some things I have observed

I'm an indie developer who just managed to publish his first application. All of us little dev's know that it's really difficult to penetrate the android market when your budget is small and your team size is your self. I wish to note a few points about slideme market and raise a question about monetization of my apps

It's been three days since my application went live every where. I have noted the following

1. There are 70 downloads in the slide me market as opposed to 4 downloads in the android market. I attribute this phenomenal difference to the fact that slide me is pre installed for countries where the android market is unavailable.

2. The slideme market is biased towards free applications. You can find a minimum of 80 downloads in 3 days on a avg for a free application, but a paid application even if it is 10 cents will not be downloaded.

I came to slideme market looking for a way to publish paid application since play store will not allow developers in my country to publish apps. How do we, the small developers put paid applications in the play store ever earn money ? The ads are not paying much. I have about three click for 127 ad requests (adMob). I hve heard that MobFox is better than admob. Is this true ? ( Slideme ads use mobfox ads but i'm not sure )

your app is not unique

I'm sorry to say this but your app is not very unique or special. I understand it's difficult to develop something, plus most devices come with a semidecent calculator pre-installed already. My app took roughly a year to reach what it does now and its not special enough as well.