Ad Banners

I am new to SlideME.
I already asked by tweet if I understand correctly that I need to use 'MobFox' and a suitable SDK for Banner Ads in free apps?
I didn't get a reply so thought maybe I should post here?
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

RE: Ad Banners


You are free to use any ad banner SDK you wish so long as the banner does not cover buttons or relevant areas of gameplay/functionality, and you only use one per screen.

Thank you very much

Thank you very much Patrick.

Would you by any chance have a tutorial LINK to something I can read on this please?

Thanks again.

RE: Thank you very much

If you're looking for tutorials on how to implement ad SDKs into your apps, the ad networks provide that info on their websites and documentation. Following those guidelines will work for your submissions to SlideME.

If you meant a tutorial for something else, please elaborate.

Ads on Gameplay

Can I put ads on the Gameplay? Or is it only allowed on the Title screen?

RE: Ads on Gameplay

You can as long as the banner doesn't cover any GUI, buttons, or playable area (that is, any game elements like characters or enemies cannot be hidden by ads or such things could move behind a banner so that offline play is actually easier.)

Ad Integration

Hey, I have same question.I am also new here.
can I use any ad sdk?
But they are asking for google play or iTunes url.
How can I get that?

Please suggest me.