What is the application approval process?

Application submissions are reviewed by SlideME staff to ensure they meet our minimum standards and quality guidelines. Applications that do not meet these requirements are not approved or are denied. Due to the volume of applications submitted to the marketplace, it can take a variable amount of time for your application to be properly reviewed. Please review the guidelines below to ensure your submission was not in error or to make the proper changes required for approval, then wait 7 business days after submitting your application before opening a support ticket regarding approval or you may be flagged for spamming. If you created multiple new application submissions within 48 hours, please wait 14 business days before opening a ticket regarding your application approvals or you may be flagged for spamming. (Note that U.S. holidays and weekends, Saturday & Sunday, do not count as business days.)

We do not provide any specific times or estimates beyond what is written in the approval guidelines as above. Note that applications not marked as "Published" in their edit node are not reviewed by our editors; and Denied applications not queued "To Be Reviewed" are not re-reviewed by our editors.

Google Play (Android Market) did not have any form of application submission approval process until a few months prior to March 17, 2015, and should not be used for comparison when opening a support ticket. Applications submitted to Google Play are often immediately published even if they are junk, IP infringing, etc, and may only be reviewed afterward if they need removal by Google staff. Your application approval status on other markets has no bearing on whether your submission will be approved on SlideME. Using such an argument when contacting us may cause your ticket to be closed. Additionally, the approval status of other applications on SlideME has no bearing on your own application status; application reviews are performed in isolation and may not be compared to other application reviews.

Application Status
At the top of your application’s profile page, you will find the status of your application submission. The following labels will explain the status of your application in our catalog. Once your application status changes, an email will be sent informing you of this change and any issues or reasons for the change if applicable. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder of your registered email address, and that the email you have registered with SlideME is correct and without typos.

  • To Be Approved: Your application has not been reviewed or is currently being reviewed. Note that if you do not set your application to be “Published” (on the Edit node), it will not be reviewed. It may take up to 4 business days for your application status to change.
  • Approved: Your application has met our guidelines and is now live in our catalogue if you have set the application to be published. Once an application has been approved, it can take a variable amount of time before it appears on the SlideME website and SAM catalogs. Please wait at least 24 hours before submitting a support ticket regarding approved applications that are not appearing in the catalog.
  • To Be Reviewed: Your application is currently queued for an additional review to ensure the changes or updates you have made meet our guidelines or the editor’s requests. Changing the application title or changing/adding permissions will place your application back into the review queue. Note that you cannot make any changes to your application once it has been set "To Be Reviewed". If you wish to make any additional corrections while it is in the review queue, you can request your application be placed in Denied status by opening a support ticket and including the URL of your application. It may take up to 2 business days for your application status to change.
  • Denied: Your application review was completed, but your submission did not meet our guidelines. ALL changes requested by our editors are necessary for approval and are sent via email and included at the top of the application’s Edit node. If your application is Denied, make the appropriate changes on the Denied application's node. Do not create an entirely new application submission. Once you have made ALL changes requested, check the box at the top of the application's Edit page to “queue for re-review”, then finally click Save. Do not check the box to queue by itself--do so while you are making your changes before you click Save--or your application will remain Denied as an empty/false update. If you are unable to re-queue your application, please open a support ticket and include the URL of your application. Note that applications will not be re-reviewed an indefinite number of times. All changes indicated by the editors are mandatory, so ensure you read and apply ALL changes indicated. Do not simply skim over the text, and re-queue multiple times, as your application may be permanently rejected for not committing all changes. Though applications are not reviewed via the helpdesk, please feel free to contact us if you are unclear how to proceed with the changes we require. It is preferred that you open a support ticket than re-queue an improper or empty update. We will not reverse any editor's decisions as all reasons for Denied status are non-negotiable, but we will help you to comply with our guidelines. Additionally, per the Developer Distribution Agreement that you agreed to when you submitted your applications, developers are required to update and maintain their applications as well as respond to emails sent from SlideME staff. If you have three or more Denied applications that you have failed to address before submitting new applications, then submitting any new applications in this case is considered spam and a violation of the developer agreement to update/maintain submitted applications. Please address your denied applications before submitting any new applications. Simply unpublishing Denied applications to bypass this and continue spamming our store may result in account closure.
  • Forbidden: Your application was rejected and is not permitted on SlideME. The reason for rejection is sent via email and may be due to our content guidelines or developer behavior. Forbidden applications are not open for appeal and should not be re-submitted again (even with a different packageName or under a different account) or your account may be flagged for spamming and/or result in loss of developer privileges. Once an application is Forbidden, we will no longer accept it no matter how many times it is re-submitted.

When updating an application, if you alter the application title or permissions, your application status will be under re-review to ensure such changes are compliant with our current guidelines. Applications under re-review fall under a similar, but separate, time frame as applications initially submitted for approval of up to 4 business days; though approvals for applications under re-review generally occur within 24 hours if submitted during normal business hours. Applications under re-review are not available to the public for download.

The following applications are not permitted on SlideME and will be rejected indisputably:

  • Adult content or themes in any media form (text, photo, audio, or video)
  • Gambling applications involving real money that are Paid or Premium (unauthorized PayPal gambling)
  • Illegal activities or themes (such as piracy, illegal substances, etc)
  • Pirated or unauthorized distribution of and/or monetization from intellectual property or copyrighted material
  • Applications with falsely, excessively increased download counts (or scraping)
  • Duplicate, Themed, or Similar applications (Updates should always be made on the existing application node)
  • Applications that link, catalog, or promote other application markets exclusively. This includes applications that curate, promote, rank, or aggregate applications from other markets.
  • Applications excessively updated with no changes or minor changes in order to abuse the “Latest” and "Updated" category listings (may result in loss of developer privileges)
  • Applications with excessively intrusive advertisements that replace the dialtone, require post-call processing or other telephony features, require account permissions, initiate market intents or downloads without user consent, or open the web browser without user consent
  • Applications with advertisements networks that are not properly referenced and compiled into the project such that their libraries are not included or not fully exposed to application scans
  • Applications with advertisements that inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially (such as by forcing users to click ads to unlock features, to continue or exit, or uncover buttons or other features, etc)
  • Applications containing shill reviews posted by the developer or their associates
  • Applications that require Adobe Flash Player installed
  • Applications that require Google Services to function or are not Google Play independent (such as Google Maps)
  • Applications that manage, install/uninstall, backup, or share application APK's

Review the following minimum standards for application submissions:

