App approval?


My apps after I updated the binaries are now showing as "TO BE APPROVED". Is this a glitch or something new on SlideMe?

I know that new apps have to be approved. But why do apps are which have been present for long and in good standing need to go through an approval process?

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Approval queue

In answer to your question, apps that are altered, either from package name, app title %, or set from free to paid, will be set back to approval queue.

For the case reported, there was a system issue and yesterday's approved apps did go back to approval queue. This problem was rectified today and apps back to being approved.

Since apologies for the inconvenience to developers that were affected by this glitch.

time of approval is long

i have updated my app a couple weeks ago. but till now, it's still not approved yet.

does it take really much time?

App approvals

It appears your apps were initially approved within a short time.
Unfortunately even if we clearly stated that no developer should alter the package name since users will not receive app updates, you altered the package name of your apps - which as a consequence flagged the app to go back into approval queue.

Any such changes will put your apps in the bottom of the queue and perceived as suspicious (until further review).

queue number

i just want to give a suggestion. it would be better if slideme add queue number when an app is still in approval queue. so that developer can know in what number of queue their app and maybe estimate how long it will be approved.

Slow review with my app, too

I uploaded my app before Christmas, and it's still pending review. What is the ETA for app reviews?

apps stuck at pending

I also uploaded some apps over 2 weeks ago, that yet to be approved. This have never happened to me with SlideME before. Usually, SlideME approves the app within 1 day, maybe 2 days at the most. I really hope this gets resolved soon. What's going on?

i have the same problem,

i have the same problem, every app i upload is "to be approved"
why? and help!

App approval

I had changed the package name,so got a problem of approval of my app. But now I set package name back to the original and uploaded new apk by clicking on edit. Now can you plz tell me that whether my app's new version will be published soon? Thank you. App name: Guide v1.1.1

App approval

As asked in ticket, we are asking for the reason for package name change. Any changes in package name triggers an alarm. There should be no reason for a package name to be altered as this solidifies your app identity and users can receive update notifications and upgrade to your latest version.

Having one app with multiple package names will mean that users will have multiple copies of the same app on their device.

Any package name change needs to be justified for SlideME to even consider re-approving the app.

App approval problem

The reason to change the package name is too simple and can be ignored. To identify the version/package easily in the future I changed it, nothing more than this. I was really not aware of this problem,sorry. Now I set that package name again to previous package name. I think now there will not be any problem for publishing my app. I kindly request you to publish my app as soon as possible. Thanks for ur precious time.


the manifest is where you can easily control and identify the version number...there is virtually no real reason to ever change the package name, and like the slideme market says, doing so really is suspicious...either suspicious or a mark of extreme novice, really really extreme...not to sound like a prick

Thank you

Thanx for the information. Now my app is published. Henceforth i'll not make mistakes.

My 10 Apps on hold for under review

It has been almost 8 weeks, still under review process.
I tried to remove and tried to re-submit, I can't remove them either.
I even sent the e-mail 2 weeks ago, no reply.
Anyone out there Slide me? or everything is automated?
Answer me please.

Re: My 10 Apps on hold for under review

Hello EsDac,

Your email was replied to, and we have it on record in the support desk. Be sure you check your spam/junk folder on the email responses, as well as check that your email is correct in your SlideME account (no typos). Our email systems are tested and working properly, so your failure to receive our replies is on your end.

Additionally, when updating denied applications, we do not allow you to remove your previous submission. Creating new application nodes appears as duplicates and will result in the duplicate being denied or not approved. Always update your existing application node and open a ticket for review by using the Contact link.

Lastly, please read through the approval process FAQ:
If your application sits waiting for approval for longer than 4 days, then it has likely failed to meet *MORE THAN ONE* of our minimum standards for approval or quality guidelines, and you are being given time to update rather than it being denied outright.

I have just added first new application

I have just added first new application. When the application is approved?

RE: I have just added first new application


Per the approval guidelines:

Application submissions are reviewed by SlideME staff to ensure they meet our minimum standards and quality guidelines. Applications that do not meet these requirements are not approved or are denied. Due to the volume of applications submitted to the marketplace, it can take a variable amount of time for your application to be properly reviewed. If your application has not been approved within 4 days, please review the guidelines to ensure your submission was not in error or to make the proper changes BEFORE opening a support ticket. If you created more than 5 new application submissions within 48 hours, please wait 7 days before opening a ticket.

Status forbidden

that means Status forbidden ??

RE: Status forbidden


Status "Forbidden" means the application is not permitted on SlideME, and is not available to be updated and reviewed.

An email was sent to your registered email address with the reason(s) for an application being forbidden. Please be sure your registered email is correct, SlideME is whitelisted, and to ensure our emails are not going into your junk/spam folder.

You can review our approval guidelines to see what applications may be not be allowed: