Is it possible to republish an item which was first marked as Forbidden?

I mean the feedback given is very vague, for this application which was recently submitted App Id : App Id: fa031211-5d9c-11e6-9f55-3675aaf5cc1f. But I dont really understand why SlideMe rejected it. Please give me the exact reason why this was forbidden.

I would love to showcase my app through SlideMe, is there any way to upload and publish this app again through SlideMe?

RE: Is it possible to republish an item which was first marked a


If there is more than one reason given or the reason is vague, that means there are so many issues with your application that it cannot possibly be approved on our store even with an update.

Denied applications are eligible for re-review if all requested changes are made, check the box in the "Edit" page to queue for re-review, then click Save.

Forbidden applications are not eligible for re-review even if submitted again, and should not be confused with Denied status. Re-submitting a Forbidden application is considered spam and may result in loss of developer privileges.

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