  • Application title: Your application must have a professional title, as set in the Application Manifest (.xml). All capital letters, use of symbols (underscores, etc), profanity, adult themes (i.e. XXX, porn), version numbers, websites, repetition, generic terms, trademarked names (e.g. Twitter, Facebook), excessive length, or misleading titles are not permitted. This includes free applications with misleading paid/premium names such as Pro, Plus, +, Premium, Full etc. included in the title.
  • versionName: As set in the Application Manifest (.xml), this needs to be short enough so that the application’s title and version fit into SAM (and all small screen devices) and the catalog properly. You can verify the formatting on your application’s page and compare it with other SAM catalog entries.
  • Package name: Per the Android Open Source Project and the SlideME developer agreement, your application should have an appropriate and unique package name (not to be confused with the uploaded .apk file name), as set in the Application Manifest (.xml). Package names that are too short, not unique, unchanged from tutorial examples, generic, use unauthorized trademarks, or are suspicious will result in the application being denied. Package names must follow standard Android and Java practices for packageName nomenclature or those deemed acceptable by SlideME, i.e. companydomain.apptitle or companyname.apptitle or developer/authorname.apptitle. Package names should never use domains or trademarks owned by other legal entities (such as com.google) and should also never use the com.example namespace when published. This helps to avoid conflicts as multiple apps cannot share the same packageName, it indicates ownership of the application to your account, and it indicates that this application was not built using tutorials/example source code or web app builders. The package name is a unique ID for your application and should never be changed once submitted. Such changes are seen as suspicious activity, and previous users will not be able to update or receive update notifications since it will be considered a different application. If you do attempt to change the package name once approved, your application update will be rejected. If your application was banned by an advertising network and you are changing the package name to monetize with them again, we consider this a good reason to ban your application as well; so we will not accept this as a reason for a package name change on our marketplace. Applications cannot and will not be deleted. Also, package names that are too short and in effect not unique will result in the application being denied.
  • Application icon: An application icon must be uploaded. An icon included within the .apk or uploaded as a high resolution icon is not sufficient. The first icon entry in the application node is used in the catalog, and must be included before approval.
  • Application category: Your application's primary and secondary categories must be appropriate to the functionality of your application. Do NOT choose "Other" as your primary category as it will be rejected; choose "Other" for secondary/tertiary sub-categories only when there are absolutely no other valid options. Your application will be rejected if you place a game outside of the "Fun & Games" primary category, or you place a wallpaper/theme/ringtone outside of the "Themes" primary category, or you place a dictionary/language learning application outside of the "Languages" primary category. Ensure your application's subcategories are appropriate to the functionality of your application as well; if you have chosen "Physics-based" for your game it must contain complex physics algorithms.
  • Application description: Your short and long descriptions must adequately describe the functionality of your application. One-word descriptions or similar, or descriptions involving paragraphed definitions, excessively lengthy feature lists, use copy/pasted definitions such as from Wikipedia, repeat keywords/tags/names, translated languages that are already listed in the app's SlideME profile, duplicate translations to other languages instead of using the translation fields, list version history, add excessive unnecessary flavor text, user reviews, review quotes, all caps, excessively lengthy comma-separated lists, capitalizing each word as spammers do, symbols or ASCII art, repetitive trademarks, SEO-abusing tactics, or ASCII character art will not be approved. Please avoid 'baiting' in the long description, which includes promising updates or future content since most developers do not follow through on such promises. Our staff may remove 'baiting' comments or reject the application in question. If your application includes excessive permissions, you must append a disclaimer to your long description to ensure your submission will not be denied for this reason (users ought to know your or your apps intentions). Applications that include non-traditional advertising (including but not limited to video ads, push ads, homescreen shortcuts, browser bookmarks, etc.) must append their long description with a disclaimer listing these ad features even if they are currently disabled. Note that disclaimers included within the application do not meet our current approval policy guidelines, which requires advertising transparency prior to application download. A short and acceptable ad disclaimer is as follows: This application may contain advertisements in the form of push notifications, homescreen shortcuts, and browser bookmarks. The use of keywords or tags in your descriptions may prevent approval; avoid doing so and include them in the Keywords section instead. Similar rules apply when your application(s) includes additional supported languages and you submit Translated App Descriptions from the Translations Tab.
  • Advertising Networks: If your application includes ads, homescreen shortcuts, or push notifications (or you have included an ad SDK in your build), you must disclose this information to customers by indicating “Yes” in the application node entry for “With advertisements”. As well, include the name or website of the ad network(s) you are using in the subsequent data fields, which are shown only to SlideME staff to justify the permissions used by the app itself. If a scan by SlideME staff reveals an Ad SDK is included within your application when you have marked “No”, your application may be denied. This includes push notifications, bookmarks, and shortcut links. Ensure your app is not denied by marking both fields and explaining permissions and advertising methods used in the application description. Applications that include non-traditional advertising (including but not limited to video ads, push ads, homescreen shortcuts, browser bookmarks, etc.) must append their long description with a disclaimer listing these ad features even if they are currently disabled. Note that disclaimers included within the application do not meet our current approval policy guidelines, nor do stock disclaimers with vague terminology such as "search" or "access" points. SlideME requires advertising transparency prior to application download. A short and acceptable ad disclaimer is as follows: This application may contain advertisements in the form of push notifications, homescreen shortcuts, and browser bookmarks.

    If your application contains video advertisements that are required in order to unlock free rewards, your application long description must contain the following disclaimer verbatim: *Internet access may be required. This application contains optional video advertisements that can be viewed to provide you additional rewards. Additional data charges may apply if roaming or not connected to Wi-fi.

    Paid applications that contain advertisement SDKs are in violation of the Developer Distribution Agreement and will be Denied. Paid applications must be completely clean of all ad network related jar files and references regardless if they are currently disabled. If your application is Denied for this reason, there will be no exceptions made by our support desk; you must remove all traces of ad network files or limit your submission to free apps containing ads. Disabling the ad network, removing from the application manifest, or removing internet permissions is not satisfactory.
    Additionally, promoting other games or websites without user provocation (such as before loading the main activity of the application or between “levels” or loading screens), is considered advertising under SlideME guidelines.

