Application approveal "FORBIDDEN" - what does this mean?

I recently uploaded two applications that were very small and simple. A led flashlight app and a Front Facing camera Mirror app, after they were uploaded i waited for them to be approved but the were set as Forbidden.

Also i contacted slideme, but i have gotten no response for day.

My applications include all the necessary things to upload (icon/screenshot/etc.)

Application Approval Process

All applications are given a full review before they are approved, denied, or forbidden. Applications that are forbidden due to content or quality (i.e 'junk apps") are not open for appeal. "Denied' submissions can be rectified by developer to be re-queued for review again.

You would of received an email with the exact reason.

You also initiated a ticket request IJY-120925 on Oct 30th and a reply was sent to you the same day.

You may want consider reviewing the application approval process.