NullPointerException with OpenIab


We are having prblems with in app purchases in our apps. On some devices app crashes just after start with stack trace:

at android.os.Parcel.readException(
at android.os.Parcel.readException(
at org.onepf.oms.IOpenInAppBillingService$Stub$Proxy.getPurchases(Source:280)
at org.onepf.oms.appstore.OpenAppstore$IOpenInAppBillingWrapper.getPurchases(Source:209)
at org.onepf.oms.appstore.googleUtils.IabHelper.queryPurchases(Source:901)
at org.onepf.oms.appstore.googleUtils.IabHelper.queryInventory(Source:580)
at org.onepf.oms.OpenIabHelper.queryInventory(Source:1399)
at org.onepf.oms.OpenIabHelper$

We're using OpenIab library and it works well with other markets. The error seems to be coming somewhere from in app service when calling:

Bundle ownedItems = mService.getPurchases(3, getPackageName(), itemType,

We were not having any issues in the past, but now this error is occurring on more devices. Could you give us some help why is this error occurring and how to fix it?

Thanks for help.