  • Application screenshots: You should include a minimum of 3 screenshots that clearly indicate the functionality of your app, to speed up the approval process. These screenshots should not be stretched, squished, or blurry, and should be rotated properly with the website's alignment so that users can view them without rotating their heads. Applications without any screenshots may not be approved. Promotional images are optional, but are required for placement in various featured channels and promotions. Application profiles with a single screenshot duplicated multiple times will be considered spam. Submissions without a single real screenshot will be considered spam and rejected outright. Applications that can't display more than one meaningful screenshot are too simplistic to exist as applications on our store and are merely tech demos.
  • Promotional banner: Although optional, a promo banner is required if you wish your application to be featured in various channels and promotions such as the SlideME homepage, SAM homepage, Editors choice, and other featured app collections. Note that SlideME selects applications to be featured based on quality and polish, and there is no cost to the developer. You may request your application to be reviewed for featured selection, but please make only one request to our support desk. Multiple requests to our helpdesk to be featured or posting a user review on your own application will guarantee it will not be featured on any SlideME promotional channels.
  • Application permissions: Permissions required should be appropriate to the application’s functionality (e.g. a game does not normally need to read/send SMS, unless needed for in-app payments for which should be selected from checkbox “Includes In-App Billing”). If your application requires extensive permissions do explain why on the application description, especially for permissions requiring access to personal data or cost money to ensure your submission is not denied. Permissions that suggest malware may cause your application to be denied.
  • Application tags/keywords: A maximum of 6 keywords or tags are allowed per application. Note that a single space is generally allowed for each tag. Keywords and tags should not be included in your application description, and may cause your application to be rejected. Tags which contain more than 2 words merged into one tag, contain trademarked names, contain names of other popular applications, repeated keywords, or use keywords not appropriate to the functionality of the app are not permitted on SlideME.
  • Developer: If you are a new developer on SlideME, make sure that the information within the application matches the info of your developer profile, as we need to make sure that the person uploading the application is the actual developer or company who has such distribution rights. Assure Developer Profile details are complete too, such as complete name of account and organization name if applicable. Not providing full details and contact information can make you appear suspicious and untrusted as a developer.
  • Full Name: To distribute applications via SlideME, you are required to identity yourself to SlideME staff with your actual full name as found on a government-issued photo ID. This is the person's name that is responsible for the application(s) being submitted. This is not a company name or your username. Set the company name in the Organization field. A full name is required (e.g. First & Last Name) for developer accounts. We will not accept a single word as a name, a first name only, or using any initials. Failure to provide such information indicates you confirm your application is junk or malware and you do not wish to be held accountable, and that we should in turn close your account unless you provide a photo ID with the exact name you typed into the "Full Name" field. Developers who submit applications that facilitate illegal activities, piracy, or copyright infringement that do not provide a real full name will be banned outright.

Review the following quality guidelines for application submissions:

