Optimization of the soft keyboard on the phone

DoubleKey--Optimization of the soft keyboard on the phone
The development of various mobile phone support for soft keyboard, and some systems also provide IME input method for the developer, offers us convenience. Which keyboard layout is the basis of input method, so we analyze the existing keyboard layout features:
1. Basic
Basic according to the English QWERTY keyboard layout, alphabetical line usage, which has become the world standard.
The soft keyboard for mobile phone is different, due to screen size limitations, making the distance between keys and key is too small, (a discharge of 10 key)。
And because it only requires one finger or two operation, it must be optimized to reduce the number of keys to expand the key area of operation to improve the user experience.
Although later enlarged to provide a display for the user to confirm, obviously at the expense of the cost of a certain time.
Who had experience clearly, this layout modification keys (backspace button) the utilization of very high, especially for large fingers people.
Confirm that the design of the soft keyboard layout, accuracy should be the first one, the speed should be dependent on accurate
2. Improved
1. 9 or 12-key keypad, in accordance with English alphabetical order of cloth key, per key 3- 4 letters, select letters with the number of keystrokes, although the increase of the bond area, to improve the accuracy of the click, but requires too many clicks, 3-4 click indistinguishable, limiting the rate of increase.
2. Small keyboard fling the program
Use of gesture swipe of the four directions namely, the surface of the letter input keys, click the button to the traditional swipe, is a major breakthrough, is now one of the best I have seen. Other inputmethod, such as Guobi input method, Sogou input method, word statement focused on the development, its nothing new keyboard layout.
3. Sliding letter program, is undoubtedly a revolutionary program, coupled with the word association features, gives a fresh sense of magic, but there are regrets. It does not apply to the Chinese and Japanese.
Sum up
1. For the soft keyboard, copy the QWERTY layout, or the lack of science is undoubtedly mechanical, because phone only 1-2 fingers of operations.
2. Ideal keys to use, backspace key utilization should be the minimum, and in the qwerty program is the highest.
3. No matter the size of the keyboard layout, do not use frequency selection according to the English alphabetical order, so input speed are not increased.

Optimization program Characterized

DoubleKey existing soft keyboard layout has been optimized so that both consistent with the traditional, but also a key area of expansion, users handy arbitrary realization touch-type?
1 .High and low frequency of use according to the English alphabetical layout adjustment.
Practical statistics, English 26 letters, 20 letters used most frequently, accounting for 97%, design 22 letter we will arrange a one-click 98%;
2 .Will use the lowest frequency in the low utilization rate of key QZJX arrangement Second click position, to meet user needs. Without affecting the double hit.
3. Use of gesture swipe, (in the main screen anywhere, not bound by a bond), through the left upper and lower, you can enter the vowel a e i o operator, having achieved touch-type increase input speed, of course, is the five vowels the highest frequency of use.
Click the U-button repeatedly, you can also enter the vowel..
4. Using frequency is not high numbers, symbols, arranged two words of a button, to ensure the use of key areas.
5. Sideways with both hands when the thumb turn operation, vowel input touch-type, very helpful to improve the speed.
6. The elderly,big finger people, we ordinary people Send text messages when the fear is that bumps instability, such as walking, in the car… most likely wrong button。 DoubleKey input practical, essential to facilitate this easy memory, accurate hits, fast input requirements.
Upgrade to add more scientific terms the candidate will be better.?This isnt only for android,I think。 Welcome the exchange correction.

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