PanDigital Novel (PDN) - Apps that work, recommendations?

So, I upgraded the firmware on my 7" black PDN, which I got mostly to check my e-mail without disappearing into my room, and I am told I can now enjoy the world of Android apps. Huzzah. There is even a new icon/shortcut here to make it easy. But I try two or three downloads and they do not work. I do not see any indicators of what the apps will run on, but some (most?) look like they are designed for phones and require special permissions. Anybody have good luck running things on a PDN or other e-reader or non-phone device?

(Later... found one already/finally - Sudoku Classics. Pretty nice. Can hardly wait to see what else might work. Makes me even more happy I did not buy a dedicated B/W e-reader or expesnsive tablet or phone like the guy at the big blue store thought I should buy.)

Found another Pandigital Novel compatible

The Paint beta works. Cannot do much, but good for doodling when you are bored. BTW, if you need a tablet, the PDN is not really close. But if you just want to read books, check e-mail and Facebook and other websites via WiFi, it is an economical choice. Makes a good picture viewer, too. The sound is not great but it is nice to have the option of listening to MP3s. Now if only I could find some really good Android apps that work on it.