  • Applications must provide useful functionality or entertainment value. Per the Developer Distribution Agreement, SlideME may deny any applications it deems as lacking in value, quality, or functionality, or with no functional purpose other than the developer monetizing with advertisements. Applications that simply link to or display a website (such as Facebook), a single image, stream, video, or sound are no longer being accepted on SlideME. Applications with screenshots/Wallpapers of celebrities/'girls'/people, hearts, vehicles, or animals will be considered lacking in value and quality and such are at risk of being removed. Other simple applications we are no longer accepting include (but are not limited to) timer/alarm clocks/countdown, Trolls/Memes, farts/airhorns, soundboards, website display, names lists, tips (including gambling), simple or external links to news, simple calculators (real or abstract, relationship or zodiac), counters (including prayer counters), jokes/quotes/SMS, anonymous SMS, SMB bombing, simple or low-quality prank apps, tap count/tapping/whack-a-mole games, application lockers, fifteen/slider puzzles, hangman, bubble/popping games, sound frequency, Flashlight, mirror, compass (prayer or navigation), memory/concentration, snake, tic-tac-toe, sudoku, 2048, 1010, flappy bird clones, zigzag, piano tile, math games, color or stroop games, swing copter clones, circle dot/jump, fidget spinner, video downloaders, lie detectors, RAM boosters, earn cash/paytm, social media followers/likes, notepads/to-do lists, resume/CV makers, unit/currency converters, moto/bike games, tech demos, or other learning/tutorial-derived applications. Due to the overwhelming volume of clones or similar submissions to viral or trending applications being submitted to our store through our free developer registration, we are not currently publishing or approving any more such application submissions like those at this time. SlideME is a curated store, which means our New Release feed is hand-selected for a variety of applications; and we do not flood it with similar or repetitive content in any automated fashion.
  • Applications with advertisements must provide genuine and meaningful content other than for the sole purpose of displaying advertisements, and must have the price set to Free ($0.00). Applications with excessive advertising or multiple in-app advertising disclaimers may be denied. Simplistic applications, low quality applications, themes, ringtones, and wallpapers with excessive aggressive advertising or that require multiple in-app advertising disclaimers with very little actual content or real functionality may be denied. Other excessive advertisements include multiple advertisements per screen transition, multiple banners per screen which are against ad SDK terms of service and SlideME, multiple aggressive ad types per application, interstitial ads at all or most screen transitions backward or forward, delayed or timer-based interstitial ads so that users will accidentally click on the ad instead of displaying them between screens, video advertisements in simple games/applications, advertising appearing at random intervals during application touchscreen usage/gameplay, or the hardware back button displaying one or more ads without closing the application. Failure to comply will result in the application being Forbidden for violating the Developer Distribution Agreement: You submit applications purely for monetization through advertising.
    Applications with misbehaving advertisements that inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially (such as with misleading buttons or by forcing users to click ads to unlock features, to continue or exit, or uncover buttons or other features, etc) are against the terms of service of both SlideME and most Ad networks and thus may be denied. Additionally, applications with excessively intrusive ads that interfere with the functionality of the app, open a market app on the user's device, initiate downloads, or otherwise leave the application completely will be rejected.
  • Applications with multiple versions of similar apps will be considered spam and possibly result in the loss of developer privileges. Consider combining them into a single application if they individually provide very little content.
  • Applications that are duplicates of pre-existing applications must provide new and useful functionality. Themed versions or re-skins are not allowed, and translated versions of applications should take advantage of Android's localization feature and the Translations tab on SlideME rather than submitting a new application. Note that high quality-high download applications always combine themes/re-skins and localization into a single application.
  • Applications that are simply collections of text (quotes, tips, jokes, SMS, etc), images, sounds, (Youtube) videos, links, or other aggregated content not created by the developer may be rejected. Additionally, those that simply link to or display a website, a single image, video, or sound may be rejected. If you did not create the content that is provided by your application or do not have a signed contract authorizing you to distribute this content, do not submit it to our store as it will be rejected.
  • Applications that simply link to or display a Facebook page, Twitter Page, Youtube channel, Google Plus page, blog, or a non-corporate website will be rejected. Users can simply visit that website or URL without the need for unnecessary applications on their devices, or without seeing more potential advertising on top of any potential advertising on the website or URL. Applications that simply replicate or display the mobile version of any existing website, even if you legally own it, will be rejected outright. If you do not own the website in question, your account will be banned for illegal activity.
  • Applications that appear to be test builds, practice applications, or have minimally invested developer hours may be denied.
  • Applications with incomplete profiles, such as a generic name, lack of in-app screenshots, lack of application icon, or lack of described functionality may be denied.
  • Applications that demonstrate mock functionality, tricks, or pranks may be rejected. Simple prank applications will not be accepted.
  • SlideME is a public application market and does not provide download service for private parties or password-blocked applications catered to specific individuals or applications with limited access or service area. We also do not approve applications created by or for classroom projects, university thesis/classes, or online classes/tutorials.
  • Applications targeted at very young children are no longer permitted to contain banner advertising during the play area or interrupt play with an advertisement, as we will consider this as an attempt to artificially inflate ad clicks through the child mistakenly pressing on the ad banner. Banners on menus or the title screen, as well as interstitial ads between menus (but not between gameplay areas), are still permitted. If you simply increase the age rating listed on our store, we will consider your application to be too simplistic and your submission will be rejected for simply ad monetizing.
