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I'm registered as user in SlideMe since last year. Now I've developed a game that is on Android market and I like to sell it on SlideMe too. But, when I click on "Upload an application" I get an access denied message.

How do I change my account to developer? Do I have to create a new account to developer and keep my old account as simple user?

Thanks very much

Re: Upload App

Please contact support through the contact form to change your account type from user to developer.

how to upload ?

i am a developer and i want to publish an android app in your market
how can i do that ?

RE: how to upload ?


We are a U.S. company (SlideME LLC) and due to US embargoes, we cannot distribute or service the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria

App approval time

I uploaded my app three days ago.When I searched it on slide me search bar, it appears, but the problem is that it is not available for download.
How much time slideMe take to approve apps?please help!