4U SpecialAndroid4U v0.7.1303.53511

This is a web shortcut for the Android
Website found at


Fish Fever Fish Fever v3.0.305

Fish In Caribbean
It's the time to fishing in the Baltic Sea!Lots of fishes in there.
Let's catch and culture them.


Mimi Rabbit Mimi Rabbit v1.0.205

The rabbit is so naughty!
Guess the rabbit is hiding in which hat? Clear the hats as many as possible by moving and regrouping them


Top hat Rabbit Top hat Rabbit v1.0.305

Find Rabbit from hats
Do you want a hat?
there are so many hats. Rabbit is hidden in some of them.


Office Throw Office Throw v1.0001

Want to throw things around at work but afraid of breaking it? Try Office Throw!