How do I upload my app?

How do I upload my app to slideme?

Developer role

When you registered, you did not register as a developer. We have made the change on your account and now you should be able to submit application(s).

I don's see the upload apps link

As I remember I regestered as a developer but I dont see, cant find any link to upload an application?

Convert your account to Developer

Your account is not a Developer role account.

You can convert it on your own from your account settings.

Registred as developer, still a simple user.

Please convert me to developers. Thanks.


Please convert me to Developers ..Thanks

Convert account


If you have created a user account on SlideME instead of a developer account, but wish to upload applications as a developer, do not attempt to register a new account. Re-registering is intentionally denied. Instead, you can convert your user account to a developer account.

Click "My Profile" on the right-hand "My Actions" menu of the website. Then, at the top of the page click "Edit". Scroll down until you see a section such as the one below that will allow you to convert your account:

"Android developer:
Are you an Android applications developer? Click here to setup your developer account!"

As a developer, you can click "Upload an application" on the "My Actions" menu and follow the provided instructions.

It's important to know we operate a curated store; so apps that do not qualify, or don't meet our quality expectations unfortunately are not accepted.
More info can be found in our Content Guidelines:

This question and other helpful info can also be found under the FAQ section, by visiting this URL:

Can you convert my account to

Can you convert my account to developer

I can't upload an app

Can you change my account to developer

help and to me

also I can not find where to add the application, during registration specified that I am a developer, give reference where it is possible to add an appendix or prompt me as it to do

Convert account to developer


You can convert your account to a developer status yourself if it is not currently set as such.

Click "My Profile" under the "My Actions" menu sidebar.
Then click "Edit" near the top of the page.
Scroll down a little until you see the following:
"Android developer:
Are you an Android applications developer? Click here to setup your developer account!"

SlideME Team