  • Applications judged to be harvesting private information will be rejected. This includes the use of the "Get Accounts" permission to automatically collect the user's email address or as their hidden user ID. This also includes forcing the users to provide an email address to use an application that does not have a user login. Additionally, applications using a phone number or social network login requirement may be rejected as well. Note for the safety and security of our users, we will not approve applications that require phone numbers by an individual developer rather than a formal organization or company. You will either have to remove the required login, or provide a traditional email/password login with a proper privacy policy.
  • Applications derived from open source content must provide a direct link to the current or modified source code within the long description, the current open source license being used, and must be from a repository that you or your team maintain. Applications that are a derivative of another open-source project are no longer being accepted. Simply placing advertising or a price on a pre-existing open source application that you did not create will be rejected outright. Simply building and distributing open-source or pre-built assets as-is, or simply re-skinning assets results in excessive duplicate applications on SlideME that we will not accept. Instant messaging applications derived from open-source applications will not be approved. We do not accept applications derived from free or premium flipped/re-skinned app templates, whether you purchased them or not.
  • Applications that require Adobe Flash Player installed, download Flash Players, or attempt to provide Flash Player functionality are no longer permitted on SlideME since most SlideME users do not have access to a stable Flash player, and Adobe has discontinued support for Flash on mobile devices.
  • Applications that promote or require external markets for third-party applications to function are prohibited on SlideME, or redirect users to other markets to download applications. Applications that direct or download third-party applications directly from the developer, without the use of or redirection to another marketplace, are permitted.
  • Applications that redirect users from a free application version available on SlideME to purchase a paid version (to include unlocking, removal of ads, pro features, donations, premium content, etc) on another store, or otherwise "teasing" users regarding a full/pro version or other paid features may be rejected. As such, if you choose to do so you must also submit to SlideME the paid version of your application or provide a fully featured version (with ads allowed) containing no purchase links nor any disabled references/links that tease other features they could have if they used another store. Only optional purchases that are virtual currency not used to unlock features or gamble are permitted through other application markets. Full/pro/paid features/ad-removal purchases are permitted through non-market options such as PayPal or other mobile/SMS-based billing (such as Fortumo). Note that if you have a full version with more features on another market, you must also provide all of the same features on SlideME (though with ads is permitted). Simply providing only less-featured lite versions to SlideME users will cause your applications to be rejected. We provide our own in-app billing SDK and we support the OpenIAB SDK: http://slideme.org/developers/iap
  • Due to legal reasons and Youtube's current Terms of Service, we can no longer approve any new submissions that monetize through copying or downloading of Youtube content without the prior written consent of YouTube or the respective licensors of the Content. YouTube and its licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to the Service and the Content. If your application is a new submission without providing authorization in writing, your application will be Forbidden without appeal.
  • Applications that have been Approved by our editors are not permitted to change their package name, nor may they convert from a free to paid ("premium") status. Application title and permission changes are permitted, but will place the application under re-review.
  • E-book applications must be created by an actual developer with native code as we will not approve e-book web built applications. Such applications must provide a link to the current copyright license being used, or if public domain then the direct readable or downloadable link to the source of the acquired media (such as Project Gutenburg). If the license proves to be inadequate, you must send us a scanned copy of your contract that authorizes you to distribute this content.
  • Applications created using third-party web application builders (such as Andromo, AppBuilder, AppsGeyser, AppInventor, AppMaker, AppsBar, AppYet, Appy Pie, Buildbox, Conduit, Feed.nu, GameSalad, iBuild, LookSomething, SeattleClouds, Tiggzi, etc.) rather than developed with native code by the account users are no longer being accepted on SlideME. We do not accept applications that promote such services either.
  • Applications that require Google Services to function or are not Google Play independent (such as using Google Maps) are no longer being accepted on SlideME. If using Google Maps, consider using an alternative mapping SDK such as Nutiteq, OpenStreetMap, or Mapquest, as you will have limited viability in non-Google markets otherwise.
  • We permit the use of Google Play for achievements and leaderboards, but we do not permit requesting users to sign in to Google Play services automatically (regardless if they do have a Google-licensed device), especially since many SlideME users lack Google Play services on their device and will not be able to login every time you prompt the user to use Google Play. The manner in which you use Google Play services for achievements and scoring must be user accessed-only and optional, not prompted to them, in order to be approved on SlideME. Note that toggling that a Google Play account is required in your application's profile on SlideME is not permitted to avoid this change. New developers or existing applications without this flag are not permitted to subsequently require Google Play without SlideME's independent prior approval (it is not granted on request; do not open a support ticket asking for this). We will absolutely not approve any new applications that require Google Play Services to fully function. A Google+ account for login is permitted, but services that require a device that comes pre-loaded with Google Services will be rejected outright.
  • Developers are required to update and maintain their applications as well as respond to emails sent from SlideME staff. If you have three or more denied applications that you have failed to address before submitting new applications, new submissions may be Denied or Forbidden. Submitting new applications in this case is considered spam and a violation of the developer agreement to update/maintain submitted applications. Please address your denied applications before submitting any new applications.
  • Current applications that were approved prior to changes in our approval standards and guidelines will be reviewed again and may be removed at our discretion.